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Very cool idea, too bad you only had 6 hours to work on levels. Level three was really hard, at least for me. I tried stuff like "attempt splitting the room in two halves", "help banana", and even "adache the two halves" because I thought you split headache into two parts on purpose, and it sounded like it could be the verb form of "adhesive".


The fact you can type the word "adache" is also a bug, sorry! Splitting the headache was definitely not on purpose :P

Funny thing is, I talked to my brother and apparently he tried the exact same thing! :P great minds think alike.

I've made a feedback form to get an idea of what I'm going to do for future development. Please feel free to fill it out! (I'm going to start out by fixing that annoying split word bug, put your email down if you want to be pinged when it's updated :D)