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I'm glad you enjoyed it! We're looking into potentially keeping this project moving, and using the string to an even greater extent. Sorry about the last levels, they went somewhat undertested at the end - we'll try to work the kinks out after the judging period is over.

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The gag is that you're playing a Split-Screen co-op game without a second player ;)

It's cool, technical issues can happen sometimes. If it's working fine on other computers, maybe mine is just acting up (I won't give you a negative rating for this, it's not your fault). Thanks for trying to help though!

Shouldn't be that, since I already clicked through the whole "run anyway" thing and it didn't happen with any of the other games here. The .exe was quarantined because it apparently behaved suspiciously.

Uhh... so this game makes my antivirus go insane?

It's a neat concept, but I was just timing my movements to the little green crosses instead of the beat. Maybe those could fade out as well?

I made it to 1300 points. It seems that high power is the best way to go (not that I really had much control over that) :)

Pretty cool, though I'm sure I was walking in circles the whole time XP. It really requires you to map the level out in your head.

The game doesn't run at the moment because the necessary Unity files weren't included in the zip file :(

I'll address both after the jam, the music will be quieter and there might be an incentive to go fast while making blocks with colors you already have a lot of rarer.