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Love the voices!

Damn, that's amazing! This could be a whole new game. Thanks for sharing this!

Thank you so much for playing!

5mg, do you mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

Almxnd_mxlkii, do you mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

Samanttitta, do you mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

@ryechips, mind rating the game? Thanks! It helps a lot.

Thanks :) Maybe we'll make another one based on another movie :)

Thank you!

Hehe thanks! I would love to live there :)

Thank you so much, that's great to hear

Good stuff!

Reminded me of Florence at the start. 

This is exactly the kind of games I want to make as well.

Petit Voyage

a short artful adventure 

inspired by Spirited Away


Thank u so much!

Thanks! Just noticed the soundtrack isn’t playing. I should fix that.


Thanks man, I like your enthusiasm in the videos. As you noticed there is indeed no real goal in this other than to enjoy the slurrrrps :) 

Hey! Thank you for playing the game. As you correctly have guessed, there is no real goal other than to make some weird soundscapes. It was a gamejam game and this is how far we got :)


Make's me think a bit of a game called Organ, but less weird ;)

Not a 100% sure but I can't do anything on the second screen.

I'm on a Macbook Pro and playing in Chrome..

Promising premise though :)

Well made!

That's exactly the point! (see hrewannabe's comment).

Thanks Furnac. To bad we didn't have time to implement the flerpshirps and pliggleploggles.

That's exactly the point!

Mooi mooi!

Great stuff! Exactly what I would like to make as well. Next Ludum Dare I'll have to participate :) Was this a one-man team?