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Thank you to everyone who played me and Draoseys game and rated it! We appreciate your support

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just re-open the game. The numbers at the top are your stats. You have the heart, the dumbell, and the hand as stats. And I don't know where gamemaker saves .sav files :/ if you reinstall the game they should still be their just extract to the same location. :)

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thank you! I was considering allowing respecting and if there were a few things I could change, one would be balancing the weapons more, and changing their stats up to make it so low strength had the fastest weapon with better hit boxes. The Skeletons are a bit broken and the secret to making multiple enemies is simple: make 1 enemy that is super simple (zombie) then alter the movement (ghost) then alter the range (skeletons). This allows you to have many AI with the same template. Good for adding depth fast! I know the balancing is wonk, I didnt get time to rework the stats to be more balanced and the movement needs a bit of tweaking as well. Thanks for your kind words! I also couldn't have done it without my Artist Draosey. He did a great job and helped encourage me to push the game.

Your stats save when you boot the game, reloading the game does not change them. You only get one roll, untill you find a blue potion.

What did you get for stats?

I do intend on slowing them down, it all comes down to the roll you get however what did you get? (The game autosaves your stat roll)

the skeleton AI is in need of polish... trust me I know XD. Besides that you got a ridiculous first roll. A 21000 is nothing to scoff at as well my friend! Glad you enjoyed!

I like your thinking ;)

Simple game, really does hit home though! some more aggressive AI and this would be really interesting to see! :)

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Your game was  ton of fun! don't sweat it! I really appreciate the help.

... The most fun I have had with math...

A really neat take on the popular "1 Bullet" idea. I really enjoy slinging myself around the rooms. With there was more content. The jump just feels a bit floaty, but really isn't that bad. Great idea

Really weird, kinda fun. Needs alot of juice and movement needs to feel more snappy. Maybe zoom the camera out a bit for certain weapons. Dashing feels good though. Also I didn't know that certain enemies only had one weakness. Cool Idea, neads a bit more work. Overall Solid Game

Simple, pretty enjoyable, I like finding them I agree it needs polish and juice.

Timing to slice is hard, but a lot of fun with two people! It is really fun to play tennis with bullets, wish the bullets got bigger as they got closer and that after each parry the speed increases for the bullets. Beside this add some better and more crazy fx when you hit the bullets, some clang on that, then that would be cool. Maybe even add a mechanic where perfect timing lets the players cut the bullets out of the air but it is like a one frame availability.

Game is fun, but feels really slippery and clunky. Not being able to move when you shoot is very hard to get used to. Honestly, it is fun though.

So the score screen was never finished in time as getting the physics as closs to right as possible and particles and making the game feel good was the focus for the jam over having a score screen 0-0. Sorry about that :/ I am glad you enjoyed it! what were your stats as every single player will have a different stat roll. ( it will remain the same even if you close and re-open the game.)

Fun and relaxing, some good sound effects, some satisfying crunch noises, and a way to lose and this game could be fantastic.

Error if you play for to long. Crashes with a runtime error but its pretty neat

Will be uploading a new version of the game with a lot of level design fixes, changes, and maybe a few additions. Art overhaul coming soon

thank you shan1, I know it is a bit challenging!

A decent idea, just wish there was a bit more too it.  I wish there were more content here.


Please leave feedback below

It feels like a work around to the jams requirement of being a game in a genre without a mechanic. Your gun that you throw is effectively a bullet, you use it to kill enemies and progress by throwing it. It is not a bad game at all, its quite fun, however it just feels like it isnt removing the mechanic of its genre just twisting it around.

The idea is cool but the tilting feels far to drastic and uncontrolable. The gameplay is there but it was a cool idea ( was using a joystick I wish it was a little easier to control.

its a interesting idea, would love to see more of it I also wished the map showed what part of the room you were in, besides that, tons of fun!

to me it is very good, but the game feels just like a first person avoider game, not a fps.  It is cool, and a good gun game, but it doesn't feel like it met the requirements.

really interesting concept and makes for a fun puzzler, just wish there was more here. also the ice sound effect... I now have a constant ringing! All jokes aside its a decent concept that is actually pretty fun to play

glitchy but great!

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Really cool, however throwing the gun feels like a bullet that I recall in order to use again, kinda like grabbing arrows off the ground, still really neat. I don't feel like it fulfilled this jams requirements.

feels really incomplete, however the concept is good but leaves ALOT to be desired

Really clever idea and a really good twist on the standard fps without removing anything essential, has alot of potential. You didn't really remove anything you twisted a main mechanic and its cool.

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Really good concept, only thing I found to dislike was that the camera moves on an arc and I could not figure that out till halfway through the game. Only other problem is that it was a bit short! would love to see more.

Its locked to the bpm of the game and not to rythem and can be a little jarring

Simple and easy, looks really nice. Gameplay is easy, sometimes being on moveable platforms with bombs can lead to alot of accidental jumps.

Not a bad Idea, it feels like shooting a side stops turning after a bit and makes the second level near impossible. Fun concept and its very interesting would be fun to see multiplayer.

I really liked the game, I wish it felt less like a prototype, had a bit more polish, and had more depth to it. It is just lacking in the juice that would be SOOOOO GOOOOD. 10/10 for this game + juice.