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I like it. The game is kind of fun. Turning on movement makes the game even more fun for me because firing still messes with the player and makes the whole thing feel funny. 

I don't like that the weapons have to be bought again after every play, especially since using the different weapon doesn't make the game easier as it changes how much knock back it gives to the player. 

It was difficult to get used to, but once I figured out how to use both of them well, I got so far away I never saw the wall again. I just closed the game evenutally. I wish the game either got more difficult somehow, or that the fire wall would catch up even if the player got exetremely far ahead. 

Also, it feels weird that I can't go up or down the rope when I am touching a wall at all. I could understand if there was an object between me and the grapple point, but not in other circumstances. 

I liked the idea. It felt weird at first, but I started to get used to it. I would either like some kind of HUD thing to tell me when I can jump, or just to be able to jump when looking even more in line with the wall than right now. I just had a problem with not realizing I couldn't jump because I wasn't looking far enough up. 

I am curious if sliding should be the default instead of bouncing. 

Liked the idea, but at first I was completely confused about how to get orbs. I thought they were supposed to be flying at me at first. Also, if the player is just going to sit there and hold left click to grab orbs, it might be better to just have the player automatically pick them up if they don't have one. This might also help with teaching players how to play if they skipped the controls screen. 

You might want to let the player see the controls after they start since the esc button doesn't do anything in game. I saw the enter key, and pressed it and couldn't go back to look at controls. 

The game was so dark I could barely play. Maybe it was because of the glare on my monitor, but at max brightness I couldn't see anything. This was really bad when I lost my gun. If I missed a target I thought the gun was lost forever. I couldn't see the gun on the ground, so I thought it dissappeared. I had to look at the comments here to realize how to pick the gun back up. 

Other than that, I thought having to pick up the gun after throwing it was annoying. If I missed an enemy, I would have to walk right up to it and die to pick up my gun again (depending on where the gun dropped) and the final door switches took a while because missing a switch meant I to walk up and get it and try the sequence again. I feel like something more interesting could have been done maybe instead.

The music and lighting did come together for a nice game feel though, and I liked that the particle effects of dust were there in front of the exit door as if the player was barely making it out.

I liked the game. The music and the visuals all fit together in what the game was. If you wanted to give it some improvements, you could make sure the player can't boost until they hit the first planet. A couple of times I accidentally used some boost right when I respawned.  You could also give the player some momentum from the star they were launching off of if it was moving. It could help with players not being able to launch off moving planets sometimes.  

I liked the concept, but I thought it was a puzzle game, so the reflex challenge at the end surprised me. Also I thought the solutions were very exact, especially in the second level when you have to correctly time the boost across the gap in the middle the jump, or you would miss, or land but get stuck unable to continue. 

Cool game, thought it was fun. The screen shake felt like it was a little much. That was my only design complaint, other than that I just ran into a bug where allies stopped spawning after "saving" 5 of them.

I can't handle this game. Kind of funny, but I'm done.

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I liked it. It took me a while to get used to it. The first few times I played it I wasn't getting used to it, and I almost quit because the game kept kicking me out after every attempt. Once I realized its basically a single constant beat, I stopped looking down and was able to beat it. It was a lot of fun that way. It is worth mentioning I never stopped hitting the beat button, even when there was no target to hit.