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Sisyphean Pinball GMTK VersionView game page

Pinball without losing the ball, instead you fall into a new board!
Submitted by ajdonn01 — 40 minutes, 36 seconds before the deadline
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it just need some art , sounds and it will be great but i know game jam time limitations i want to make a game with a huge amount of enemies that ended into 2 enemies melee one and ranged one you can check it anyways and it will be very nice to rate it.


This is a really interesting game and a great take on the theme. I don't think it's an amazing pinball game by itself; it's missing the colours, sound effects, bonus systems, etc. that you make a good pinball table so engaging. Still, I enjoyed playing just to explore the different tables and activate all the green lights. I think there is a ton of potential in this, especially with elements of different sections interacting with each other. Also, this system opens up using the flippers to hit the ball downward too. Nice chill music too. Really like this entry!


Cool idea! I really like that the levels loop. It turns negative feedback into a more neural thing. Instead of getting frustrated that I fell, now it is an opportunity to get the targets for this new level I'm in.

We must imagine Sisyphus happy playing this game, and that's not too difficult to do because it's so much fun. My only gripe is that turning all the lights green doesn't turn them all off again, only for you to restart the climb...


Glad you enjoyed it! If we hadn't run out of time the plan was to make a lot more levels and have it randomly select a random set each time you play. Then we could definitely have the game start over again after the player reaches the end.


This was really nice. I played it for a while, but quit when the ball got stuck between the wall and one of the main flipper platforms. Didn't think to check what kinda table I was on, but it happened on the left side of the screen

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know. We plan to extend and enhance the game after the game jam and will make sure to fix that issue.


Really smooth gameplay. It's easy to spend a lot of time there.

My only complaint is that the physics of the ball could be better. It was harder to aim the shots that I was hoping for. But that's comprehensible for a gamejam game :)

Great job, I love the idea !


Really cool, works smoothly and even has an interesting level design. The many paddles room messed me up. 


Yeah the many paddles room was the least polished. We managed to change the direction of a few paddles and shift them around a bit but we ran out of time before we were happy with it.


You were able to change the worst mechanic in pinball into the best one, exploration. I like how much variety you were able to include, each level has a distinct theme. Nice.


Thanks! My brother and I wanted to make sure each level felt different as otherwise it would feel really repetitive. We had wanted to make a lot more levels and randomly choose a few for the loop when the game starts to give it some replayability but there just wasn't enough time. I'm also glad our mechanic change worked out. The idea came about because I always think of pinball as the physical pinball games and I wanted to see what could happen if the game wasn't bound by the physical restraints of the machine. This game was the result.


Great idea, well executed.

A polished version of this would make a great mobile game.


When I was looking for pinball games similar to mine, I didn't hope to find a zen, relaxing, creative masterpiece. Polish it a bit more and add some chill tunes and you've got an amazing game in your hand.

Very relaxing. Your solution to how to build a pinball game without being able to lose the ball reminds me of Flipnic back on the PS2, but without the 'at some point you run out of tables to drop to' makes the entire thing feel vastly different.


Thanks! I missed out on that game unfortunately. Looking up some of the trailers, it does look like it would be fun and has a some similarities to our game (ignoring how much better Flipnic looks of course). I'm glad that ours has a different feel to it though.


Honestly this is incredibly chill. You will just loop back around to your board if you mess up so you can focus on just hitting those shots as they come.


Glad you enjoyed it, made us really happy to see your screenshot and that you played it to the end!