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Once it loops back to the tutorial, is that the end?

I somehow ended up getting stuck here, and I can't reset.

And then this big guy killed me out of nowhere. Why? :(

I'm stuck. the only rooms I can explore have a spike wall that won't let me pass.

I just got the powerup that allows me to put down a flower/fan but even THEN I still can't.

Can I at least have a hint? Is it a powerup I need?

I managed to get over him (with some weird dashing) but he still pushes me toward the start.

How are you supposed to get past the guy in the mask who keeps pushing you back with that laser thing?

I thought losing to motivation would always have the guy sit down...


Are you supposed to be able to see the enemies?

Too bad I can't press both RMB and LMB at the same time on an Apple mouse...

I have no Idea how to regain health

There should not only be upgrades every 10 levels, but checkpoints too

A tutorial would be nice

After I do all three, is there anything else to do?

And I can't leave. the guy says "Maybe I should look around first"

I listened to the message on the phone, but there's nothing on the left wall. I even tried reseting the game and nothing happened.

I don't even know how to select the "start game" option

Loved the story!

Oh, that's not what you're supposed to do?


I was doing well then lag killed me

Well said

My high score is ???, what's yours?

The checkpoint in one of the levels (I forget which one) doesn't even work which is super frustrating

Love It!

I'll phrase it a different way: how do you get to this level?

Unless there's a secret way, but IDK

Alright, I beat who's who by guessing (three of them I guessed) but I don't know how to get past the lock to the right of it. I know I need to get to the right of it, but I have no idea how

Actually, the only level I can do that I haven't completed is Who's Who

Ok I got past that one, but now I'm stuck on "Spikeys"

I'm stuck on the very first level. "The blue blocks like to dance" the help says. What blue blocks? the only thing I see that might even be considered to be a blue block is Barky themself (because they're blue), and I've been dancing Barky around for five minutes and nothing is happening.

Heyyo, I win!

This is a very underrated game. Love it!

I can't press both at the same time

Add checkpoints

It does. Oh, it does.

I got 23 :/

I'm not one for arcade games, but this one has made me want to play all the time.