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thanks a lot!

really interesting mechanic, and great title :D with some polish could be really good.

really interesting concept.  Bullets could go a bit faster, and space bar for menu made me loose some progress , but overall enjoyable experience :) 

fun idea, stopping to shot makes it feel more tactical :) . At the start the camera getting bigger near edges of map made me think that there would also be a mechanic where you need to move to see enemies further from you, it would make the balance even more interesting.  

thanks, sure, I'll check your game out in a moment

I'm not sure anymore, I now played it couple more times to be sure and it's been a bit more difficult than earlier, so maybe I just got a lucky run :) There is also a bug where you get the points for already rewarded tasks from previous turn, so that might be the problem. 

nice art, great gameplay

Yeah, I think that some slower levels with full keyboard would add some variability. I'll look into that, Thanks

a bit awkward to control, and the attack ranges could be marked more clearly. But overall pretty good entry

I love how you showcased lots of different ideas in a nice short format. Now 'just' polish and add more levels  and it will be a great game :D

really cool idea, it could be a bit faster in all aspects, from the text scrolling, to difficulty curve. with some tweaks it could be a fun roguelike

really great, pretty addictive, and an interesting new mechanic. My best score is 27 for now.  It took me a while to get going though.

 I had the biggest problem with understanding at which point exactly to press the button after the prompt(I was trying to do it asap at first but then I realized what was going on) but I'm musically challenged a bit so maybe for other people the next measure explanation might be enough :)

now I need to stock up on free assets :) I'm not sure if there's potential for a full game, but definitely great jam entry

Hi, thanks for rating
I was hoping that hints and level design would help with confusion, or do you mean it as in constantly trying to use numpad as arrow keys instead of pointing device? Then I don't really have solution for that, but snakepass was basically the same.  Could you also tell me how far did you get? It would help a lot.

To solve only nine tiles problem I have teleoprts, so basically you could have levels as big as you want. Now there's also a problem that those nine tiles take up the whole screen and everything  looks super big making it feel empty, but that's just a camera tweak and some nice backgrounds for which I didn't have time. 

Having said that, did you manage to go through some of the later levels? They are pretty challenging(but fair), even the ones without telports, and for this type of platformer challenging level==good level(I was aiming for super meat boy kind of platformer).


That was disappointing. It looks great but the gameplay is just bad. I guess there isn't enough  time in 2 days to do everything well.

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surprisingly good! At some point it's really hard to keep up, nice. 

I almost forgot, put all your files into one folder before zipping!

pretty neat idea

I also like the glow effect on the line, I wanted to implement something similar for my game but didn't have enough time. 

pretty good, personally I found it a bit slow, maybe  it would fit better platformer with bigger focus on puzzling.

I don't like lack of control when jumping. And it should be possible to switch gravity mid air