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Carrot CareView game page

Raise Some Carrots
Submitted by Yubs — 16 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline
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Carrot Care's page

Connect Emotionally to Carrots!
[Also connect with collaboration with Mend!]

Sensory info
The most significant "risks" are when spraying pesticides over the entire field, or having one giant carrot move around the screen. These are generally avoidable though.

Carrots may perish. Revolting carrots may be executed.

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Remix
Extra Kuleshov Effect

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It`s crazy how just addind a name can create an attachemnt,  The bandit grew on me a little more than I expected it.

If you wish to keep working on this I would suggest create a need to sell the carrots, right now the only need for cash is getting more stuff (wich you may not desire) BUT, if you had rent or a family to feed (a la Papers Please) it would create some dramatic moments when choosing wich carrot to sell (at least in my opinion) 

great entry :)


Thank you for playing! That would be an interesting idea to create a need to sell carrots to survive, however I wanted to make this a relaxing experience where you don't need to sell any carrots technically! I'll keep that in mind however for future projects!


Loved it! The concept is so strange, but completely understandable once you get into it. I very much enjoy how big you can make the carrots. Nicely done, and so unique!


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked the unique experience!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This game is simple and funny :D I hated the bugs eating my precious seeds. Great work pep! :)
Edit: I just sold my biggest carrots to buy more seeds xD


I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for playing! It really is terrible when the bug eat them lol


I really liked it, mostly the overall design and the simple yet captivating progression system. For the whole time I just wanted to see the giant carrots, and i wasn't disappointed.

For me the bugs' and carrots' grabbing areas were a bit too small, it was hard to catch them at times. But most probably it's my own issue, as I like my cursor to be super sensitive.

A really fun and well-designed game, keep up the good work!


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you really liked the progression and the GIANT carrots!

Thank you for the feedback about grabbing areas! I'll keep it in mind for future Jams!


A fun farming game. I really liked the simple animations of the carrots walking. The carrot names really had me connecting with them, I ended keep a carrot or two for the rest of my game. 


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you made some emotional connections with some carrots and kept a handful! 

The walking animation for carrots is actually what I used as my "Extra-Remix" feature! In another game of mine, I rotated a tall grass sprite using a cosine wave whenever a player walked through it, and now I reused it rotate giant living carrots!


I am just emotionally attached to my carrots, hahahahaha.

Loved your game. Loved the music (but looking who composed, now I understand why it's good :p).

Very well done!



Glad you liked it! I'll send the love over to Mend!


Mend manda bem nos rolês. <3

Developer (1 edit)

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I've completed the game, wanted to pinned screenshot, but at the last moment i spot thwe clock button, so i pressed on it and lost all my progress immidietly :ccc

But what an amazing game!!