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Wow, it's been ages since I've written a review for any game, let alone one of your games. Can't believe it's been like five years since Missileman Origins came out.

Areas of Strength:

  • I always enjoy your style of storytelling; comical and doesn't take itself too seriously. Presentation of those stories has improved over the years.
  • Emotive character animation. I love the animation where Jessie is shaking up Dr. Otto for his incompetence!
  • Speaking of that, Dr. Otto no longer being another Dr. Wily clone and now just a well-intending doof breaks out of the mold.
  • Level design has seen an improvement since Dynamite Alex and Missileman Origins.
  • Visuals and environment design are improved too. No more scrolling game map images for level backgrounds!
  • Senioritis shoutout is always appreciated.

Area to Improve:

  • Sound mixing could use some fixing. Too many loud, sharp sounds.
  • Have a consistent audio style. Some sounds are chiptune (coins, while others are sampled (enemy shoot). 
  • I think there should've been a better plot reason for the red/blue level's existence other than a random wormhole. It kind just interrupts the flow and tone of the experience.
  • Speaking of the red/blue level, the flash effect for the red objects is less visible than the blue blocks. Maybe it's just my display, but worth looking into.

Gosh, it's been ages since I've made a Christmas game. Senioritis does have a Christmas level, though.

8 action-filled levels, 4 long years of development, and a multitude of unforgettable experiences! Senioritis, at long last, is fully playable on Gamejolt and!

Thank you for all of your support over these long years. I hope you will enjoy this game.

The visuals of the game are really good, but I couldn't quite figure out how to use the springs to control the character.

Thanks for checking out my game! This was a pretty neat game, but agreeing with everyone else, I feel the mechanic could've been implemented better. I think a simple fix would be for the bullets to bounce off enemies rather than being destroyed with the enemy.

Interesting concept, although everything was so small I had to squint to know what I was seeing.

I don't get it, but it's an alright game I guess.

It's harder than it looks! Kinda wish UE4 didn't have such high file size exports, because a game like this shouldn't be a 74 MB rar file.

Why map up and down to G and J when you could just map up to the up key and down to the down key? The music was pretty nice, though.

Instructions? What instructions?

It's like a WarioWare microgame! I'd make the speeds of the player and bullets much quicker for this game to stand some sort of challenge.


Pretty interesting entry! I had to use my head for this one. I'm not too fond of the collision with the player. I'd often fall into a pit behind the player because the mask takes up the whole sprite rather than the bottom half of it like they should in depth-based games like this.

I think I remember playing a similar game involving Mega Man X. The artwork is really pretty. Good job!

This is a pretty good entry! I think it would've worked better in 3D, but a game such as that would probably take more than 48 hours to build properly.

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It took me a while to figure out how to utilize the other character, but once I did, the game was a cinch. The pixel art, though, is beautiful! I'm sure if you cooped yourself up with a team, your skills would really shine. Wanna play my submission?

Well, I'll give you a star for it being realistic. Wanna play my submission?

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It's kind of a mess, even though I kind of get what you're doing. Kuddos for using Unreal for a 2-day game jam, though! Why not try out my entry?

I love the comic book design of this game! You must either have a lot of talent being an artist, or be good at finding somebody to do it for you! The gameplay's pretty neat, although I wish that I was told I had to use my gamepad rather than being thrown in and shaved down to half health before trying it. Here's my submission:

My antivirus software going nuts on this one. So, if I get a virus, it's your fault! All jokes aside, I like the premise of this one, but the sounds are too ear-piercing to enjoy. Make sure you fiddle with the volume and compression settings in BFXR! Here's my entry:

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Well, if you win anything, it would be coming up with the easiest game in existence to develop. Still, I've never seen anything like it. Check out my submission!

Feel free to check out my entry!

I got to play your game using the link, even though providing an external link is entirely unnecessary here on Itch when you can just put the .RAR into the uploader. The opening screen was confusing because I had a press ESC to start the game, which is a button entirely associated with exiting a game. I'd change it to enter. The game itself is pretty harmless as it's a little entertaining seeing your hostile enemies fall to their death after missing a punch. However, if a door is opened and I happen to die before reaching it, the door locks when I respawn, forcing me to do the whole game over again. Nice job!

At first I didn't get it, but then I realized that you don't actually date in this dating simulator. Neat! I guess the only gripe I got is that stat boosts or buffs aren't illusrated or even acknowledged with rising healthbars. I'd also working on the grammar a little bit. It very not good.

I got this when I tried clicking on what I think was the warp...

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object obj_warp_pointer:

Unable to find any instance for object index '7' name 'obj_warp'
at gml_Object_obj_warp_pointer_Step_0
stack frame is
gml_Object_obj_warp_pointer_Step_0 (line -1)

The download link won't work for me! (But I like this idea because it was one of my original ideas for the jam before I went with Shifter's Dungeon.) More info on that:

I admire the efficient use of the resolution limit! The idea is pretty neat too, as it's much like Snake. However, I couldn't get past the second level. Either it's impossible or I'm too stupid for this game. I didn't submit anything, so I can't rate. But, I'd give it a good 3.

After a whole year in the concept stage and half of one making the first level, it is time for the fruits of our labor to be made public!

Presenting now the Senioritis public demo!

I really like the idea of shifting perspectives, allowing you to see oncoming spiders. But, the lack of a loss or win condition barely constitutes this as a game. Perhaps make a turn system where the player takes a turn to shift to another building or stay put, the let a spider get onto one of them or give an indicator one's on the way. Then, keep a counter going on how long the player can survive without touching a spider. Then, end the game when the player has no other options (i.e. surrounded by spiders). This has a lot of potential!

Wanna try my game?

I had no idea what I was supposed to do. But, I had a simple please on killing myself with rocks. Ironically, the rocks behave more like boomerangs than the actual boomerangs do.

Wanna try mine out?

Well, I'll give it some credit. It is a literal translation of the comic. But, it's the same exact level using the same tactics, just with different appearances. Perhaps if you want to expand this, made each level have it's own enemies and tactics.

Wanna play my game?

It's got an interesting charm to it. I tried to play alone and simply move the mouse randomly without looking for Player 2. I ended up deleting a folder containing irreplaceable photos, passwords, and several hundred images of cats.

Wanna play my game?

This game was submitted for the xkcd jam. Fly around on an armed quadcopter as you destroy sentient drones! Gamepad is supported as well!

Please give this game a rate!

Comics #1646 and #1523 were also inspiration for this game.

You're how I found out about this jam! I played Shadow Block earlier and liked your Facebook page, then got notification of this jam by your page. So, thanks! Anyway, your game. I like how you basically have a regular gun, a shotgun, and a chain gun in one convenient package. However, the enemies are so tiny that's it a chore to land any of your dinky shots on them. So, I'd make the enemies larger. I also really like the music for this one too.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:

The music reminds me of the Pink Panther theme song. I bet it's the smooth jazz. I really liked the mechanics of the game, having the switch different guns to kill different enemies. My one issue is that for white pistol with an attack range of 1, it sometimes kills the white ghosts and sometimes doesn't, resulting in a death. I'm not sure if it's something I'm not doing right or if it's a glitch. But, I'd work on making that a little more clear.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:

Huh. This brings back memories of a particular flash game everyone played on their school laptops back in middle school.  I do not like having to do the whole thing over again if I fail late in the game. Make the reset option only apply for the level you messed up and have a separate option to restart the whole thing.  I also took a while to figure out the whole "press down to make yourself bounce higher thing". That probably should be posted more clearly on the third level where it's required to progress. The graphics, while simplistic, would probably look better with some kind of visual flair or some kind of artistic theme. I dunno, make one up! I say, work on these things and make an HTML5 version to put on browsers.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:

This game is like Krycob but with combat. It's a cool idea, but I think the execution should've been better. What's the point of a healthbar if the recovery time after being hit is so short every hit might as well be an instakill? The controls are also kinda stiff. Work on those and I think this has some potential.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town: