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I got 40! Nice game!

This is amazing, thanks! I'll start working on something asap!


Fun fact: Originally, the player would die if the CIRCLES touched the enemy, and there would be no hexagon. Later I changed that just to get more of them stars in the originality criteria (because I saw a lot of games that did that in discord). Turns out that made the game extremely fun! (...and me original!)

Thank you!

I think this game would work better if the ball you are attached to didn't kill you when it touched a wall but you only gained points when you are attached to something. The further the object is more points you get!

Still good job though!

Thank you!


I thought that was obvious since the game tells you you can move the closest circle

Simple but fun game!


I really love the color merging mechanic! Good job!

I have to ALT  F4 every time I want to restart, but other than that, I enjoyed it!

Very fun and special! I really like it! Good job!

It's very relaxing, good job!

I like the idea, but I think it could use some more sound effects or general juice stuff, good job!

Fun game!

haha that 27 million score was a really really really lucky run! My second best is 4M. I got it by never losing combo, getting like a 120x combo and getting a ton of collision and boost kills with boosts. The spawn rates get insane after around 60 kills and by 80 it's pretty much impossible. No idea how I did that lol.

Nice concept, though the controls are a bit difficult to get used to. I overall like it though.

2745 - I think this would work amazingly as a rhythm game, well done!

Amazing idea and execution! Well done!

Very fun! Good job!

I like tetris, I played tons of "tetris but with a twist" tetris games, but I haven't seen something like this before! Good job!

Nice, though I think a grid based movement system would have worked better. Most of my deaths were because I held a movement key too long. Good job!

haha thanks!

Very good looking game!


sadly that's one issue I missed, that's because there already is a mechanic to stop enemies from spawning inside an enemy. But at the last hours of the jam, I added a triangle spawn animation, but this delays the spawn of an enemy. And since the enemy spawn animation has half a second of hard to see blue color, it ends up spawning too close to the player.

simple but fun!

Thanks a lot!

the game used to use left click to drag one circle and right click for the other (and they were different colored too) but that didn't make sense to use because you wouldn't want to move both of the circles to the same spot anyways and it was confusing too, so I implemented a right click boost instead.

Thanks! Actually, I paid the 25$ play store entry fee, I will make a port after the voting period ends though. 


Cool game! (though my IQ isn't high enough to beat the last level)

I like it! Very nice slime physics!

I was trying to get 690 but I died at 650, rip.

pretty good game, tho I think it could use some more particles and sound effects.

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I accidently created a game that's too addictive & satistifying. I have done nothing but play Shatterglass for the last 3 days. The itch app says 1.5 hours and that's not even counting playtesting. please send help.

EDIT: I forgot to thank you lol

I think this is the only game I 5 starred on all of my 40~ ratings so far, VERY GOOD JOB!

I like it, good job!

I like the music and graphics but I literally couldn't play longer than 5 levels because of the insane constant screenshake, I wish there was a way to turn that off.

graphics look cool and I really like the recording shader! Good job!

good idea!

I don't understand but I think I like it

I don't understand but I think I like it