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Sorry I don't really offer Steam Keys...

This game was very hard - I couldn't make it anywhere close to the goal :(

Fun! The nightmare sequences remind me of Dino Run!

Hyper Space Attack Force: Starmander was made in <1 Week for the Goodbye Summer Game Jam 2022

The Theme was "TRANSITION"

Check it out:

Thank you!

Originally, I had planned on Alex being able to banish away demons/ghosts/etc by throwing the shaka 🤙ala Airdorf's Faith games, but that mechanic got cut - I left the animation in because it still fit's his personality and is fun.

I'm probably not coming back to this code anytime to make changes, but be sure to check out the sequel which I think improves on a couple of things, like the inventory!

..and make sure you visit the best website

Bring It On! the latest game from Axol Studio, LLC launches TODAY in Early Access!

From the developers that brought you, Eggsolotl, Monster Match, Heck House, and its sequel Spooksville, USA comes a new game:

Bring It On! is a single-player auto-attacking 'monster'-hell shoot-em-up survival game. Take on MASSIVE hordes of monsters across several locations, earning experience points to level up and acquire new weapons and items. Can you survive long enough to bring out the Mid-boss and Boss of each area? Can you find and recruit all of the other fighters scattered across the land  to your cause?

I can neither confirm nor deny... ;)

Although I had watched those videos  some time before we started talking about the mechanics of this game for the Game Jam...... 

Many of the files in "" are named with "VD" instead of "L". They are the correct color, just named wrong.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I recently released Spooksville, USA

It is a fan-project based (loosely) on the Chilluminati Podcast (but you don't need prior knowledge of the podcast) and is a pixelated, 2-D adventure game, in the vein of Maniac Mansion or something like that. It is the Sequel to the game Heck House that I released last year! You totally should play Heck House, although you don't need to have played it before playing Spooksville.

BOTH games are totally free, and you can play in your browser, or download for Windows, Mac, and/or Linux!

Hey, if you like either of these games, please give them a rating and/or a comment and/or tell your friends that they were fun! I really want to see these games that I spent a lot of time and effort on getting played by lots of people!

Oh, and I'm making a new game EVERY MONTH this year, if that's something you'd be interested in checking out, come to my Patreon!

Have fun, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on either game! 🖖

Hi friend!
I was up all night learning how to use GitHub Actions to deploy for mac and windows targets...😳💦You're welcome!
Seriously though, there should now be a Linux version available to download... my personal Linux experience is limited to ssh-ing into web and file servers to do backend stuff, so... please let me know if this actually works or not? Thanks! 😘


Nice! Definitely getting some SimTower vibes... 

If we were going to build this into a complete game, some of the changes we would make would be:
The enemies move only after you move - so instead of everything just always doing their own thing, they're all frozen and then when you play a card and after it resolves, THEN all the enemies would take one step, etc. This would make the game way more strategic.
We would also want to do more with the cards - like, when the game starts, ~10 hazard cards would get added to your deck, and when you drew one, they would cause an effect. And just a lot of variety on the kinds of cards you have...
Maybe removing Health and making it so that getting hurt causes you to discard a number of cards at random instead - so that everything is better tied into the Cards/Energy system.
But... I don't know if we'll have a chance to come back to this one... it was a lot of fun to work on and we might see some of the pieces make it into future games... ;)

Thanks for playing!

First of all, good effort! You made a game! I don't want you to forget that and not be proud of your work!

Stop reading here, if you are happy with that! However, if you want some  honest feedback...

There are a lot of issues that I have with this. First, it is very very hard to see what is going on. There is not enough contrast between the game objects and the background and, well, everything really.

I gathered that the 'gimmick' of the game is that the controls keep changing in surprising ways? It is really frustrating to play and again, very hard to tell what's going on -especially when you are in places with long stretches of bare ground since you can't tell if you are moving and in which direction. I would have given more indication of how the player is moving, maybe even give a warning when the swap is about to happen (a 3, 2, 1 countdown or something)... or I probably would have tried a less-frustrating gimmick to the game...

It is very important to always give the player clear and actionable feedback in order to create a fun gameplay experience...  I hope you can look at this as a learning experience and keep making games with these things in mind!

I love the character art and all the Yogs-jokes! Definitely feel the Phoenix Wright influence! I would love to watch the Riddle Bros play through this as a series...

Nice job! The character art is hilarious. Only criticism is that the  Gameplay is a little confusing at first, and the movement a little clunky (sometimes try to jump but exit the level instead oops!) but these could be refined with more time and experience.

Axol Studio would like to submit some of our released games:

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Hi! I made a game for my favorite podcast

It's 100% free!

If you don't already know about it, the Chilluminati Podcast is a comedic paranormal/true crime podcast hosted by Jesse Cox, Alex Faciane, and Mike Martin - and it's a lot of fun! You should check it out!

Oh, and, hey, if you like this game, please rate/leave a comment, and take a look at my other stuff! I'm trying my best to make fun games that people will enjoy, and getting people to buy/donate for those games will let me do that more, so I'd appreciate the help.

Check out our latest game: Monster Match - a match-3 style puzzle game where you summon monsters to defend against heroes coming to defeat you and take your treasure!

Try using +, -, or 0

I would like to find someone to help with code.

I'll be using HaxeFlixel, so if you know it, or want to learn it (and have used something like AS3, JavaScript, or Python before), you should be able to pick it up, fast.

We'll be working out of my office in Ballwin - right at Manchester and Weidman.

Well, it's finally here! Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition released TODAY! Enjoy!

Watch the Trailer

Please leave a rating/comment :)