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Yeah we run out of time for some of the features for instance the bow, doesn't deal any damage doesn't matter if it's the enemy or the player shooting 

Great atmosphere loved the environment and the art in general, particularly the lighting was quite moody, just how I like it.

Keep up the good work.

I really enjoyed the music and atmosphere of the game, it took me a bit to figure out how the puzzles work but after I learned the mechanics I felt they were really well crafted. 

keep up the good work.

Hey there we advice to wait for an update on the game, since it's still buggy and we are adding the rest of the missing features, Thank you for your interest in the game and I hope we can update it soon :)

Thank you for playing, and you mean slow as in the dialogue sound or the fact that you have to wait for the card animation ?

Thank you for playing and your kind words.

Thank you for playing our game :) I love the little dance on the podium.

Hi guys my team and I just finish working on our jam entry for Quarantine jam, it's a very simple game made in 2 days. The premise is quite simple, you got to the mall and there's only so many toilet paper, gather as many as you can while trying not to collide with other mannequins.

if you have any suggestions, bugs reports  or just want to say hi, feel free to create post on the discussion page of the game.

Why is it just an exe files ?

Glad you like it, I'll play your game now :)

thanks we are working on another pass on optimization and AI work

Made till the end very nice atmosphere, what was the theme for this one?

Nice concept I was missing an ambient track to go with the horror theme, but good stuff overall :)

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Ha ha ha remember this game next time you get to a night club, you'll start to see a lot of bouncing heads, I'll rate your game now :)

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Really like the atmosphere you created, and the mechanics clicked on my brain from the beginning, the only real flaw is the camera collision test, other than that really solid game, mate :)

The idea is that you try to keep on the light cone so that they won't attack you, but also lights disappear after a period, so you have to be hoping from cone to cone :)

Glad you managed to get to the end, you are going to make Kumashov very proud, what did you thought of the game in general? was it too unfair or hard in some areas, and how well did we communicated the mechanics, I'm going to play your game next :)

Thank you for the video and feedback, I'm currently working on fixing performance and make the AI more aggressive

Hi Velocitytotalsolution this blog is a nice way to get in contact with me, as of now we have an issue with texture streaming, we are going to push a patch to fix that issue soon, if you have any suggestions let us know and we will try our best to improve the game 

Thank you for playing, oh man I'm so sad you didn't got to see him kicking doors :)

Thank you for Playing Queen hope you had a good time being chase by Carl :)  we are working on some optimization patches that should come out fairly soon, in the  meantime if you have any feedback regarding gameplay we would love to hear it, what did you find difficult ? did you noticed you could hide under the bed ?

Hey thanks for playing Rob, Unfortunately there's only two endings.

very clever puzzle game, I love how you approach the level design and the fact that you just have a tillable texture panning across the screen is genius. 

I love the humor in this one :) good job guys.

ok a couple of things I wanted to mention
1) Why is the camera not following the ball ?

2) Why is there no acceleration?, it's a ball yet it feel like a moving a house made of bricks.

3) Why does the camera rotate like crazy on the intro and the green level ? It literally made me sick I had to stop the game .

On it :)


Can someone share a gif of how it looks when they are merge together?

Great relaxing game

A really interesting entry, I suggest adding an event for when the player has arrange the clue in the right order to finish the game right away.

Love the aesthetics and the writing. I was not a fun of the game play, is there any chance that you would release this as a point and click adventure instead.

Please change the way the fox rotates around the world I got dizzy while playing, also for the jump shorten the animation and make it more responsive.

I tried to play but I didn't see any grandmas does the game require at least 2  players?

Consider binding the shapes to a key and adding some music

Really like the main character and how he was rolling around the level.

Really amaze at the presentation, graphics were superb and the game has a lot of personality.