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Uhh... so this game makes my antivirus go insane?

I believe it's because you are downloading an exe file from untrusted source.

Shouldn't be that, since I already clicked through the whole "run anyway" thing and it didn't happen with any of the other games here. The .exe was quarantined because it apparently behaved suspiciously.

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Which version did you try? And did you try the other option? And did you have any other files alongside the game, the time you run it?

I just tried both versions and I cannot seem to find any problem in them, so I don't know what you are having, but I am sorry about it. If it was a problem in the game then currently I cannot do anything about since no uploads are allowed, sorry. But as I said before try different version, or you maybe losing some files that the antivirus thought it's a virus and deleted it. Sorry again.

It's cool, technical issues can happen sometimes. If it's working fine on other computers, maybe mine is just acting up (I won't give you a negative rating for this, it's not your fault). Thanks for trying to help though!