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Thomas Waterzooi

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Great little experience! The end definitely took me by surprise.

Lot's of strength to you and your parents!


Wonderful game! Really reminds me of Monument Valley but it definitely has it's own identity!

I like to play with expectations :)

Would you mind rating it? It really helps for the discovery. Thanks!

Yes, there is room for improvement indeed. 

I felt the best strategy *SPOILER* is to first click all the separate squares until you get a good notion of the silhouette.

Then take a step back from your screen to let your brain detect the patterns :)

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Yes, please let me know! I'm curious to see what other developers do with it :)
Ah, would you mind rating it? It really helps for the discovery. Thanks!

Thanks Omgjosh!

Thanks Alex!

I consider that a compliment, thanks!

Hey Juxxec, 

I did everything according to guidelines to mark the game as NSFW, so if you're still seeing it it must mean you didn't disable it in your settings (Settings -> Content  -> Show content marked as adult in search & browse) unless this rule gets overwritten when checking game-jam submissions.
But yes, as you might have noticed, there is hardly anything you can see :)
I made the screenshots a bit more pixelated per your suggestion.
Thanks for playing!

haha ok, no worries, I think I fixed it.


Please, Free The Nipple is a short puzzle game where you have to find the nipples that were censored away by a social media algorithm gone out of control.
It's my way to support the #FreeTheNipple initiative. 

Find it here:

It was made for the 20-s gamejam where the goal is to make games that only last 20 seconds :).

Oh ok, I'll check it out, which one? :)

As long as you didn't finish (no pun intended) you haven't played long enough.

Protip: move a bit further from your screen for better readability of the image


After dying 12 times, i considered 5 peaches enough. Great work!

Love this. Great sense of humor!

Thank you so much!

You're absolutely right, I am thinking of adding the Boogie Woogie story and NYC poem to the gallery-menu so you can easily read them as a whole. 

Yes indeed, I don't want to judge anyone for not knowing something, the whole point of the game is to learn something while having fun :)

Thanks for the nice review!

Byou-ti-fooll! Nee echt serieus, lekker.

Love the voices!

Damn, that's amazing! This could be a whole new game. Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you so much for playing!

5mg, do you mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

Almxnd_mxlkii, do you mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

Samanttitta, do you mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

@ryechips, mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

Thanks :) Maybe we'll make another one based on another movie :)

Thank you!

Hehe thanks! I would love to live there :)

Thank you so much, that's great to hear

Good stuff!

Reminded me of Florence at the start. 

This is exactly the kind of games I want to make as well.

Petit Voyage

a short artful adventure 

inspired by Spirited Away


Thank u so much!

Thanks! Just noticed the soundtrack isn’t playing. I should fix that.


Thanks man, I like your enthusiasm in the videos. As you noticed there is indeed no real goal in this other than to enjoy the slurrrrps :) 

Hey! Thank you for playing the game. As you correctly have guessed, there is no real goal other than to make some weird soundscapes. It was a gamejam game and this is how far we got :)