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Napoleon Dynaparte

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Thanks ;)

This is hella impressive!

Pretty alright, the controls need a bit of work though. I'd suggest that both thrusting and turning should be made into accelerating variables. For example: 

If right_arrow is pressed(

rotate right += turn

turn += 1)

If right_arrow is released(

turn = 1)

This obviously isn't the exact code that you'd use, but something like this would make it so that each frame where you're holding the right arrow key would add to your turning speed. And also once you let go of the right arrow key the turning speed would reset to your smallest desired number. With this sort of coding, player can make small adjustments as well quick turn arounds. And this will also add some good feeling weight and physics to your player object if you adjust it just right.

I hope this was helpful to you. You're game actually reminds me a little of the game that I made for GMTK 2017, although in my game I wasn't quite able to lose the shooting mechanic. 

I am so freaking frustrated. Pardon my language, but this is a piece of lasagna (I like lasagna)  

I'm glad that you found the game enjoyable. When I first started making this game, I wanted to make a game that was sort of a magnum opus of mine. But as it turned out, when I downloaded Gimp and started making sprites in it, it became clear to me that I wasn't going to be able to make the game look nice with my skill set. So once I realized that, I decided to just screw it and make the game as dumb as I reasonably could.

This was a crazy game that I found very fascinating. Maybe this was just me but it felt as if the music and tapping were slightly off beat. I also would've liked a way to restart the game without exiting out of it. I would definitely like to see more of this game in the future.

Please play and rate my game, Headbutt, at this link:

I like the idea, but orbiting objects seems a bit too finicky to be reliable. The view was a bit too close to the player character and I would almost immediately get hit by an asteroid flying from the corner of the screen. That being said, I think there's some real potential with this idea and hope you do more with it soon. Please be sure to check out and rate my game, Headbutt, at this link:

I'm glad that you liked my game and I agree that there should be some more feedback for various actions. Perhaps a combination of screen shake and momentary pausing for when you hit enemies and a screen flash for when the player gets hurt.

I really enjoyed the puzzle mechanics and level design of this game. I will say that the fire weapon could've had a better utilization for taking out enemies, as opposed to just making them faster. My final criticism is that the sound for the ice weapon and victory tune are a bit grating on the ears. I would suggest that you bring both of those sounds to a lower pitch. Overall, I found this game highly enjoyable with only a couple minor criticisms.

Please also play and rate my game, Headbutt, at this link:

I suggest that you add how you should play in the description, besides just solely having the controls.

For some reason when I pressed ‘create application’ in Gamemaker Studio it made it so the game only works if you use the installer. I’m also not sure why it ask to connect to your internet. But I can certainly assure you that it’s not a virus. Just install the installer and follow the instructions from there.

An interesting, yet somewhat confusing at first concept. The blocky art style and music are a definite plus.

I like the premise, but the mouse sensitivity is way too high.

I definitely like the concept and design of this game, especially with that short catchy tune. Although, I did feel that the player movement was highly restricted.  If the player boundaries are to be kept, I personally believe that these boundaries should have some sort of visible outline.

I found the physics of the movement controls to be surprisingly fun to utilize, however I would suggest some work on the aiming. Perhaps some sort of laser sight emitting from the player character.