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Cool idea but it just boils down to only being able to hold one weapon at a time at this stage. Add in more mechanics that you have to switch out (look in other metroidvanias for inspiration) and I think you've got an interesting puzzle going.

One of the best games of the jam for sure. Fun to play, great aesthetic. Keep working on this and release a longer version! 

If your genre is "minecart" and your missing mechanic is "turning," that isn't really inspired, considering lots of minecart games turn for you and it turns into just a roller coaster.

Yes, keyboard.

Great game all around. Put a ton more time into level design and new mechanics and you have a hit.

Visually and conceptually a super cool game! A bit of a stretch to fit the theme of the jam.

The gimmick sounded like it would just be a shooter - I was pleasantly surprised to see it go farther than that. The reloading is pretty fun and makes you manage your time. Good game.

An okay platformer, doesn't have much to do with the theme of the game jam. Platforms that appear and disappear are a standard platformer mechanic. 

Best execution of platformer without platforming that I've seen. Feels good to control the characters yet not too easy because of the time limit with the wisp. The (short) story fits perfectly and the graphics match it well. Great job!

Looks very promising, needs a lot more work to be a finished product.

Hmmm... if it gets taken down/disqualified from the gamejam I'll upload a new (less fun) version with royalty free music. I do not have monetization set up and do not plan to set it up on this account. Thanks for the heads up for the future.

It.... it's beautiful... <3

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(Note: go to game page to find the correct download link)

Game looks super blurry and isn't particularly hard. The idea is more original than a lot that I've seen on here though.

Was doubting the potential of this game but the pusher guys changed my mind. Come up with more mechanics like that that would only ever exist in a game like this and the game would be really cool. A bit short now but promising.

I like the idea, can lead to some interesting memory situations. Execution could have been better, the physics are too floaty and the jumps get way too hard way too fast, not because of the darkness mechanic but because of the physics.

Gameplay isn't good. The concept could be really cool if there were some friendlies and some enemies and you had to selectively aim.

Doesn't look or feel good to play. Concept isn't different enough to fit the theme well.

Idea is okay but it ends up just being a clone of any game where your oxygen depletes until you get to an air bubble

Spam spacebar and you're almost invincible. For this concept to work you actually need to have risk - maybe make the front end of the ship a spike that you can ram into things?

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Good idea, could use some fine tuning, though. The visible areas don't stay lit for nearly long enough, making the game just a bunch of flashing lights and blind jumping around (which I guess is what was intended...).

Not having control of the driver = not having control of when you lose the game. All you do is watch.

Too simple, same strategy wins every time. I'd love to see this concept expanded to more complex games, though.

Eh, I don't have monetization set up, I think I'm fine :P

Good platformer. Mechanics are simple and intuitive yet the game is still complex enough to be challenging. Not the most inspired use of the theme, but great execution of it.

Good concept, way too easy to get stuck though and spacebar doesn't help much. If the car moved a bit slower and the turning wasn't as dramatic it would be more fun.

Cute art style, game plays solid. Inflation mechanic is a bit overpowered, you just jump over every obstacle making the game a bit repetitive.

Interesting concept but confusing in practice. Only having 9 tiles to go to is too big of a design constraint to make good levels.

You literally press the F button when the game starts and you win. Your bullet travels faster than the enemy's so you have to try on purpose to lose. The screenshot is the only level. Irrelevant to the theme of the jam as well.

Feels good to move but the mechanic/theme doesn't make much intuitive sense. You randomly shoot around and randomly change your weapon until you either get points or die.  Suggestion: make ships much larger and easier to hit, make combos more intuitive by having (for example) only 3 elements

Cool aesthetic and idea! I wish it were a little bit easier to switch out the floppy disks though, since I found myself doing a lot of quick switches to (maybe cheese?) get through rooms

Good concept, a bit too hard to actually stay on though. Needs a little bit more control over your character.

Pretty nice execution of a memey mechanic