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I really like the idea of shifting perspectives, allowing you to see oncoming spiders. But, the lack of a loss or win condition barely constitutes this as a game. Perhaps make a turn system where the player takes a turn to shift to another building or stay put, the let a spider get onto one of them or give an indicator one's on the way. Then, keep a counter going on how long the player can survive without touching a spider. Then, end the game when the player has no other options (i.e. surrounded by spiders). This has a lot of potential!

Wanna try my game?

The idea was that it is a no-win game - just see how high a score you can get. But as you say, without an end, it's not really a game. Just a few more hours & I'd have got there!!!!

I have downloaded your game & will post a review later.

thanks for taking the time

I've made some improvements - I updated it with instructions, end of game, sound effects etc. So feel free to take another look & let me know what you think!