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Grandfather ParadoxView game page

GMTK Jam 2018
Submitted by Laurender
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Really cool mechanic with a great art style and music. I think my only big complaint with it is that it doesn't seem to  really teach you exactly what the different forms do. I'm not entirely sure if I understand at the end what the benefit of one of the forms even is. Dedicating a room to learning the basics of each form would go a long way.


Thanks! We tried to use in-game stuff as the tutorial. The baby starts under the table, so you know he can fit in tight places. During the portion where you can see enemies under the floor, you should need to turn from adult into the old man on your way back into a baby, so you can see the enemies do not follow you when you are old. The adult doesn't really have anything other than speed going for him, both him and the old man can climb on stuff. 


I really like this game's aesthetic and how it ties abilities to each of the player character's "forms"! Only gripe is that there was only one level, I really would've liked to see more uses of the mechanic!


its kind of hard to evaluate unfortunately, as there is only one level.

The atmosphere was cool, i liked the creepy scientists!

it was a little unclear what the 3 forms did and what your goal was. i think a dedicated tutorial would have been nice

nice job though!


Yeah, unfortunately we broke something near the end and only had time to fix the first level. 

We tried to teach stuff without a tutorial, like how you start as a baby under the table, and how you need to turn into the old man in the area with enemies under the floor to see that they stop following you.

Thanks for playing!

ya same as he said, we had a few things we needed to add to make it more clear. We even play tested. But last minute bugs came in that broke the game we couldn’t implement what we wanted. Thx.fir ur review ;) 


Yo!!!!!!!!!!! I love your game's concept! Super interesting take on the no jump platformer




cool design you should polish more 


Thanks! Unfortunately our team is spread between America/Canada and Europe, so I don't think we can continue it.

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

an interesting puzzle game, not sure how it fits with the theme though.... a platformer where you can't jump, i guess? either way, good job


Thanks! It was supposed to be a "Metroidvania without Permanent Upgrades" but turned into more of a puzzle-platformer during development, but still worked as a "Platformer without Jump" so we decided not to 'fix' it.


so unique! 


Cool idea and nice execution!