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Connect the dinglebops with the schmarckles and see what happens.
Submitted by Apophenia 23 (@Apophenia23), Thomas Waterzooi (@ThomasWaterzooi) — 4 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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After getting stuck (read: having too ambitious ideas) on abstracting the theme to non-literal connections we decided on going full cliché and introduce actual connection-
mechanics :) To make it a bit more exceptional we decided to make it very tactile and weird.

Connect the dinglebops and the schmarckles and see what happens!

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Extra Monochromatic
Extra Kuleshov Effect

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it looks so gross, but at the same time so captivating, a part of me wants to look away, but the other is like hypnotized, it is certanly an expirience


I liked it. It was weird and I guess i would have liked more things to happen. In the end, I assume the experience you wanted to share came across and that{s what matters.


Thanks, glad you appreciated it. 

Well, it would have been nice to have more interactives elements and a combination of organ's sounds that could be somehow "harmonious" (and make it a puzzle of some sort). Then, there is the time's limitations of the game jam. We might update it later.

 The original aim was to make a  fleshy music box toy for the sake of playing. So you get it right, the experience itself is what matters 😔


This is the worst thing I've ever seen and y'all need Jesus.

I'm joking. But only a little.

I love the idea of making squishy reactive user interfaces, legit this is really neat.


this is when you just express the random thoughts of your mind into a game I love it :)


I liked the design. But I really don't get the point.


That's exactly the point! (see hrewannabe's comment).


I reaally like the dinglebops and the schmarckles. Very good.


Thanks Furnac. To bad we didn't have time to implement the flerpshirps and pliggleploggles.


i don't know how I feel about this????


That's exactly the point!