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FYI version # and build # need to be updated in pdxinfo :)

I hope next year it has browser support 🥲 I love the idea so much!

Thanks for the fixes 😄 I died the first time I played but I made it through the second time, Really fun!!

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That’s usually because an enemy has gone outside the room. Apparently it’s fixed now!

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General feedback incoming, but first a screenshot:

Edit: I played for like 45 minutes:

The biggest issue is the slimes going outside the room, I’m sure you’ve seen that. Some thoughts in no order:

  • The combination of Isaac + Hades + Brotato (or any of the other Bullet Heaven games) feels really good! Nice enemy variety too, even if the slimes are plentiful lol
  • The wizard looks like Ralsei from Deltarune, also a plus
  • Some of the upgrades are 😬 Coffee makes you do so much more dps than the 0.5% damage upgrade.
  • Item descriptions could be obfuscated a little, instead of saying 3% chance to drop heart, say chance to drop and allow some balancing behind the scenes. I know in Isaac harder enemies have a higher chance of dropping a heart, that might work here too
  • The dragon boss was fun!

Overall I enjoyed it! I haven’t done a Kickstarter in a while, but I signed up for yours 👍️

I like seeing the various approaches to how you tried to solve this, the result looks great!

Could you put the preview links in the description? I couldn’t find a playlist with them all 

I did it in 18:49:23! Nice devlog too, once I figured out I could stand at the timer to wait for the right cycle it was a bit easier

I had the free pack for a bit, was okay. Got the premium pack and WOW! worth the few bucks 😄 The free option is nice to see if the game fits the style, but the premium pack is both higher quality and easier to use. 

What’s the license? Was thinking of making some modifications to sprites, mostly just color replacement or decorations for different villagers. Prototyping a Rimworld type game, some variety would be nice. And does the upcoming update include more interiors? Maybe other wall connections, so houses can be non-rectangular.

only played for a little bit, but those touch screen controls are nice! Let me play in bed

I can’t get the left and right touch buttons to work!

Very fun and a ton of variety!

That was unexpected and really fantastic

 That level was great!

I spent half an hour trying to solve this level the wrong way, the solution was SO SIMPLE! Great level

That was an amazing level

I'm very bad, so it just led to me quickly clicking behind my car so I never ran out of range. Maybe a cooldown would have improved that, and making the car continue on its path after losing signal? Really good work overall though

Wow, this feels like a perfect puzzle game I'd find on my phone. Really great work here

Wow that was incredible, it felt like a full game

I need a faster hand but damn this is soo good

That was an incredible entry, very juicy and satisfying to play. Great work!

That was very fun, some of the levels were just challenging enough to make me think about my actions!

That was very well done and I really liked the story you made

That was really hard, I liked the art!

Thank you! I will play your game.

Several of my friends managed to beat it, they're better than I am!

Thank you!

The keypresses have a cooldown (0.5s), I put it in the description but forgot to update the overlay before submitting. Thank you for playing!

Huh, interesting. I'll see if it's a known issue with the Godot devs, I made it using windows and linux, both Chrome, so I didn't expect it to fail. Thank you for leaving a comment!

I'm impressed, that's no easy feat! Thank you for playing :)

How many poos did you step in? Thank you for playing

Game was really weird but I loved it

In case you're curious why this got popular, there was a thread on twitter:

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I think it would be nice to get a few basic settings saved in the model if you use the export feature. Stuff like:

  • Export preset
  • Format
  • Orientation
  • Scale
  • Exported file path
  • Exported file name, etc 

An auto-export on save setting would also be very welcome, I mostly use Asset Forge for prototyping and anything that speeds up the workflow is very welcome.

I think a more narrative style game would be very cool, but I do really love Eklan Tor!

I think you did make the right decision, maybe lanterns  that light when you walk by or something. It would let you add a few more decorations around the (surprisingly lovely and deadly) graveyard :)

Great game, the art style (love the red with snow background) and music all played together really well and the gameplay was somewhat difficult while still fun. It played REALLY well with both keyboard and controller, I wish it was longer!

My only suggestion would be to add some indicator that you reached a checkpoint, maybe use the graves as checkpoints?

Still though, really great work!

I didn't have any problems with them, I thought they looked pretty cool!

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Really cool project! I like how it feels different from other VR rhythm games. Works great on the rift s, though I think the projectiles need to be able to be differentiated from their paths more easily, maybe just reducing the path transparency.