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Shooter Game Without Shooting - A Rhythm Bullet-Hell Shooter game by LuiCat
Submitted by LuiCat — 5 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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Here's the BGM on SoundCloud. Enjoy!

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Gotta love how your solution to removing a genre's core mechanic is to not only match it up with a different genre but to do it well.

Special props go to how the shoot and kill sound effects come together like a drum pattern as if it was part of the BGM. As Puddygum's comment mentioned, having the shots be both rythm and proximity based was a stroke of genius. Really helps gel both genres together.

What more can I say? Add in more levels and this bad boy could easily become quite a fun game.


Planning to do so! (If only I'm determined to spend time on this...)


holy frick my eyes! Great concept and a fun game too!


Rhythm and shooter is all I need! It took me several attempt to really grasp the rules, but oncce I did it was really pleasant. There might be too many bullets and not enough "targets" to really build a strategy, but the rhythm aspect of the game makes it feel very enjoyable. And the music is pretty cool too! Congrats.


The strategy is more clear when you go for a high score, but for casual plays the there are indeed a lot of solutions.




This was a crazy game that I found very fascinating. Maybe this was just me but it felt as if the music and tapping were slightly off beat. I also would've liked a way to restart the game without exiting out of it. I would definitely like to see more of this game in the future.

Please play and rate my game, Headbutt, at this link:


I can't find an optimal strategy for this game. That's a really good thing, because if I could, I'd use it and it'd suck the fun away. Good on you!


The art of designing bullet-hell shooter games. Everyone could have a different solution to stages, and no solution is optimal for every player.


That was awesome! With this theme I've seen a lot of entries where people simply take away a mechanic without providing a different, interesting way to play, but that's not the case with this game. Trying to tap in rhythm while avoiding the bullets was a fun challenge.

But the best part is, you didn't just have players tap in rhythm to fire and call it good. You actually put some thought into how the game is played. The targeting system requires you to get close enough to the enemies to eliminate them. Combine that with the fact that an enemy's bullets disappear once they're destroyed and it pushes you to play more aggressively and stick close to the middle so you can take enemies out before their bullets overrun the screen. The countdown as you hit the enemies is a great touch that adds to the rhythm feel of the game.

Excellent work with this game!


Glad to see you agree with my ideas! Thanks for your reply and have fun with the game!


Really cool concept! I guess you're still firing but I liked it a lot. It takes a few seconds to get used to tapping in rhythm while controlling the ship with the other hand but I ended up moving on the rhythm more often than I would like to admit. Playing this with a controller would probably resolve this problem, but take away part of what makes it difficult.


That's a main drawback of this hybrid game mechanics. You have to however condition your both hands in good control of the ship, like drawing a circle with your left hand but drawing a square with your right hand simultaneously. In compensation of this drawback I tried not introduce anti-rhythm patterns of bullets and for all purposes I'm glad to see this worked.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I liked it. It took me a while to get used to it. The first few times I played it I wasn't getting used to it, and I almost quit because the game kept kicking me out after every attempt. Once I realized its basically a single constant beat, I stopped looking down and was able to beat it. It was a lot of fun that way. It is worth mentioning I never stopped hitting the beat button, even when there was no target to hit.

Developer (2 edits)

For a quick expression, here is a record of older versions of the game. It's almost the same as the latest version. Hope you like the music and the design of bullet patterns/puzzles.