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Yeah, I think I went a little overboard with the difficulty XD

love the music

the fact that the movement buttons and the shoot buttons are so close together feels off, I expected to be able to move with the arrow keys but that wasn't the case, also I think I broke it XD

love the music, also im glad to seed other game based around taking care of eggs

love everything about it but the keyboard controls, still awsome though

nice movement

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ok, I tried pressing space and enter and nothing happened and then it turned out the game hadn't finished loading XD

I like the concept, but I do think things happen a little bit too quikly

Im probably missing something, but I cant find a way to start the game

it looks quite pretty for simple shapes

is so simple yet so nice to play, I do wish there was a reason to pick up the flowers other than the score though

I did put a red semi transparent overlay when your health starts draining, but I gess is not that visible

It does get faster over time, but i gess it takes a little while to speed up

Thanks, make sure to check the mobile versión

thanks, I'm glad you liked it, it means a lot :)

you know... thinking it through, it doesn't sound bad, not bad at all

por cierto marico, me quede loco al ver que eres de Venezuela XD

This is way too cool

loveit, I just love it

it was a little bit too relatable for me

it looks so gross, but at the same time so captivating, a part of me wants to look away, but the other is like hypnotized, it is certanly an expirience

It`s crazy how just addind a name can create an attachemnt,  The bandit grew on me a little more than I expected it.

If you wish to keep working on this I would suggest create a need to sell the carrots, right now the only need for cash is getting more stuff (wich you may not desire) BUT, if you had rent or a family to feed (a la Papers Please) it would create some dramatic moments when choosing wich carrot to sell (at least in my opinion) 

great entry :)

you can get an android version on the game page :) just download and install the apk.

please note that the android version is slythly different to acomodate for mobile controls

I'm glad you like it, it really means a lot to me

awsome, just awsome

this > portal

reasons: this DOES have a cake

it`s pretty cool, but I will say thr frienly fire annoyed me a lillte bit, it is still great :)

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you can get an android version on the game page :), just download the apk.

please note that the android version is slightly different to acomodate for mobile controls

yes, I found out after the submissions closed that there were 2 x`s,  I was a little burnned out since it was my first time solo-jamming (I did include a second name in the credits, but he is just the author of the royalty free music I found, felt like including him)

as to the gdwc, no, I was´t aware but I´ve been looking at it and seems cool, thanks!

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Im glad you like it, it really flatters me since Im not usually the one in charge of that

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thanks, I wanted to keep it simple since it was my first time solo-jamming, I usually work with other artists (since I can't draw or compose to save my life) but none of them were avalible

this is way too addicting for a game about a bottle

Love it, I just love it

Hi, when I try to play it it says that the data folder is missing

I love everything about it, still playing it today

I'm not shure, I played the browser version just today.


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it's really good, however, I noticed a braking point: once the number of spawning enemies starts to rise, you can just corner up somewhere and combo kill to replenish any energy lost from enemy fire, wich makes moving around unnecesary, you may want to look into it (maybe by  depleting energy rapidly if you stay still for too long , I don't know)

feels sooooo good to multy-kill

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it's prety cool how the multiplier can be used as a last resource nuke, making it more than a mere number on a screen, also MOBILE PORT