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A Beat 'em Up Where The Main Character Is A Coward!
Submitted by Junuh (@JustJunuh) — 12 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Deleted post

Fun game with a unique concept and enjoyable music to accompany it!


Hey, the game is interesting, but there's not that much strategy involved (By the fact it's mostly random attacking).  But it's a nice take of the Beat'em up and there's potential here. Good job !


Very charming visuals, I love the fire, makes the game stand out. I like how the attacks spawn randomly too. Also, the way the player engages in combat reflects really well on the character of BunBun, well done! However with that being said, here are my few complaints that I have of the game

  • There isn't any checkpoints. It's a hassle to have to restart all the way back at the start after having gone so far
  • The restricted area cannot be clearly seen. Often I would get cornered by enemies simply because I didn't know where those boundaries are. I suggest adding a visible block in the road that explodes and clears the way once all the enemies have been killed. Also, barriers at the sides of the road apparently have a gap in between them which I get stuck on alot and end up getting cornered too. Maybe the invisible wall should be placed there instead.

Awesome entry overall!


Very nice! There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said in previous comments. I'm not a huge fan of the fact that placement of the traps is random, and I did manage to escape the map accidentally, but overall, I enjoyed the experience, and the environment work is stellar.


Wacky game! It's super fun to run around and drop stuff on the robots randomly and just watch the mayhem ensue! Didn't get very far unfortunately due to lack of checkpoints sadly. Still a very enjoyable experience!


Gorgeous game!  Fantastic work with the fire and the 3D environments. My only complaint is that there isn't much to his "attack" it's really just spamming as hard as you can and kiting them into it, which wouldn't be a problem, but the small play area in the fights with the invisible barriers make it hard to tell where you can move resulting in getting cornered often.  Maybe if you dropped them directly behind you instead of summoning them at random locations above you it would be more fair, but other than that, it was a fantastically enjoyable experience. Well done!


This game is lit, literally. The concept is hilarious. It's an easy to play fun game, only complaint would be the invisible walls I think with some updates this could be a real hit!


Seem interesting but it was a bit boring to play having to wait on the cool down timer.


This game is super silly! If you're looking for dumb fun, bun bun would be a good pick.


Charmingly bizarre in pretty much every way. I'm glad no one in this city seems to know how to drive.



I played it until 6th part

It's a nice concept, but it's mosty spamming

making invisible walls farther away from each other would have been nice as well


I liked the game really challenging which I like and the game mechanics where really fun 


The game's concept is pretty cute - a bun bun that saves the world? Yes please. If the developers wanted to take some extra steps and keep building into it, I could so see this turn into a full-length game. 


Honestly the game was fun. The only problem I had was the invisible barriers but other than that, good job! 


Fun game. The invisible walls could use some clear indication so that you don't get cornered unintentionally. Great graphics and music too.


This was an awesome game.  Can't believe what you were able to do in less than 48 hrs.


This game is not half bad. I thought the concept looked quite interesting and the graphics look amazing, but the copious amounts of motion blur ruin the experience for me, and as many other comments said I'd have greatly appreciated more control in how to "attack" the robot with other variant levels of skill.


I like the general idea, but echo the other comments saying there should be more control. 1 think that I really would like would be to see the spawned barriers not be able to be at the edge of the current playable area. They would often spawn there making them useless against the enemies without me needing to take damage. Maybe have a margin that they spawn within.


I enjoyed playing your game. Thanks for allowing me to play.

I liked the Ninja Turtles vibe it gave me and how the levels are hand made. I enjoyed playing through them.
I saw that most of the assets arent yours, but for sure I can tell that most of the work went on using them to build a cohesive experience. I think your game DID deliver that cohesiveness.
Also, the game did teach me the mechanics without being necessary to read the description of the game. Not many games in jam do that.

However, I did not find any depth in the gameplay itself and the gameplay loop consisted solely on keeping running in circles pressing the buttons whenever the cooldowns were off.
This resulted in a gameplay that wasnt very much engaging. Perhaps more iteration would be necessary to find what on those kinds of games are engaging.

If it was a Ludum Dare game:
Innovation – 2/5
Fun – 1/5
Theme – 4/5
Graphics – 3/5 (even though those were not your assets, the aesthetic is cohesive)
Audio – 3/5
Humor - 3/5
Mood – 4/5
Overall – 3/5

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