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Thanks a lot for feedback! Now that basically everyone commented on the character speed, yeah I think an overall reduction in speed should be made. Maybe the character should automatically stop when near the edge. 

Thanks! There is an accesible, easy mode in the menu if you want to contunie.

Thanks! I already explained why the things you criticised are like in other comments, there is a reason for everything you said.

Thanks! The  character doesn't move with  platform, there a couple of reasons for it.

A, I wanted just going left to right to be a challange

B, Platform movement is too fast, which means player can easily clip through walls, and there is no easy fix for it.

C,  It feels very unresponsive and unfair in juggling segments.

There were like 3 required juggling jumps, they're like water levels in mario, or the water temple in OoT. People don't like them not because they're bad, unfair or boring, but because they test different skills.



Thanks ! The new mechanics introduced had to be spelled out because the game is way too confusing for my friends who played it, and it didn't feel fair to them, for some reason. Balloons are the obvious example,they thought they were enemies lol. But I didn't say balloons launch you further if you land on top of them, that was basically the solution. As for music. I have no talents, I tried to make something, but no. Unlike the sound effects I can't just make noises with my mouth, and bosca ceoil didn't work.

Thanks a lot! The player speed is because I play too many platformers, which is why I didn't realise how fast he was because I was used to stuff like that ;)

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Thanks! Yes, the theme is one platform. Infact, this isn't new idea of mine,I wanted to this forever, But something always got into way and I gave up. Thank god I gave up lol. Remembering the idea took like 2 seconds. Yeah about the character, I play waaayyy to many platformers and the game was easy for me. I only added the left click action to make it easier to move, ;P

EDIT : No assets were reused btw

Congrats, you deserve to win more than anybody else.

Does one script mean only one handwritten script? Or are we also not allowed to use premade scripts(Collision, Rigidbody, Audio etc.) other than Camera and Transform?

Daha başlamadı bile farkındayım ama böyle yarışmalar için bu kadar büyük boyutta oyunlar yapmak kimsenin oynamamasına sebep olur. Oyunun ne kadar iyi olursa olsun oynanmama ihtimali var.  Sonraki yarışmalarında oyunlarını optimize edip boyutlarını küçültüp, ya küçük bir indirme dosyası, Unity < 5.3 formatında, ya da .html olarak derlemeni öneririm. 

Paint Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic Good art?

Do they seriously expect us to make art like the one in the game page? Or was that supposed to be ironic?

Yes! Yes! YES!!!1

Nice, fits the theme, but you can just spam the button to win.


I played it until 6th part

It's a nice concept, but it's mosty spamming

making invisible walls farther away from each other would have been nice as well