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Weightless (GMTK jam 2018)View game page

A Platformer without Gravity
Submitted by tustin2121 (@tustin2121) — 1 hour, 41 minutes before the deadline
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very good idea but very hard to learn during game but with more working on this part i 'm sure that you will get a pretty good result you can go check out my entry it will be nice if you rated and left feedback.


I liked the idea. It felt weird at first, but I started to get used to it. I would either like some kind of HUD thing to tell me when I can jump, or just to be able to jump when looking even more in line with the wall than right now. I just had a problem with not realizing I couldn't jump because I wasn't looking far enough up. 

I am curious if sliding should be the default instead of bouncing. 


That was pretty fun! I didn't understand immediately the slide and bounce part, but overall it has quite interesting puzzles.


Cool game. I also found myself bouncing around hopelessly before the jumping off walls part. Right now it's obviously bare-bones, since it's only 48 hours, but I could see some really interesting puzzles being made with this idea with more mechanics introduced to interact with the main idea. 


Awesome idea but controls are little annoying. Maybe you can fix that.


I will need more than "a little annoying" to go on in order to fix anything. What did you have troubles with?


When I first played this game "Zero Gravity" think it was so cool then I recognize somethink, I can't do what I want. Controlling player was so hard, yes that's the true word "Hard". Maybe I'm incompetent. Anyway idea is brilliant, please keep develop this game.


Cool short game! I loved how you could turn the camera any direction and it didn't limit your rotation, and the basic gameplay was pretty fun, even if it turned it into more of a puzzle game. Good entry!

I enjoyed this one. It's an interesting concept and I think it could be really fun if developed further. 

However, I found myself helplessly floating around a lot until I got to the part where wall sliding and jumping from walls was introduced so I agree with what you said in another comment that it sould be introduced earlier. 

I also encountered some bugs like going out of bounds and getting stuck on a fence but other than that, job well done.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback. Did you get out of bounds near the fourth level, or in one of the transition tunnels? I was specifically making the wall collision thick in the puzzle rooms themselves to avoid potential out of bounds stuff, but I got lazy with the last one and the tunnels since it was getting close to the deadline.

EDIT: Never mind, I had my brother play it, and he managed to get out of bounds via landing on an attachment plate at an acute angle. And I saw first-hand how bad the bouncing around can be if you do something wrong. This is why playtesting is a thing...


Love the idea of the game, It's less like a platformer than it is a puzzle game because you have to use the idea of no gravity to solve a portal style room. I 'solved' the first one by just running of the starting platform and floating to the next. Really well done.


Thanks for playing. Yes, the first room is intended to be solvable simply by running off the platform. It introduces the concept of there being no gravity when you leave the metal floor area, instead of being able jumping around on platforms. (The first room is actually specially coded for this solution, because normally you don't auto-attach to metal floors if you're moving parallel to them.)

It hurts my eyes...


Nice, almost seems like 3d version of my entry :P

Would have liked a bit more clarity as to how to "wallslide," like some sort of indication that I was doing it or not. Otherwise it was pretty fun.


Thanks for the feedback. I had thought of putting an indication on-screen, like a little person silhouette or something, which shows if you're walking, floating, or sliding against the wall, but unfortunately I didn't get much time to polish the interface before the deadline. Generally if you hold the shift button before hitting a wall, you will "wall slide" (that is, lose all momentum that isn't parallel to the wall) when you reach the wall; in addition, kicking off from the wall requires a wall behind you, and it's not obvious why sometimes a kick off doesn't work (your feet can't reach the wall when you kick).

Lots of promise, but I would recommend some way of 'recovering.' I found myself often bouncing around with no control except to wait until a convenient bounce put me on a dark space. 


Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I should have introduced wall sliding earlier, because it is the intended way to help you recover. Basically holding shift will prevent bouncing off the wall and let you slide along it, and you can kick off in the direction you're facing once you've reoriented yourself in a useful direction. The mechanic is introduced in the 4th room, but I realize that that 3rd room is long and has no attachment plates along it if you fluff the first jump.