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This was really good.



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Good, I really like the levels with the bouncing. The camera does not show enough. A lot of my resets were because I couldn't see a platform ahead of me in time for me to react. I suggest doing something like expanding the camera maybe expand it based on the player's speed or just let the player see the whole level.

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Yeah I would have liked to do that but didn't know how at the moment. I'll fix it on a fuller version of the game. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing.


The puzzles are too easy, I feel like I'm just going through the motions. The animation is good.

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It's alright. The second level was kind of tedious with having to look behind you shoot a bit, then too the front. And accidentally killing one of them is annoying. Other than that it's neat. A retry button would be good.

Hello is anybody there, I can feel the darkness closing in on me.

Cool concept.

The bleeper when the shield is low is too loud.