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I found myself having a hard time to control both the well and my ship sometimes. It was a bit hard to be precise when 'shooting' meteors.  However, it's still fun and  I think a few simple changes would make it even better.

Perhaps make the enemy more aggressive. It's quite easy to just survive and it would actually make killing the enemy faster if they followed you more. With Mouse and Keyboard, I feel using the mouse to aim the gravity well would be a bit more pleasant for me.

Great job ! It's really satisfying to see all the projectiles being thrown out of the gravity well when you release it. :)

Thanks for the kind words :)

I find it a lot more to play with a gamepad with 2 joysticks. It should be easy to add mouse, I'll try to do that in the near future. Thinking back on it, that would have been a better keyboard default.

I also want to add some aim assist to help launched items home in a bit if they're close enough to enemies.