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Seem interesting but it was a bit boring to play having to wait on the cool down timer.

I couldn't figure out where to get the blue key but all in all seems like a pretty cool mechanic, nice work!

Pretty fun! 

Bit of criticism, the hit box on the car seemed to be bigger than it actually was, I died a few times when taking a turn when the car's sprite didn't actually touch the wall. Also if you're too close to wall and try to turn when the car's sprite shifts it'll be in the wall and you die. I feel like the game would feel better to play if the player was a bit faster too, I had trouble some times getting ahead of the car to shoot away the boxes.  I also found it pretty funny when I beat the first level only to watch my car still explode as it kept driving past the finish into a wall. Other than that it was pretty fun to play! 

Oh also seemingly randomly the game would play a really loud crashing sort of noise, bug maybe? 

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Level 13 is the one level I have regrets making, it is, in fact, impossible to beat in the current version sadly. I made it at the ~40 hour mark on around 5 hours of sleep and actually forgot to play test it. My friend actually caught the fact it was impossible but I forgot to go back and fix it sadly. 

The one way blocks actually had their sprites changed multiple times and I agree with you that they are a bit too hard to see. I still wish I had changed them.

 As for the puzzles being to complicated and difficult, I fully agree with you. One of my play testers called my game "The new worlds hardest game". If I had more time I would have spent more time on creating them and play testing them. Check points would have been a good idea for levels, or a some sort of ghost replay of your last run through so you can see what you did wrong. 

I haven't made a full walk through yet but its been suggested multiple times so I should probably get on that. But for you, you're in luck! If you go to the games actual page there's a gif of me completing level 9. Thanks for the detailed feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Really nice game, looks great and plays smoothly, however I do feel like grid based movement would have fit the game way better than the current movement. Also the particle effects in the tower things stayed with the previous colour for a bit when you change colour. Also a button to press to change colour would have been better than having to wait I feel.