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Super Space 3000View game page

take part in greatest gameshow in universe in this fast paced platformer
Submitted by Yaro (@Butterflys_Leg) — 3 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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That was a super cool concept! It took me a second to understand what was going on, but once it clicked, oh man...

You had a lot of interesting challenges, and I found the fact that you could move diagonally, super cool. Sometimes it was kind of hard to imagine what keys I needed to press to go anywhere, and I died a bunch because I couldn't link it to where my character "was" on the number pad.

It's a super cool and well executed concept, nice job!


I would have liked to have had a way to close out, cause having to hunt it in task manager wasn't too fun.


this is a very original idea I didn't see a game with this controls before this is a smart idea that made it possible to make a game with these controls well done.

You can go checkout my entry if you pleased it will be nice if you rated and left feedback


thanks, sure, I'll check your game out in a moment


Awesome!  Small, compact, and creative.  Good job :)


Interesting, original and quite fun concept with a good diffficulty curve, it starts basic then gets more and more interesting as it introduces mechanics such as modifying your trajectory during movement and moving enemies.

Good work !


This is really interesting! In my opinion, any game that makes use of the layout of the keyboard (or, well numpad) already gets a huge bonus on creativity.

I saw a comment chain further down about the nine button making the screen seem empty, or maybe about difficulties in increasing the amount of possible levels in the game. What about having a few levels that use your entire keyboard? Of course the game would lose a bit of compatibility due to people using different keyboards...


Yeah, I think that some slower levels with full keyboard would add some variability. I'll look into that, Thanks


I really like the concept of this game. It's a great Idea! I've never seen a game use a control scheme like this!

I think the most creative thing about it is the "curving" you can do if you input a different key while already moving. level 1-2 teaches you this, but it's never really revisited.

Overall really strong showing for this jam. you really nailed the theme, and the art/presentation/execution can all be improved after the voting period.



The idea is really interesting - it's the first time I see this control scheme - but in pratice it's not very appealing. 

But the execution is nice, you managed to have some ideas and tweak them, good job !


Interesting concept but confusing in practice. Only having 9 tiles to go to is too big of a design constraint to make good levels.


Hi, thanks for rating
I was hoping that hints and level design would help with confusion, or do you mean it as in constantly trying to use numpad as arrow keys instead of pointing device? Then I don't really have solution for that, but snakepass was basically the same.  Could you also tell me how far did you get? It would help a lot.

To solve only nine tiles problem I have teleoprts, so basically you could have levels as big as you want. Now there's also a problem that those nine tiles take up the whole screen and everything  looks super big making it feel empty, but that's just a camera tweak and some nice backgrounds for which I didn't have time. 

Having said that, did you manage to go through some of the later levels? They are pretty challenging(but fair), even the ones without telports, and for this type of platformer challenging level==good level(I was aiming for super meat boy kind of platformer).