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@Lotrax, does the solution above works for you ?

I'll check what I can do to fix it on my side. Thanks for the information !

Hi ! I'd like to add SOMOS to the bundle :

Simple concept, Great execution. You put in a lot of polish and it makes for a fun game !

I've made all humans captive :(

Clickers are always addictive. I think the start is a bit slow. It was hard to guess the effect of the upgrades, which made them less satisfying. It's really important in clickers for the player to have a goal and in order to do so the player has to understand the upgrades.

Great job on the game, there's actually more content than I expected !

Nice graphics and character controller.

The difficulty curve is a bit all over the place. The first four enemies are a lot harder to deal with than the ones after. I think you should have shorter levels where there's more strategy to the place where you use your bullet.

Great job !

The art is outstanding. It's always a great idea to have a really small but polished scene. The movement is great, I love the crawling.

Sometimes the enemies were spawning on the corpse, making it feel a bit unfair. 
Great Job !

Pretty fun, it works well !
I would have liked for the platforms to always turn the same way when I click. It was really hard to figure out how it would turn. It probably needs something to force you to go fast too since going slowly seems like the best strategy right now, but the least fun !

Great job to you all !

I really love the concept. It fits the theme nicely :)
Great job !

I like the simplicity. I think the levels could have been a bit shorter, especially when failing mean restarting the previous level.
Good job !

This game was made using only one
... mechanic
... input
... level
... sprite
... script
... color
... prefab

The physics is really satisfying. It feels great to get the ball rolling off multiples circles. The visuals are also amazing. It all fits really well together.

I think the levels could have been a bit shorter. Without a minimap I often found myself backtracking looking for a missing circle or the exit. 

Hey Psychpsyo, we unfortunately lacked the time to make this fully clear, but the way it works is that you have a certain amount of time per game represented by the clock handle and an amount of time per recipe represented by the timer.

Thanks for playing !

Very impressive. It's well polished, pretty and is a very interesting mechanic. 
One of my favorite games so far. Great job !

Great Concept, Great Execution, Great Polish. I'm very impressed by the quality of the game.

Congratulations, this is part of my favorite games of the jam !

It's an interesting game and I think you managed to scope the level well for a small experience. Good job !

I think the game would gain more if the  upgrades would be more varied that weapons. For example, having a double jump. I was almost done but I got killed near the third gem ! 

Great job on the game !

In its current form it is quite simple, but it's easy to see the potential. It needs a bit more feedback to make it more satisfying but it's a gamejam after all so it was wise to focus on the design and gamepay.

I feel it would make more sense to play cards from left to right since cards are aligned that way. The UI could use a bit of tweaking to improve the UX as well. 

I think you could expand on the mechanic by making cards that you cannot discard or cards that change the order of cards in your hands. Lot of possibilities !

Great job on the game, very enjoyable ! 

This is actually quite fun ! The puzzle system is simple and effective, it makes for nice puzzles and platforming.

Here's a few things that I think would improve the game :
 - In the first level, shooting will kill you because you destroy the portal that's positioned properly. Maybe you want to deactivate the portal inputs until a few levels later when you explain it.

- Show which portal you currently have selected

- Deactivating the portals when it's invalid instead of killing the player would make things more clear.

Great job on the game, I enjoyed it !

Really smooth gameplay. It's easy to spend a lot of time there.

My only complaint is that the physics of the ball could be better. It was harder to aim the shots that I was hoping for. But that's comprehensible for a gamejam game :)

Great job, I love the idea !

Unfortunately we cannot upload a WebGL or mac build until the voting is over. But we will after it is done !

Like Dominik mentionned, it really needs a restart button !

I found the second camera angle where you're on the rocket a lot easier than the other. I was able to reach the last island (i think ?) but did not find what I was supposed to do after.

Here's a few thinkgs you could do to improve the feel of the game : 

- Add a trail to the rocket
- Add Sounds (maybe even from the potato to give it more character)
- Add some feedback when you pickup the fuel
- Add some screen effects to give the feeling of speed

Good job on the jam !

What a great concept for a small experience. It's really simple but the way it distort the world is great ! The movement is also very interesting because of it.  It took me a while to realize how to kill linked enemies. I couldn't make it past the third type of enemy (which looks really nice btw !). 

The only negative I have is that I'm having a hard time figuring out how it fits with the theme.

Great job overall, one of my favorite entries :)

Thanks ! We tried to give the game as much personality as we could :)

Thanks Pecola !
We're aware grades aren't perfect yet ! Due to the limited time we we'rent able to display some ingredient's stats properly. We made sure the judging was in the player's favor though :)

I found myself having a hard time to control both the well and my ship sometimes. It was a bit hard to be precise when 'shooting' meteors.  However, it's still fun and  I think a few simple changes would make it even better.

Perhaps make the enemy more aggressive. It's quite easy to just survive and it would actually make killing the enemy faster if they followed you more. With Mouse and Keyboard, I feel using the mouse to aim the gravity well would be a bit more pleasant for me.

Great job ! It's really satisfying to see all the projectiles being thrown out of the gravity well when you release it. :)

I didn't understand which mouse I was supposed to get, which to avoid and how the different costumes had an impact (if any). However, I must say I  really liked the art and music. It's silly but they feel right together.

Interesting puzzle. I didn't realize that health regenerate until I read the comments so I was stuck in that room in the top right of level 2. 

The one thing I would improve are the controls. They weren't really satisfying and seemed unnecessary to the puzzle solving since the spike obstacles weren't the most interesting obstacle. I feel the game would work better with grid space movement.

Anyhow, I really like the idea, good job :)

Great job on the game. Like some mentioned some mechanics aren't very clear at first, but it's fun anyway. It really has the a similar loop as downwell but it's nicely adapted. 

One thing to note, I was having sometime having trouble to notice the enemy shots. 

Very clean art . The game is really simple but the quality of the game makes it very good.

Great job !

Nice, thanks for the feedback on the audio ! 

It's missing a bit in terms of feel. I'd like the basic jump to be a bit higher since the controls are a bit weird when you try to shoot fast. One thing I would have liked is for charged shots to penetrate targets and hit multiple ones.

Otherwise, a very good execution. Nice concep and great looking game. Good job !

A great game you have there ! The visuals and feel are really nailed down and it gives your game a lot of personality. You also have a really good use of the theme. This is one of my favorite game of the jam !

Since I really liked it, here's some things that I feel could make it even better :

There's too many enemies. I ended up not using the deflect offensively at all, but only escaping and defending with it. This is because there was so many projectile I didn't have time to aim for the cool deflects and feel like a badass. Instead, I let the enemies kill themselves while I tried to dodge the projectiles.  Have less enemies but make each of them a real threat.

The Projectiles sometimes didn't deflect where I thought they would. This contributed to the issue about not being offensive enough. I didn't want to be offensive because I didn't feel it was 100% accurate.

As mentioned in the other comments, you could probably unzoom a bit, perhaps even move the camera toward where the player is aiming if the cursor is at the edge of the screen.

Anyway, great job on the game, you did an amazing job !

I played without reading the description and I didn't notice the crosshair or the reverse ammunition, you should really put more emphasis on it. For exemple, you could have enemies that have a shield if you don't put your crosshair on them.

However, even without those mechanics the game is quite fun. It's really simple, but you have the right amount of feedback and obstacle diversity to make it work. It was fun, good job !

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Awesome, thanks for the video !

Lot of good ideas about tweaks for a post-jam version :)

Unfortunately, there are no sounds. I planned poorly and encountered other issues that prevented me from having good sounds so I just cut them all instead of having a audio mess. sorry !

I'll try to upload a version with sounds some time this week. Thanks for trying it out !

Great visuals and feel. You made the game interesting !

At some point each section felt a little too big with many things in it that I simply avoided and didn't care about. I feel like the start is better because it's more focused. I also got some lag spikes at some point, but it's a minor issue.

Great job on the game ! One of the best I've played so far.

This was quite hard to understand at first ! 

But it's interesting once you get understand it. I had a bit of trouble with the controls. I was often trying to dash but jumped earlier or too late for me to be at the correct height. I think your biggest problem right now is  showing how this game really works to new players since it's quite complex !

On a side note, I like the visuals. It's clean.

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it.

I wish I'd had more time to add obstacles and more interactions with heat too, but sadly I didn't have time.