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It's my pleasure. =)

Hello retrobrews, how have you been?

Please, feel free to redistribute it on your project (which sounds to be really cool!).

I didn't add the license on Github, but it's GPLv3, so you are fine to add it. =)

Thank you for your interest!

It's a very engaging mechanics and that message about a score of 333 made me more engaged, hahahaha. However I could only do 224 when I reached the end. :p

But it's a nice game. =)

It made me really happy (and surprised at the same time that you could play it on a 3DS)! =D

I hope you had a good time playing it.

Thank you! =)

Hello again AntiqueGearStudio,
We are happy that you had some good time with our game! =)
Your point is indeed valuable and will be considered when we port it to mobile.
Thanks for playing!

Don't worry!
It will be here whenever you want to play (unfortunately now I can't upload a fixed version, as you may know). =)

Just drop us a message, that we will play it for sure. =D

Hey azure2s,
Thank you so much for pointing out so many improvement!
After the jam, we'll port it to mobile so everything you (and other guys here) said will be very valuable to us.
We always try to thing the more natural way to do things as possible, but it's always cool to hear some feedback about UI and gameplay.
Thanks for playing and we hope you had a good time playing it! =)

Hey AntiqueGearStudio,
We have to agree with you with that and we will make sure that our next releases don't ask such things.
Thanks for playing!

Oh, that's really taking out mechanics, hahahaha.
I really liked music, sfx and art, but struggled with commands. Perhaps if you give more time for players to get used to the commands would be nice before you add more commands.
But it's still a nice entry.

I loved the music and sfx (some of them were made with mouth I guess, hahaha)
The game fits to the theme and is playable (and I'd say hard, hahahaha).
But it is a nice entry! =D

I really liked the music.
The concept fits to the theme and it is very interesting.
I just missed more that queues of enemies moving together like a snake, hahahaha.
But it is a nice entry. =)

It has a good concept, a cool soundtrack and nice art.
However I had a few issues with loading bar (sometimes it didn't charge, perhaps collision issues).
But it's still a nice entry. =)

Hey, what a nice entry!
Of course I was biased that glowing things (I love glowing things, hahaha), but the concept fitted 100% into the theme.
I only had some issues with mouse not moving sometimes, but not that would make the game smaller.
Very nice entry! =D

I liked the concept and it fits well into the theme, however I just could go one instruction forward (perhaps if I was English native would be easier, hahahaha).
But it is a nice entry. =)

The art is very cool and the game fits to the theme.
However it would be better if the witch could rotate faster.
But it is a nice entry anyway. =)

This is one of best game I've played so far in this jam.
Art, music and sfx are mixed very well and gameplay is awesome. =D
I had few issues when I was sure my cursor was in the sign area but I couldn't break. Perhaps if the sign highlights when cursor is on it would be fine .
At the end on level, it just freezes and music keep going (I think that's the end). I am almost sure you didn't have time left for that, but it's fair.
Very nice entry. =D

Hi, M,Sarhan :)

We are very happy with all the good feedback that we've been receiving.
We ran a lot against the time and we tried to do the best art that we could, but we'll impove it!

Thanks for youfeeback! :)

I liked the idea and it fits easily into the theme.
In tutorial level, it took me sometime to realise what to do. Perhaps if instead of hitting Continue, you could do in a more natural way. =)
The art, sfx and song looks cool, but sfx and music don't mix so well.
Nice entry!

That's a very cool concept! It fits entirely into the theme.
The art and music are also good, however if you are planning to carry on with its develoment, I would suggest you to balance difficulty or rethink the mechanics of shooting. Perhaps just by hitting spacebar should be enough, them you add other challenges to balance it again or it would be too easy them. Players don't like to struggle with mechanics. ;)
Nice entry! =)

Hey Cyber Twilight :)

We are very thankful with people that have been playing, enjoying and telling us what they thought about the game, this is very important for us. We'll fix everything that you guys have told to us! The main idea was a game with shooting, and it ended up like a puzzle because the game gives you the polen (shoot) and you have to think where to put the mushrooms.

Your feedback was very important for us!
Brigadão pelo seu comentário, ficamos bem feliz com ele!

Hi meatghost,
It's actually Greensleaves, a traditional song. =)
Thanks for playing!

Very cool art!
I runned into some bugs but nothing big.
But it's a really cool game indeed! =D

It took me a while to understand what was the point of the game. I was complaining about how narrator's voice was really bad mixed with the game. Then I realised it was intentional. How could I contemplate with that annoying audio? However I needed to read game description to get how it would fit within the theme.
The art is gorgeous indeed.
Very nice entry. =)

Hi, Lazard! :)

We agree with you about the game is short, but it was because of the time that we had, we started everything from nothing, so we needed to run against the time, but we've been creating more levels since the end of the jam.

About the theme, we  took out the main mechanics from shooting games: controlling angle and force of shooting. Imagine the Angry Birds game, you have to control the force and the angle to shoot the birds agains the obstacles, we remove that mechanic from our game, the main idea is that the first flower just shoots the polen and you have to think how to put the mushrooms in the places to make the polen goes right to the other flower. Then we ended up with a puzzle game.

Thanks for you feedback! =]

Cool concept and mechanics are well balanced.
However, there are some issues with collisions and jumping platform should be rethinked (sometimes I could jump properly by chance).
Very nice entry. =)

(1 edit)

Hi, SplitHare =]
We thought that the initial screen would be self-explaining, but we're fixing it to make easier to understand at the first time you play it like putting a mushroom on the initial screen showing what to do on the levels.

Thanks for you feedback :)

The idea fits very well to the game jam theme, however it's a bit difficult to me to manage to destroy obstacles and steer the car. But I really got the idea.


The game is very well polished and the physics works like described (zero gravity). The puzzles are a bit challenging but worth trying.

Very nice entry!

That was a great idea. It's fun to play, however there is an aspect that could change in future releases. The rotation of the ball could be fixed, so the player could have more control over the ball (of course it would change that cool level design, however a balance between them would increase gameplay quality).

Very nice entry!


You are not alone on being afraid of GUIs. But just go and don't look back, hahahaha.

Thanks for your feedback! =D

This is one of the best from this jam so far. =D
Very well done!

I liked how smooth it is.
It's such a challenge to make clear 3D objects in this resolution.
Well done. =)

Really cool game.
It reminds me Bomberman but with tanks (but I needed more strategy than Bomberman). =)

Hey M Dub, how are you?
Thanks for playing and giving feedback! =)

Hi br0ken_m1nd,
Thanks for playing! =D

Hi cosmologic,
I'm glade you liked it.
Thank you! =)

Hi Hakuzo, how are you?
You are right indeed. After the jam ends, I will redo all the physics, because it is somehow messy.
Thanks for playing. =)

What a nice game! =D
I'm biased to say this, because I love this style of game, but you did great with all the limitations.
Well done!