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If you could forward any ideas you had that didn't give responses onto, that would be appreciated. I tried to get as many ideas down as I could, but I had like 6 hours to do two levels (and it was very early morning) so I couldn't quite go into the level of depth needed. I thought I had most of the verbs covered but apparently not.

Level two is supposed to be very easy (literally just leaving) but I forgot to signpost the very short words needed.

You say the "levels" were hard, did you get to level 3 then? I put a reasonable amount of effort into making sure the object needed to solve the level was highlighted (I wasn't happy with the verb involved, though). What did you find hard about it?

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Unfortunately I can't remember which exact words I tried... What I found hard was that there was always only exactly one solution to each level (I think). It's also not too obvious what your objective is in each of the levels. But those are just minor details and I enjoyed your game despite them.

Edit: I replayed it and the actions that didn't work were mostly with very generic words like "get" and "use".

Considering I use both "get" and "use" in the actual solutions, it was a massive oversight on my part to ignore adding flavour text for them (and checking for more valid solutions). Doh!

I've made a feedback form to get an idea of future versions. There'll be a post-jam version, and I'm thinking of a full version as people seem really happy with the game!

You can fill it out here. Thanks!