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Why Can't I Hold All These Upgrades!?View game page

GMTK Jam Game - Metroidvania but you can't keep your upgrades!
Submitted by Axol Studio (@AxolStudio), nazunaan — 1 hour, 23 minutes before the deadline
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Why Can't I Hold All These Upgrades!?'s page


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Not bad! My team pondered this idea initially but we couldn't figure out how to design levels for it - something you clearly had no troubles with! It's an interesting maze that definitely makes you think about how to get from Point A to Point B.

A couple of execution issues that unfortunately made the game less enjoyable:

  • One of the levels' doors led to the wrong place (a different room than the one I came from), which made the world confusing to navigate and I think it might have been a softlock
  • The permadeath is quite frustrating, especially when you first shoot an enemy with a flamethrower, and, instead of dying, it charges straight at you. It'd be much nicer, and more respectful of testers' time, to restart at the entrance to the room, for example.
  • As others have mentioned, the sound effect for the ice beam is quite unpleasant to the ears.

Neat idea with a puzzle element.


It's an interesting game and I think you managed to scope the level well for a small experience. Good job !

I think the game would gain more if the  upgrades would be more varied that weapons. For example, having a double jump. I was almost done but I got killed near the third gem ! 

Great job on the game !


I really enjoyed the puzzle mechanics and level design of this game. I will say that the fire weapon could've had a better utilization for taking out enemies, as opposed to just making them faster. My final criticism is that the sound for the ice weapon and victory tune are a bit grating on the ears. I would suggest that you bring both of those sounds to a lower pitch. Overall, I found this game highly enjoyable with only a couple minor criticisms.

Please also play and rate my game, Headbutt, at this link:


Cool idea but it just boils down to only being able to hold one weapon at a time at this stage. Add in more mechanics that you have to switch out (look in other metroidvanias for inspiration) and I think you've got an interesting puzzle going.


really interesting concept and makes for a fun puzzler, just wish there was more here. also the ice sound effect... I now have a constant ringing! All jokes aside its a decent concept that is actually pretty fun to play

It's very simple, but it's fun. Sadly there was never a real need to quickly change from upgrade to upgrade, but it's an interesting idea. Luckily, that's what the Game Jam is looking for, because neither the visuals nor the soundtrack/-effects are to be considered because by God, if I have to hear that damned ice upgrade one more time I'm going to set something on fire.


I like this game, it plays well, there's an element of puzzle solving but it is easy to understand. The sound starts off too loud but the in-game volume adjuster works perfectly. It plays well, it's interesting and it looks great

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Gotta love metroidvanias


My antivirus software going nuts on this one. So, if I get a virus, it's your fault! All jokes aside, I like the premise of this one, but the sounds are too ear-piercing to enjoy. Make sure you fiddle with the volume and compression settings in BFXR! Here's my entry:


Try using +, -, or 0


Great job on the mechanics. Really well put together!