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A zork-style text adventure game where you can't type, and instead have to use the words given to you
Submitted by ComeOnAndSam — 2 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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Oh this was awesome! I loved it. I wish I had more to say but I really don't - everyone, play this game!


I liked the concept and it fits well into the theme, however I just could go one instruction forward (perhaps if I was English native would be easier, hahahaha).
But it is a nice entry. =)


On top of having a very clean, understandable presentation, this a great concept for a puzzle game! I can imagine the game introducing the mechanic with simple, direct language and slowly starting to use more obtuse language to add difficulty. Maybe adding homographs to hide important words in plain sight or make a rule that a certain type of text can't be used in a command, like any text that's being spoken.

The two minor changes that I think could be made to this version of the game are:

  1. When you return to the right path after pulling the lever, print the exact same text as before the lever is pulled, then add a paragraph after it, which will include the word needed to solve the puzzle.
  2. Give "examine" some functionality on the left path. So when the player examines the tree, a new paragraph of text can appear with either a clue for what words to look for or maybe even include one of the words that solves the puzzle.

I love the idea!  It was fun to play, but I might consider adding more potential answers.   

Developer (1 edit)

I should make it clear, I don't believe the word "the" ever needs to be used. I didnt consider that word in my puzzles and it doesnt work.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I really like this idea, very puzzley.  So glad that I could "thank Sam Jacobsen" at the end :D

For anyone who has trouble installing like I did, try disabling your anti-virus.


What a coincidence, this was one of our ideas for the game jam! But our group decided to go with another idea.

I liked the game, and the idea was well introduced!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is a brilliant twist on a typical text adventure game! Love it!

I got stuck inside the tree though after climbing the rope, could I get a little hint please? :)


Thanks! Yeah I made that one of the tougher ones. Wood is flammable, is my hint.


Great, setting the pile of wood on fire was my suspicion :) I just wasn't able to come up with a suitable command. Sorry to bother again, could you hint me a part of the command there? Thanks again!


Fun! Sometimes, it can be a little hard to figure out the exact wording of what you want to do, and that can feel a little bit like pixel hunting (to an extent). 

But overall, I enjoyed it! Its a pretty novel idea, and has some fun puzzles.