This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-11-05 04:00:01 to 2022-12-06 04:59:59. View 498 entries


IMPORTANT SURPRISE NOTICE: The jam has been extended by one week! We do this every year to allow people to finish their games with less stress and less crunching. Your health is important: Remember to take breaks, drink water, talk to humans.

20 Second Game Jam invites you to make a mini-game that lasts exactly 20 seconds, from start to finish—a tiny burst of gameplay that drops the player straight into the action!

Game makers have a very short amount of time to grab the player's attention and pull them into the game. We want you to come up with 20 seconds of fun that leaves the player wanting more. 

The jam is relaxed and beginner-friendly: You have three weeks to make a short game using any game engine you like. There are no prizes, judges or ratings.

Join the 20 Second Game Jam Discord server for up-to-the-minute information and to chat with other jammers.


20 Second Game Jam is open to anyone, regardless of game engine. It began life as the TeenyTiny DragonRuby MiniGameJam, which required entrants to build games with DragonRuby Game Toolkit. This year, we are opening it up so everyone can join in.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these games from previous jams:

Break Fast!! by goseinthemachine

Stack of Forces by Michał Dudziński

SwatGame by Cutiekittypet

Tiny Ski by spunos

You can see the previous two jams and browse the submissions here: 
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DragonRuby Logo20 Second Game Jam is sponsored by DragonRuby Game Toolkit, a 2D game engine that’s super easy to get to grips with but powerful enough to make professional strength games. It uses the awesome Ruby programming language and it can build games for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, mobile, consoles and VR.

DragonRuby is giving away free, commercial licenses to jam participants. You will be able to download DragonRuby Game Toolkit for free shortly before the start of the jam.

For help with DragonRuby and Ruby code, visit the DragonRuby Discord:

A 20 second sample game is included with DragonRuby and you are free to use it as a starting point for your game. You will find the game in the following folder:

DragonRuby 20 Second Sample Game


  • Be respectful and tolerant towards participants and players.
  • Submitted games must last exactly 20 Seconds, start to finish.
  • Games containing mature themes or material that is not suitable for young audiences should be very clearly marked.

See the FAQ for more details.