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blossom polen
Submitted by sunnyhighhill — 15 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline
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That's pretty good! I like the music and art! The UI could be a bit better tho. It was fine but a little slow. I also think it would be good if you could drag and drop the mushrooms in case you misplace one.


Hello again AntiqueGearStudio,
We are happy that you had some good time with our game! =)
Your point is indeed valuable and will be considered when we port it to mobile.
Thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

A simple yet engaging puzzle game! Here are my comments.

> I like the music for some reason. It's very calm and relaxing. I also like the title screen where there's some fancy animation on the logo that actually teaches you the mechanics. Nice touch on the details.

> The art is simplistic but clean. I think one way to improve it is to highlight the elements that are part of the game (the mushrooms, the flowers, seeds, etc.) and contrast it against the background.

> The gameplay is simple but satisfying, although it can sometimes boil down to trial and error since there's no easy way of predicting the trajectory of the seed just by looking at the different mushroom types. Personally, I think it would be more fun if the way the elements react to the objects are very obvious to the player, and then the levels could be designed about thinking how to combine those reactions to reach the goal, rather than blindly experimenting with the tools to see what it will do.

> Related to the above point, I think the game can be balanced further and the level design could be improved. I think there are too many possible solutions in many of the levels (most of them probably unintended) because of the great flexibility of the different sizes and angles of mushrooms you are provided with.

> Finally, the user interface could be improved. Instead of having to click X to remove a mushroom, it would be much simpler if you could just right click. This becomes important because, going back to the above point, the gameplay has a lot of trial and error so it should be easy for the player to do that.

Overall, I think this is a good game with a solid base concept, but could potentially be improved much more particularly on the balance of the gameplay mechanics. Good job and thanks for the game! :)


Hey azure2s,
Thank you so much for pointing out so many improvement!
After the jam, we'll port it to mobile so everything you (and other guys here) said will be very valuable to us.
We always try to thing the more natural way to do things as possible, but it's always cool to hear some feedback about UI and gameplay.
Thanks for playing and we hope you had a good time playing it! =)


This looks cool; but when I try and run it says it needs permission to make changes to my computer. I know it's probably fine; but it seems a little sketchy. Maybe export to some other type of file next year? Just a suggestion. Sorry!


Hey AntiqueGearStudio,
We have to agree with you with that and we will make sure that our next releases don't ask such things.
Thanks for playing!


Thank  you; but my point is that I didn't play it. I will consider it tho!


Don't worry!
It will be here whenever you want to play (unfortunately now I can't upload a fixed version, as you may know). =)




i loved the idea I loved the gameplay it's more likely a puzzle game more than shooter game and the art need more polish but it's very good great overall well done.

You can go checkout my entry if you pleased it will be nice if you rated and left feedback.


Hi, M,Sarhan :)

We are very happy with all the good feedback that we've been receiving.
We ran a lot against the time and we tried to do the best art that we could, but we'll impove it!

Thanks for youfeeback! :)


So, this one is tricky. The level design is excellent, and it has intuitive (even though not perfectly intuitive, I'm looking at you, mushrooms and your slanted head) learning process and it's actually a really great idea for a puzzle game. But that's just it: It feels like a puzzle game. Not... a shooter without X. 

Besides that, my biggest gripe was how cumbersome it was when I misplaced a mushroom. I needed to:

Press X > Click the mushroom > click the mushroom button > try another form, or maybe the same form > try another angle, or maybe the same angle > try another position, or the same position

That's a lot mouse clicking in disparate places (being on the top of the screen to place it on the bottom deosn't help a whole lot), and it causes a sort of "inverse decision fatigue" on the part of the player, where he kind of just micro fears placing it in the wrong place and hesitates more than he should, specially on a trial-and-error game. 

Sorry if it sounded harsh, but I actually liked the game and beaten it! It's really just two gripes I had with it, because I really enjoyed the execution! Nice work!


Hey Cyber Twilight :)

We are very thankful with people that have been playing, enjoying and telling us what they thought about the game, this is very important for us. We'll fix everything that you guys have told to us! The main idea was a game with shooting, and it ended up like a puzzle because the game gives you the polen (shoot) and you have to think where to put the mushrooms.

Your feedback was very important for us!
Brigadão pelo seu comentário, ficamos bem feliz com ele!


Yeah, something we've also learnt is to make sure the theme is worn on the game's sleeves at all times, or at least describe it in the description!

Disponha, fico feliz de ver devs brasileiros participando de coisas assim! ♥️


Very intuitive, excellent level design.  The Christmas music is a little weird but somehow it fits :)


Hi meatghost,
It's actually Greensleaves, a traditional song. =)
Thanks for playing!


Great game but just a bit too short. However I don't see how it fits the theme ?


Hi, Lazard! :)

We agree with you about the game is short, but it was because of the time that we had, we started everything from nothing, so we needed to run against the time, but we've been creating more levels since the end of the jam.

About the theme, we  took out the main mechanics from shooting games: controlling angle and force of shooting. Imagine the Angry Birds game, you have to control the force and the angle to shoot the birds agains the obstacles, we remove that mechanic from our game, the main idea is that the first flower just shoots the polen and you have to think how to put the mushrooms in the places to make the polen goes right to the other flower. Then we ended up with a puzzle game.

Thanks for you feedback! =]


Pretty solid little game/concept with a pleasant art style and sound design. The only real complaint I had is the lack of explanation when it throws you in. Took me a couple minutes to figure out what to do.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi, SplitHare =]
We thought that the initial screen would be self-explaining, but we're fixing it to make easier to understand at the first time you play it like putting a mushroom on the initial screen showing what to do on the levels.

Thanks for you feedback :)


Great, fun game! Simple, but engaging. I kinda see how it fits the theme, but it is a little week in that area. Still, overall great work here. :D


Nice game! I like the progressive level design and it's pretty simple to navigate through the shrooms, being someone who's incredibly afraid everytime I have to create guis, I can only give props to that!


You are not alone on being afraid of GUIs. But just go and don't look back, hahahaha.

Thanks for your feedback! =D


Yeah I try to do that, but they're so scary!

There's scarier though, level editors