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Pretty interesting! Was quite annoying I had to start from the beginning every time I failed at something, but it was short enough to skip back to where I was. Should have saved at some point, I guess.

Pretty good. I went through with a winged tiefling artificer first because I had just done one for a game and had the sheet still open. Went through it pretty straight forwardly, only taking the practice fight before going to the cemetery. Ended up dying in the end because the character was more focused on being a team member than a solo character. Decided to go through again with another character, and noticed you should maybe make that a bit easier than having to undo all previous choices. Did a half-orc barbarian this time, and went through all I could before going to the cemetery this time. Won easily, good game.

This was nice. Took me way too long to figure out the first multi faced one (can't figure a better way to say that without spoiling it for someone reading comments)

Hah, the ending was great :) Also, it was a nice challenge to find information correct for the time the game supposedly takes place in.

Oh yeah, I was wondering if it might have been the timer ending, but I wasn't focusing on it and didn't know how close to ending it was.  I have a Intel Core i5-2500 CPU @3.30Ghz, 8 GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, running Win 10 and I had a ton of tabs open in Chrome which most likely didn't help.

Pretty nice. I didn't like the fact you don't automatically connect to circles when they turn into your color, but you have to click the same color again to connect to them. 

Nice! Good use of theme, and the game play was hard enough but relaxing. I got pretty far with only a few mistakes, but the game just closed without warning. 

Pretty cool. Really appreciate the music toggle in menu :) A bit unclear as I can see others have said. But really fun, kept my focus well until I died.

This was really nice! Actually managed to get to the end, not sure what ended up beating Patience for me. I liked the sound effects, they sounded very happy :)

A good start, it should be easy to continue it from here.

Really nice. I liked how the game didn't end when you managed to 'win' it. The extra ball you start with stopped re-spawning after a few falls, don't know if that was intentional. Or the fact that when different colored balls touched each other, one of them seemingly randomly changed color. 

The game got stuck at the end of the first non-tutorial level, I think I killed an enemy at the same time I hit the flag. Your wall graphics look a bit like our games (Strandy's Adventure) that I made, so that's cool. I kinda like the battery mechanic, turning this into a kind of a puzzle. But I'm not sure how well it fits a game like this; in a shooter like this one, one does not usually want to pause the gameplay like that. But a pretty nice game, would be easy to improve on and get some money from I think.

Took a bit to get the hang of it, but not too long. I didn't get interested enough to play more than a few levels, but I can see some may like it more. Could have used like a grid to more easily see which line you were aiming at.

Pretty neat. I found my self wanting a mute button, even though the music was good. When I got the infinite jet-pack, most of the time it looked like I just had an infinite double jump but couple times it did a proper jet-pack animation.

Music is pretty generic, not doing much to the feel of the game. Gameplay is fun, but I feel like the rope should affect enemies it isn't tied to. I love how some deaths make things fly high in the air.  A pretty good game, but couldn't hold my interest for more then a few games.

Took me a few tries to get how to play (tried to pull from bottom to top) but was very clear after I got it. Relaxing music, eases you into the game, but could use a mute button or volume slider. A pretty simple and clear game, nice!

Thanks for playing! And even making a video of it, too! Glad you liked it :) We may not have checkpoints, but the level select is not locked so you could check out the two remaining levels that way. And if I may ask, how were you playing the game? It really shouldn't be that zoomed out.

Nice! Simple and good. Making variations of existing games isn't always easy (we've tried doing some in school). Took me a couple games to figure out which power-ups did what. Was wondering if it would be better to spawn power-ups only before the players turn, so they'd have time to react to them.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! How the rope works was changed a couple times during the jam, and we plan to still work on it some more. Hopefully we can post a perfected after-jam version at some point.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)

Nice game, I liked it! The background song was catchy, and the gameplay was challenging. Managed to play long enough to beat the game, it was longer than I expected.

Nice game! But when I had to make multiple moves quickly, it felt like the game didn't register my button presses well, so I ended up mashing to get past those. Ant he music volume was a bit too loud. But I liked it!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! :)

I think I've heard of GDWC before in passing, but hadn't thought of submitting this before you mentioned it. We are intending on polishing this a bit, and we'll think about submitting after that.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing! I know the pain of long levels too, I died a lot while testing :)

Thanks for playing! If you want to try any later levels, know that the level select is in no way locked! (though it doesn't have the tutorial levels, so you probably got to level 2 or 3 out of 6 by the way they are counted there)

Thanks for playing our game! We run out of time during the jam, but we are happy it is at least this good. I'm disappointed to see the UI didn't scale properly, but we didn't have much time for testing either. I know the game exists under the same name on another account (another one of us tried to upload it first, but we think his anti-virus deleted some files from it and so it's on my account now), but if it also exists under some other name that would be theft, but a quick search couldn't find it at least.

Thanks for trying our game! There were some ideas for a boost mechanic, improving the AI and making it multiplayer, but unfortunately everything took longer than we had planned for. We even had more sounds made, but we couldn't implement them in time. But we had fun, and we are happy with what we managed to get out.

Thanks! We tried to use in-game stuff as the tutorial. The baby starts under the table, so you know he can fit in tight places. During the portion where you can see enemies under the floor, you should need to turn from adult into the old man on your way back into a baby, so you can see the enemies do not follow you when you are old. The adult doesn't really have anything other than speed going for him, both him and the old man can climb on stuff. 

Good idea, and it looked nice, but I was bad at it.

Nice game! Took me fifteen minutes to beat, with only getting new rooms from four of the possible six places before going for the end. Took quite a few tries to get there, but I had fun

This was really nice. I played it for a while, but quit when the ball got stuck between the wall and one of the main flipper platforms. Didn't think to check what kinda table I was on, but it happened on the left side of the screen

Very cool idea, too bad you only had 6 hours to work on levels. Level three was really hard, at least for me. I tried stuff like "attempt splitting the room in two halves", "help banana", and even "adache the two halves" because I thought you split headache into two parts on purpose, and it sounded like it could be the verb form of "adhesive".

Yeah, unfortunately we broke something near the end and only had time to fix the first level. 

We tried to teach stuff without a tutorial, like how you start as a baby under the table, and how you need to turn into the old man in the area with enemies under the floor to see that they stop following you.

Thanks for playing!


Oh, didn't think of that. I locked them to the top right of the weaker base, but I think that caused enemies from the other base to find us

Thanks! Unfortunately our team is spread between America/Canada and Europe, so I don't think we can continue it.

Nice idea, but I wasn't very good at it. Gave up on the level where you have to steal one of the enemy bases