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Level 13 is the one level I have regrets making, it is, in fact, impossible to beat in the current version sadly. I made it at the ~40 hour mark on around 5 hours of sleep and actually forgot to play test it. My friend actually caught the fact it was impossible but I forgot to go back and fix it sadly. 

The one way blocks actually had their sprites changed multiple times and I agree with you that they are a bit too hard to see. I still wish I had changed them.

 As for the puzzles being to complicated and difficult, I fully agree with you. One of my play testers called my game "The new worlds hardest game". If I had more time I would have spent more time on creating them and play testing them. Check points would have been a good idea for levels, or a some sort of ghost replay of your last run through so you can see what you did wrong. 

I haven't made a full walk through yet but its been suggested multiple times so I should probably get on that. But for you, you're in luck! If you go to the games actual page there's a gif of me completing level 9. Thanks for the detailed feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for the confirmation on 13. I understand the time constraint and am amazed by how many levels you managed to make. I played another puzzle game in this jam that was very nice but disappointingly ran out of levels right after introducing the second mechanic. You seem to have dedicated about 2 levels to each mechanic and made a very dense game as a result.

The one way blocks necessarily being 1/2 a block wide was always going to make them a bit harder to see. I'm glad you were able to improve it from whatever the original was.

I do appreciate that your game gets its difficulty from logic and not just difficult timing as many "impossible games" do. I always felt I was making progress or on the verge of learning something new about a level with each attempt.

As for a ghost replay, that would be a very unique approach to difficulty modulation for a puzzle and I think it would work well.
Thanks for pointing out the play-through. I can see the logic in the solution now. It's a good puzzle. I just wasn't ready for that spike in difficulty.

I look forward to playing the updated version of this if you choose to continue the project.