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It looks like a fun concept, but unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to interact with the cat or the mess it creates. I tried all my buttons. Did I miss something?

This might be my favourite way to interperet the theme (of what I've seen). In terms of execution, I like the visuals and atmosphere.   The main mechanic brings interesting tension as I keep wondering what my soldiers will do. 

I often tell the soldiers to hold fire when we have to cross a crowded area, only for them to stand around until it expires and cause a massacre! Could be something I just haven't understood about the mechanics, or maybe there's something missing there.  Some way to manage their positioning and facing maybe. 

Thank you! Reading this made us happy :)

Cheers! :)

Hahaha thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I didn't realise a controller was required! That explains why nothing worked. Thanks :)

ahhaha glad that the x32 version worked for you as well. Don't know what the problem with the x64 might be...

Sorry for being sorry. Hope you liked it?

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to actually play it? Tried button mashing but nothing worked.

It's an interesting concept, though for the life of me I can't get the car to do anything. Once I get stuck, even if I click the ducks away from everything but the command I want, I still don't seem to get out of that spot before the timer runs out. It might be easier to do something if the ducks had a (longer?) minimum time they stay in one place un-clicked. It's also unclear when the ducks actually act on a button, do they do it continuously? after a short delay? Whatever it is, maybe it could use some tweaking.

The environment looks really good! so it's too bad I didn't manage to see more of it.

Strange! They all worked on my laptop. Have you tried the x32 version? that should also work on a x64 machine.


Nice graphics! The game play seemed rather plain and uninteresting to me, I think that it would need to be developed further to be a fun game to play.

Cute game, like the idea, but had no idea what to do to get out of the tutorial. Tried shooting pretty much everything, including the boss... and then tried every other thing I could think of. Am I missing something?

Very cool idea, but quite frustrating to play since you need to use the exact right word combination. Got completely stuck on level three unfortunately. Would love to give this game another time when more word combinations are accepted :)

Very amusing game! It would improve dramatically if there were some more things to catch, other than Jim, Kat, and the boot. I love the atmosphere and the art. Well done!

Neat concept! I like the idea, and the animations feel quite smooth. There are some issues though, mainly with understanding the controls. It is unclear how to select which of the commands you are editing, and unclear how to begin shooting and moving when commands have been entered. In addition, a grid may make it clearer how many movement commands are needed to be in front of an enemy to shoot them.

I hope that you will find time to polish this game, it's a really nice idea!

Simple game with a simple concept which works. Not bad!

There are some wrinkles to iron out however. I get stuck on the instructions screen and have to restart the game to get back to the menu. And during the game itself, because there is nothing keeping the mouse inside the window, the cursor occasionally drifts outside of it and then no clicks are registered. Perhaps there is a way to stop the cursor from leaving the game when in windowed mode?

Interesting concept and nice art, but I couldnt really figure out how to play the game beyond making some of the enemies walk into the crates which the one guy was throwing, which is not very interesting gameplay.  If some more environmental elements were placed with which you can get rid of the bullies, this would be a great game!

Nice idea, but a little too difficult to play in practice. It is difficult to click on the balls accurately due to the moving speed and the small size. If this is made easier for the player, and if there were a few more options to avoid obstacles with, then this would definitely be a game which I would download onto my phone and play on the bus :)

I like the idea! The art and colour schemes were really well put together also. I agree with Nam who commented here about making it clearer which button affects what. On top of that, I would suggest making it possible to lower the propelling platforms if you shot their button prematurely (it's difficult not to shoot on sight!). In addition, perhaps make it clearer that the falling debris should be shot. It took me four tries to realise that that was what was expected of me. Perhaps you could do this by making the debris the same colours as the 'shoot me' buttons, or drawing an arrow on the background pointing at the garbage chute saying 'shoot me'.

I really think that this concept has a lot of potential! Good on you for putting such a polished game together in 48 hours.

Thank you for trying out our game! We found it especially challenging to make the redirecting of the bullets comfortable and intuitive, and I suppose that we didn't fully succeed. We considered deflection, but we wanted the payer to be able to able to better control the direction of the bullets. If we think of a better control scheme, then we will update it after the voting (I believe that doing so is possible?) and I'll leave you a message, if you'd like to try it out again at that time.

Thanks for your suggestion! It was our very first game jam, and we weren't familiar with, so we didn't know how it would all work out. We expected there to be a 'download all' button. I hope that having to download the files individually did not deter you from trying :)

i can't seem to make it past... the title screen. how do I continue to the game? clicking and space don't do anything

I enjoyed this one the most so far! nicely done

by editing patterns.txt you can mod the boss's attack patterns.

despite the misleading file extension, patterns.txt contains lua code.

each pattern consists of a set of shots, for which you must define a time t, a direction dir where math.pi/2 is straight down, xoffst and yoffst offset from the boss, and bul, the bullet type. 

then boss.patterns consists of a series of tables each representing a stage. during a stage, the boss randomly selects patterns from inside the stage.

I expected a 'donwload all' button but oh well