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Game was really weird but I loved it

In case you're curious why this got popular, there was a thread on twitter:

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I think it would be nice to get a few basic settings saved in the model if you use the export feature. Stuff like:

  • Export preset
  • Format
  • Orientation
  • Scale
  • Exported file path
  • Exported file name, etc 

An auto-export on save setting would also be very welcome, I mostly use Asset Forge for prototyping and anything that speeds up the workflow is very welcome.

I think a more narrative style game would be very cool, but I do really love Eklan Tor!

I think you did make the right decision, maybe lanterns  that light when you walk by or something. It would let you add a few more decorations around the (surprisingly lovely and deadly) graveyard :)

Great game, the art style (love the red with snow background) and music all played together really well and the gameplay was somewhat difficult while still fun. It played REALLY well with both keyboard and controller, I wish it was longer!

My only suggestion would be to add some indicator that you reached a checkpoint, maybe use the graves as checkpoints?

Still though, really great work!

I didn't have any problems with them, I thought they looked pretty cool!

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Really cool project! I like how it feels different from other VR rhythm games. Works great on the rift s, though I think the projectiles need to be able to be differentiated from their paths more easily, maybe just reducing the path transparency.

Other than not having controls in game worked great on my rift s! Really cool visual design and the sound was nice and peaceful

Thank you!

Some more variation would definitely make it fun for a full game :) Thank you for playing!

The line of sight would definitely help with the lining up. I was going to have one but didn't have time to get it done right, thank you for playing!

The initial idea was that you only had one projectile, and catching it back would let you reuse it.

Really fun, my only suggestion would be to use giant colored icons instead of text for each button so that you could more quickly discern what direction an action was. Great job!

It's like a metroidvania for your brain, really fun concept!

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That ladder concept could be really fun, I didn't read the instructions before I started and my mind was blown when the ladder started to stretch haha

Nice that it was in godot too :)

Fun little game, I really appreciated the way the arrow was pulled to the player when getting near!

Very fun game! The design was well done and I enjoyed playing :) great way to use the theme, too!

I think this would make a great full game :)

Thank you, I'm glad you liked them! After spending so much time making them I couldn't be sure if they were hard at all, I'm glad I was wrong!

The controls were supposed to be rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, it would have been easier to figure out if I had added those icons in. Thank you for playing!

Thank you! I only worked on it for about a day, otherwise I would've wanted a few more different wall types too 

Looking forward to this, I love the idea! It looks like a smoother experience than Steam's home app too

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me too lol

Edit: There was a back side to the written letter, the letter has the order to press the buttons

Awesome and very touching little game :) Really amazing job!

LOL, it did end up turning into that. Thank you for playing!

Cool short game! I loved how you could turn the camera any direction and it didn't limit your rotation, and the basic gameplay was pretty fun, even if it turned it into more of a puzzle game. Good entry!

Ended up playing it 4 times to see different endings, fun entry!

Interesting entry! I really enjoyed mashing my way through it :p the sounds were really well done, and did an awesome job making the visuals feel good.

I enjoyed it! Very hard, but I thought the controls worked well for the type of movement. I just wish the player started rotated in the proper direction for each level haha

I loved the art, especially the fish with eyebrows lol. Fun concept, as well!

I thought the cooking genre would be fun, I enjoyed your entry as well!

Sorry! What issues did you have, were they on the web version? It is kinda laggy for me on Chrome, but works fine in Firefox, and friends have tested and all told me that the download versions work fine

Sorry if this has been requested, I wasn't able to find it. 

Would it be possible to add plane parts to the primitives? So you can create something like a fake model out of a sprite, like the image below.