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A text adventure, now with 100% less typing!
Submitted by TPHRyan — 1 hour, 42 minutes before the deadline
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I have no Idea what to do. Maybe a tutorial or something would help?

Also, "What do you do?" I click "ENTER" because I want to enter the room but "I'm not sure I understand." Same thing for Exit.


Great idea! But if you were to add more levels in the future I feel it would be nice if the difficulty ramped up more gradually.


Thanks for playing the game! I've made a feedback form to get people's opinions on a future version :)

There's also an email field if you're interested in keeping up to date (all fields are optional!)

I will definitely work on the level curve in any future versions.


Yea, like many other said, great idea, but I got stuck. Should maybe have more solutions to one "puzzle/riddle"


Thanks for playing the game! I've made a feedback form to get people's opinions on a future version :)

There's also an email field if you're interested in keeping up to date (all fields are optional!)

Puzzles in future versions will definitely have more word combinations that result in a win, as well as possibly multiple actual ways of winning.


Really love the idea, though I agree with many other commenters that the answers were a bit obtuse. Level 2 took me ages to figure out, and it took me longer because I was looking for the simple solution you hinted at, which I (incorrectly) understood as everything I needed being on the information screen. The fact I spent so long trying is a testament to how engaging the game is though, so if you made it into a full version I'd definitely play it.


Thanks for playing! I'm super happy that you're interested in a full version!

I made a short feedback form to get an idea for future development plans, there's also a mailing list there so you can keep up to date! (I doubt I will be spamming it too much :P)


Very cool idea, too bad you only had 6 hours to work on levels. Level three was really hard, at least for me. I tried stuff like "attempt splitting the room in two halves", "help banana", and even "adache the two halves" because I thought you split headache into two parts on purpose, and it sounded like it could be the verb form of "adhesive".


The fact you can type the word "adache" is also a bug, sorry! Splitting the headache was definitely not on purpose :P


Funny thing is, I talked to my brother and apparently he tried the exact same thing! :P great minds think alike.

I've made a feedback form to get an idea of what I'm going to do for future development. Please feel free to fill it out! (I'm going to start out by fixing that annoying split word bug, put your email down if you want to be pinged when it's updated :D)


Very cool idea, but quite frustrating to play since you need to use the exact right word combination. Got completely stuck on level three unfortunately. Would love to give this game another time when more word combinations are accepted :)


Thanks so much for playing, I'm definitely going to update this existing game to flesh out all/most possible word combinations.

After that, a full version maybe? I'm still feeling out what people would be interested in. Here's a feedback form below. You can also put your email there if you want to be notified when I release an updated version :)


Really good concept for a game.  With some more time, I suspect the author could include more responses for more word combinations (to avoid the dreaded "I don't understand." dead end as much as possible). Five stars.


Thank you so much for the praise! No doubt your review brought the overall average rating up ;)

I'm currently thinking about possibilities for a future full version, as well as an immediate "post-jam" update. If you want to fill out the below feedback form, that would help me a lot! (Also an email field if you want updates on future versions, which it seems like you do!)


This was a super fun concept! The game's high point is both the tongue-in-cheek writing, as well as a sense of just experimenting with the words until you get a really satisfying conclusion. Find the right combination of words to form an answer is super rewarding. Reminds me how Point-and-Clicks do the same thing but with visual elements instead to join items instead of words. It can be a little difficult if there's too much text on the screen though - especially if you get wordsick and lose track of words.


Thanks for your feedback! The engine needs a couple tweaks like a scrolling animation to make things a little more readable. 

If you liked the concept of the game, please fill out my feedback form! It will give me an idea of interest in the game, and if you want I can also email you when a new version comes out (email field in the form)


Great concept, I accept the fact that some options might not have a specific response, although seemingly logical, due to the time constraints of the game jam.

Entertaining game that also creates a character in the shape of the narrator/computer that you are interacting with. Well written and a nice spin on the text adventure, slides more into the point and click adventure game genre, which is not a bad thing at all!

Being able to create scenarios where you feel immersed and contending with an "AI" character of sorts is a real testament to the creative writing and innovative idea of only using the mouse, (and enter).


Thanks for the glowing review!


Thanks again for the feedback, I will definitely play with the "player vs AI" concept in future versions!

I've made a feedback form now, so I can get an idea of what people are interested in regarding future versions. There will be an immediate "post-jam" version, with a full version to follow if there's interest! Pop your email in there if you want me to email you when new stuff comes out! (It's all completely optional)


I like your idea and it really fits the theme well. Your levels are very hard though, and it was a bit frustrating when a lot of the ideas I had gave no reaction. I understand that this is probably due to the time constraint, but maybe you could have added more than one solution to make the game more rewarding.


If you could forward any ideas you had that didn't give responses onto, that would be appreciated. I tried to get as many ideas down as I could, but I had like 6 hours to do two levels (and it was very early morning) so I couldn't quite go into the level of depth needed. I thought I had most of the verbs covered but apparently not.

Level two is supposed to be very easy (literally just leaving) but I forgot to signpost the very short words needed.

You say the "levels" were hard, did you get to level 3 then? I put a reasonable amount of effort into making sure the object needed to solve the level was highlighted (I wasn't happy with the verb involved, though). What did you find hard about it?

Submitted (1 edit)

Unfortunately I can't remember which exact words I tried... What I found hard was that there was always only exactly one solution to each level (I think). It's also not too obvious what your objective is in each of the levels. But those are just minor details and I enjoyed your game despite them.

Edit: I replayed it and the actions that didn't work were mostly with very generic words like "get" and "use".


Considering I use both "get" and "use" in the actual solutions, it was a massive oversight on my part to ignore adding flavour text for them (and checking for more valid solutions). Doh!

I've made a feedback form to get an idea of future versions. There'll be a post-jam version, and I'm thinking of a full version as people seem really happy with the game!

You can fill it out here. Thanks!

Interesting twist, unfortunately the screen was cut off at the side for me, after the p in help, probably due to my non-widescreen monitor, so I don't think I could solve the 2nd level. The premise is unfortunately forced to be a little meta because of the nature of the gameplay, but perhaps with enough refinement, there could be a way around that. 


That shouldn't stop you from solving the second level, I assume you were playing on web then? I find zooming the browser out can help with resizing the canvas on small displays.


Worked after I went into chrome settings to zoom out, was just confused since ctrl+scroll wasn't working. Am now stuck on the third level >.>


I appreciate that you're not stuck on the second ;) 

The solution to the third level is to restore order to the world. Who knows how that could help?

Bonus points if you make it without letting the narrator get eaten (not really it's just flavour text)


Thanks again for playing, sorry I didn't have more time to get the web game working in the jam version :')

I'm currently seeking out people's level of enthusiasm around a full version of the game! I'll be for sure trying to keep a better control over the words, and making sure every possible word does something :)

There is a feedback form at the below address, if you're interested in letting me know what you think! Thanks for being a part of my journey!


I like the concept of picking words out of the dialogue the game gives you but I feel like it's a little bit too open at the same time in that there's a lot of things you can try. It's sort of like how when you hit a wall in point and click games and end up trying combinations of everything. That compounded with the fact that some options that lead to some fun dialogue could potentially open up more words could get pretty messy (or it's already like that, I didn't get very far). Still though, it's tough to design levels around this concept and I think if you had more time you could get some really nice and interesting levels out of this concept.


When you think about it, there's WAY more options in a "traditional" text adventure :p

It's all about restricting the verbs, as well. When you look closely, you'll realise there's not actually that many verbs to try. The game does assume people will try to do logical text-adventure-y things :p


Hi again! Your comment has gotten my brain-juices flowing, and I've thought of some pretty cool ideas for keeping the number of accessible words in check :)

Just now trying to gauge interest in a full version of the game. Is this something that interests you? Maybe not? Either way, you can fill out my form below to let me know if you're keen, and there's an option to be notified of future developments!

Thanks for playing!


I really love this concept. I can see a lot of places you can go with this, and this is a perfect example of the theme.  I feel the execution suffers a little bit from adventure game syndrome, though. I'm assuming there's only one solution to each level and it's only tied to a certain set of words. I tried a bunch of things that I felt should at least elicit a response (I know it's a short jam, but just for in future applications), if not be some sort of way to advance things  that didn't  get anything.

I ended up quitting part way through level two, just because I felt like I had clicked all the relevant words in a bunch of different orders. I know I am dumb, but so are most people. So maybe future proofing by allowing multiple ways to tackle a problem for those among us who think stupid/or allow for a little more leniency in what combos trigger actions.


I had about 6 hours only for level development :p

You'd be surprised at the amount of depth I did go to for certain combinations, but I'd imagine there's some I missed :')

I think I made level two's solution a little TOO simple, actually. Got caught up in adding easter egg text and forgot to signpost the answer sufficiently.

If you want to email me any suggestions to emperor.kun[AT] that would be appreciated. I'm still keeping the idea of fleshing out the game in mind.


Thanks again for playing. Your comment initially got me thinking about the different ways people's brains work, and how I could be more careful in my consideration of options people would pick.

I'm just now going around and asking people what they would think of a full version! Sure, I'll do a post-jam update as well to fix what's here, but I'd love to make a game with a slightly bigger scope. Seems that's something that interests more than a few people!

A feedback form can be found below. Thanks so much for your valuable insights!