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Hi! I made a game for my favorite podcast

It's 100% free!

If you don't already know about it, the Chilluminati Podcast is a comedic paranormal/true crime podcast hosted by Jesse Cox, Alex Faciane, and Mike Martin - and it's a lot of fun! You should check it out!

Oh, and, hey, if you like this game, please rate/leave a comment, and take a look at my other stuff! I'm trying my best to make fun games that people will enjoy, and getting people to buy/donate for those games will let me do that more, so I'd appreciate the help.

Check out our latest game: Monster Match - a match-3 style puzzle game where you summon monsters to defend against heroes coming to defeat you and take your treasure!

Try using +, -, or 0

I would like to find someone to help with code.

I'll be using HaxeFlixel, so if you know it, or want to learn it (and have used something like AS3, JavaScript, or Python before), you should be able to pick it up, fast.

We'll be working out of my office in Ballwin - right at Manchester and Weidman.

Well, it's finally here! Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition released TODAY! Enjoy!

Watch the Trailer

Please leave a rating/comment :)