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Thanks Sander. One day you will ;D

Rat race training center. Mimiiim mi mimiii mii !

So smart !

Thanks xD !! We really appreciate 
I will try to look into it for app

Hey, c'est Ennio. Je sais pas où vous envoyé ça, donc ici ^^
Le jeu des uchronies :

Thanks !

I made it for you my friend ;)

Thanks :) 


Thanks for your comment ! 
Glad to know it surprised you ^^

Well thanks Nils, your enthusiasm is encouraging ! 

The project is on hold for now, as I am working on other projects, but it will eventually come out one day in the recent years ^^




I think we are reaching the limit of google translate ^^

I don't speak Chinese yet

Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot.
I haven't given up on this project, but did put it on hold for more than a year now, for different reasons (lots of pitfalls on the dev quest).
Anyway I am glad to know I can count on your support.
Stay tuned, this game will come out one day ^^


没有那么厉害, 我朋友帮了我    (´ ∀ ` *)
我很高兴你喜欢它 !

Thanks ! It's great to hear that. 
It's always nice to watch someone play your game. Glad you liked it

Thanks bro !

Cool, it looks like it works just fine.
Thanks, maybe one day I will :


Thanks !

Nice !  And it works, it get me to check on D.O.A.S. 

Thanks ! ^^

Have you tried this one ?
I did this horror game with a team of 5 during a 4 months ending jam from a formation we where at. 
And, well, I am not very eager to do intense self promotion, but seen your post and thought it would be okay to share it here. Because I think we did pretty good ^^
I don't know tho, if it counts as hidden enough. 
Enjoy !

Rambling With My Friend

It's a tiny relaxing experience mixed with speculative design. It's free and freshly released !
I made in roughly 2 months as an exercise to learn how to use Adventure Creator and what you could do with it. 
With help of Thomas Waterzooi  and the music from chill hop artist Lucid Green.
Hope you like it !

Yess  ^^ ! Thank you !

Thanks or the detailed feedbacks. It's kind of experimental and not very suited for commented playthrough I think. Interesting tho. Buts it's a lot of rambling for voice over 😁. It's nice you gave it a try.

Glad you liked it 😃

Really cool game, congrats !

 The combat system is exactly what I needed, the right kind of hard.

 The aesthetic is almost Mignola-esque. The sound design on spot. Not too many things to read, just a lot of mystery and overall great atmosphere.

I am looking forward for a full release, keep up the good job !!

I just wish we could zoom sometimes to appreciate the enemies's design.

Thanks ! 
The engine is Unity.

Thanks !

Thanks !

Cheers !

At the end, before the pipe tunnel. If you wait to see what is doing the scary screaming, you will met her

Thanks. Nice reflexes. You did miss a scarier spider at the end ;-)

Thank you !


Awesome !

Thanks !!
To be precise, it's not a nuke bomb but a chemical one (Like Agent orange sort of).

Thank you for playing
The last of us is indeed an inspiration 😉

It's set in an alternative retro-futuristic Taïwan.

Thanks, that was fun 😁