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There is no way how this entry has only 15 ratings, its really good!

Idea is common but its the best use of it I've seen. Its really well made too! Although it probably won't win any rankings considering how few ratings it has, this is really great!

(Tip for future jams, export as html5 because most people are too lazy to download games)

I like the looks although not being able to move freely is kinda annoying. Cool idea too. Good job!

Thank you!

Simple and well presented idea! Good job!

Thanks! That mechanic is intended and explained though.


I already fixed the snapping issue in my own build :(. Turns out I forgot to take player's screen size into account so it just resizes the lines according to my screen which is why I never noticed it until I exported the game.

that... is a bug. you shouldn't be allowed to move actions during playtime. when I realised it it was too late so I figured if I don't mention it noone will know and now you're ruining it :P

Fun game but since you can spawn the planets inside the spaceships its kinda easy

I loved how badly drawn the gods were! also deducting points for not icluding our true god Lord Gaben. I also don't think it' possible to die unless enemies spawn on you or god of life randomly decides to do taketh my hearts. Good game other than that!

Really fun well made! I love how the dinasour moves faster with each human you eat (or crush I can't tell which is happening exactly)

Very common idea. Some keys are literally not on my keyboard since I'm not english so I'm not using an english keyboard. In my keyboard, ":", single quotes, slash and brackets are button combinations, which meant I can't do those even if I did that combination (Or I think that's the reason, regardless those buttons did not work). I have to wait until the buttons change. The pixel art is good but scene transition are really obvious. I also got softlocked once. UI seems to be not aligned correctly. and the text is too small

Really cool and fun game! Needs more juice I think. I also have no idea what injuries do even though I finished game.

Really fun and and well made! Not the most original idea but it was executed very well!


Good idea, and fun!

Thanks! I'd love to make this into a full game like how some indie games started as game jam games but I don't think that's going to happen 

Thank you!

I'm really confused. The idea is really good but it feels really random. Other than that, great presentation and fun!


Really overdone concept but still confusing and fun! Presentation is good as well!

Thank you!

It's fun, and well made! Sound effects are very juicy. Bullet patterns are really nice!

The game itself wasn't that original though, moth being attracted to light is fun idea but messing up player controls is a very common use of theme in this jam. This game is fair  however, since you can predict to where and when that will happen!

Ah right! I had this idea in my head for months now and it's great that my laziness finally paid off!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Original, and the game looks good. but fire seems to randomly get put out. other than that fun!

I like the idea but I don't think it fits the theme well. also, there are a few soft lock spots while playing as the inverted guy, really cool though!

Who needs ears when you're dead anyways? Other than that, great game!

it works fine in windows version

It looks like it'll be really fun in a boring kind of way, I couldn't figure it out though. It's definetly original however

are you talking about the lines and the arrows not lining up? Because yes, the resolution kinda got messed up in browser version, not enough to reupload but just enough for those damn lines to annoy you :D

Controlling the level itself instead of the player is a cool idea but the spinning was really confusing too me especially when I didn't realise only one side shifts, very original fun game though!

loved the graphics! kinda original too

Thank you!


That's why the [E] button on your keyboard is for!


Thanks a lot!

Really good! Mechanics are kinda confusing though