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Heya guys I'm looking for a team to join the jam, I have done plenty of jams in the past ( over 30 ) know how to use a repository, I don't mind learning a new engine but I mostly work with UE5.

Let me know if this works for your team 
Discord: elfideorubio


We are 2 folks still looking for a team.
I'm a combat designer/ Gameplay programmer done over +40 game jams and some of them with a horror theme
My friend is a character artist/ animator / and composer. He takes full ownership on creating and making horrific creatures. 

What are we looking for ?

Someone that can help my friend creating the environment( Environment Artist/ Prop Artist )
Someone that can make some cool VFXs for our creatures ( VFX artist / Technical Artist 
We need some horrifying background and lore for our game so we will need a ( Narrative designer / Story Writter )
UI is often overlook but not for us, we very much like to have some nice menus, HUDS and more ( mind you this will be a 3D game, so we are looking for a lovely UI artist )
Lighting is one of those aspect often overlook as well, the reason why L4D still looks as good as modern games it's because of their great lighting ( A magician Technical artist )

Even if you don't fill any of the criteria previously mention, don't hesitate to reach out if you think you can offer any skill of value.

See you in space cowboys.

Heya chief I saw your post already on discord. We are 2 folks still looking for a team.

I'm a combat designer/ Gameplay programmer  done over +40 game jams and some of them with a horror theme
My friend is a character artist/ animator / and composer. He takes full ownership on createing and making horrific creatures.

If this works for you let us know. 

Thank you so much for playing the game, also thank to all of your team members for playing. :)

Great point about blocking the track when you have finished.

In regards to killing the boss, we had a mechanic similar to Dead by daylight with the flashlight, in which you can blind him and he will take longer to appear. We got it working but it was so overpower, it make the killer more of a real clown, after the lock on the submissions we plan to tweak it and add it.

I'm not the best person to answer about the story but I will poke someone on the team and maybe they can shead some light.

Was the performance stable for all of you though ? We are planning to launch more Graphical controls after the submission lock is lifted.

Thanks again.

I liked the atmosphere of the game, giving direction it becomes such a grind so quick., which is a shame because I loved the asthetics,everything felt so cozy that I was protected in my own lighthouse.

you could have play with the idea of a stranger getting into your area and maybe having to avoid him, eventually leaving on a boat and facing the sea monster yourself.

I enjoyed the scream face, but I was not happy with the amount of bobing in the game, maybe you should have made a control on the mainscreen for it.

Love the game design, how you slowly introduce us to the mechanic, first navigating the room in darkness, the collecting crystals and opening door, finally giving us the radar.

My favorite game this jam so far, I was fully immerse while playing it.

I loved the visuals and the little conversations in the beginning. After finding the shipwreck the submarine kept breaking down every second, it destroyed my enjoyment for the game. After reparing it 12 times it ask me to reach the surface and so I did and the game ended.

Was there a monster or did I miss it ?

I would have enjoyed the game a bit more if I could land headshots and the mouse acceleration wasn't so fast.

I enjoyed the game a lot, it was short but varied, in terms of environments, multiple places to hide, a little maze.

The music was gold, I wish it was on spotify

Finding your way around the maze wasn't difficult, but I wasn't sure if I needed to collect all of the levers in order to exit, I think you could have added some decal to break the pattern of the rooms, since visually it was not that interesting.

Overall it was ok.

Thank you so much, yeah we had a rocky launch but we have ironed out the errors 

We will add mouse sensitivity, FOV slider, and a preset of with visual fidelity soon 

Another build went out, this time we disable the mirrors, downscale textures etc.

You should at least got X2 the performance you were getting before

Thank you for taking the time to record the game, could I get some of your computer specs mainly cpu and GPU ?

We just uploaded a new build should fix some of the performance issue. Would you be so kind to give it another shot and report to us ?

We just uploaded a new build could you give this one a try. If it still crashes on your end could you send us the log file ?

We are looking into this at this very moment

Heya I'd be interested in having another designer can you reach out to me on discord:  elfideorubio

We are still looking for more integrants to the team reach out via discord: elfideorubio

Very impressive portfolio I love it, I have a group of 4 experience devs that would love for you to join is. If you like the idea DM me at elfideorubio

Would love to have a QA on the team, DM me at elfideorubio

Love to have you on my team, we are a group of 4 

Character Artist

Environment artist

I'd love to have you as a prop/ weapon artist if you like the idea let me know

Hello hello are you still looking ?

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Currently we are a group of 3, composed of: Coder/Designer, Environment artist and Character artist. We are actively looking for any of this roles:

  • Voice actors 
  • Narrative designers 
  • Level Designers
  •  Designer or coders that can prototype within unreal engine 5 
  • Composer 
  • SFX Artist 
  • UI Designer/ artist 
  • VFX artist 
  • Technical artist 
  • Animator
  •  Technical animator

What do we offer ? We are experienced developers that can provide guidance and leadership on the project as well as creating Assets, Mechanics and systems at a very fast pace. We have done plenty of game jams before in my case the number is over 30.

In addition I offer my creative chaotic mind with loads of weird and bizarre ideas that would spice up our adventure, so what do you say ? Do you want to join the Headless Renegade Knights?

If so DM at:  elfideorubio

Heya, love you music thus far. Really gives me silent hill vibes. I have a group of 3 including myself ( Designer/ coder, Character artist, Environment artist ) We are all very familiar with the process of making games you can check some of my personal projects here.

So what do you say would you like to make a great horror game with us ?

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Just played the game I think I beat it but in the last level it crashes.

Here's a clip of me playing the game, it might be interesting to you if you want to collect feedback for how I reacted to thing etc.

The rating 

I like the game It had a simple premise, nice humour, the controls were easy to get a grasp on. In general the camera and character movement feel floaty and it was hard to lock on, I started to do a combo of spinning and hittting which work quite nice and I didn't have that problem anymore.

The game crashes often on the transitions of the level, or level restart you might want to look into that.

The final boss attacks where hard to dicern what what hitting me VS what wasn't

I like how strong I felt defeating enemies and when I pulled out a combo.

The health pick ups where rarely found around the level and the asset itself is not one that I would associate with health

In many level the lighting felt too dark, especially on the boss one at times I couldn't even see the enemies clearly.

I like the comentators chatter on the background and I was vibing with the music.

All an all I give it a 4/5

Hiya you can check my previous projects here
We are going to be working with Unreal engine 5, it is not a requirement for you to know the program unless you are another programmer
We are going to be making a 3D game, althought 2D art is always going to be needed it's not going to be our focus 

With the theme we are going to be headed on the direction of some sort of Doomsday scenario. If you'd like to reach out to take a shot at our team,  make sure to have an accesible portfolio 

If you are an artist I expect Artstation or sketchfab.
If you are a sound designer soundcloud or website.
If you are a level designer I expect an art station outlining the process of your blockouts.
If you are a programmer I expect lots of projects on finalized.

Reach out to me on my discord: elfideorubio

Are you still looking ? if the answer is yes 
I'm a professional combat/ gameplay designer with tons of jam experience
this is my itch page:

PS: I love david Lynch movies too 

I really enjoyed the music and the vibe of the game, puzzles felt intuitive and well thought out

Yeah I remember  :)  I will play yours in bit

We had a very talented 2D artist :)

It was difficult to handle the AI I added a lot of safety mechanism but they still break from time to time, question would you have rather they stay static on the beginning and you start from there, they rush to the exit with you, or they follow you behind ?

Also any ideas how to add the they into the gameplay maybe at some point we can fight the cook ?

Yeah we run out of time for some of the features for instance the bow, doesn't deal any damage doesn't matter if it's the enemy or the player shooting 

Great atmosphere loved the environment and the art in general, particularly the lighting was quite moody, just how I like it.

Keep up the good work.

I really enjoyed the music and atmosphere of the game, it took me a bit to figure out how the puzzles work but after I learned the mechanics I felt they were really well crafted. 

keep up the good work.

Hey there we advice to wait for an update on the game, since it's still buggy and we are adding the rest of the missing features, Thank you for your interest in the game and I hope we can update it soon :)

Thank you for playing, and you mean slow as in the dialogue sound or the fact that you have to wait for the card animation ?