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Bump through enemies to get to the end line (The Green Spot).
Submitted by Midoen — 3 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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I like your take on the theme, but I felt you got launched way too hard, making it difficult to tell where you'd end up. I also wasn't a big fan of the camera controls, how you could only control the horizontal but not the vertical, and the fact that the inputs didn't update based on camera angle. I think some smaller levels with a fixed camera view could help the readability of the game.

No complaints from my antivirus here, but my computer seems to always struggle to play UE4 games... You wouldn't happen to know a way I could reduce the graphics even more, would you?

Developer (1 edit)

Unfortunately I don't think I am aware of any way that can reduce the quality of the graphics, sorry. In terms of the game, the idea was to guess where would you land, not to know for sure, for the other parts I'll try to improve next times and before next jam. And thank you for the comment.


Uhh... so this game makes my antivirus go insane?


I believe it's because you are downloading an exe file from untrusted source.


Shouldn't be that, since I already clicked through the whole "run anyway" thing and it didn't happen with any of the other games here. The .exe was quarantined because it apparently behaved suspiciously.

Developer (2 edits)

Which version did you try? And did you try the other option? And did you have any other files alongside the game, the time you run it?


I just tried both versions and I cannot seem to find any problem in them, so I don't know what you are having, but I am sorry about it. If it was a problem in the game then currently I cannot do anything about since no uploads are allowed, sorry. But as I said before try different version, or you maybe losing some files that the antivirus thought it's a virus and deleted it. Sorry again.


It's cool, technical issues can happen sometimes. If it's working fine on other computers, maybe mine is just acting up (I won't give you a negative rating for this, it's not your fault). Thanks for trying to help though!


I liked the concept, but I thought it was a puzzle game, so the reflex challenge at the end surprised me. Also I thought the solutions were very exact, especially in the second level when you have to correctly time the boost across the gap in the middle the jump, or you would miss, or land but get stuck unable to continue. 


Thank you for the comment first. Second, I don't know if it would be considered a puzzle game since it doesn't have one solution or one way, in the second level, you can actually go to three solutions (one wasn't expected to happen, but got kept), and the landing while stuck, I kept because it's part of failing, but you may find a way that I couldn't found myself (R to restart if none found). But again, thank you for the comment.