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It's awesome ! 

Awesome !

Thanks man !I want to say, throwing dinos at meteors or just as far out as possible in the cosmos, and of course squeezing them in you VR game. That was great fun and a good way to relax during the jam ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! Looking forward for the next one 

Wow. Cool overall concept, story, music, design and atmosphere ! I wish there will be more Yokais and stories, but that would be greedy...
I loved it ! Thanks for letting it be experienced for free !!And for making it ..

Thanks !!

Cool !

Cool ! Nice Druillet like illustrations !

Thanks, I really appreciate ! Well, I am trying to get some funds to make the longer version with my brother. Here is a glimpse at how it's gonna look next : 

well yes, it is the plan actually, but before that I need to make sure I got the rest covered. Kickstarter aren't always successful, so I must make sure I prepared enough material to make peoples really wants to back the project. Since I am pretty new to all this, and facing a mountain of work right now, it might take a while ๐Ÿ˜“

it is more like the full proof of concept sort of. 

But it is like 10%  of the written project.

I am making it for real now. Better illustrations and animations, stronger story etc..

I am just stuck with trying to find funds, get a legal statut and all that. 

It is a demo/prototype now, and one day it will be a full game, if that answer your question.

Nice ! I really like the aesthetics and the ambiance. And navigating into a 3 dimensional silkscreen illustration is pretty stylish.
I am looking forward to try your Mundaun's project, it looks great and intriguing too.
Keep up the good work !

Nice, thank you for the trip !It remembered me of Tiny Echo and Storyseeker at the same time haha.
I like your style, loved your games and I am looking forward for the next one !Keep up the good work !
PS : Is there anything to do after finding the plant, dying(?) and be the bunny guy for a moment ?
The mythological illustrations about the tentacled celestial creatures and their whorshippers along with the actual temple and monks is great material, I wished for more ! Do you plan to do another chapter for the Herbalist or was it all ? 

Trippy !

Another one please.

Thanks, glad you liked it ! We are actually working on a full release, that needed reshaping a bit. There will be more lands to discover and characters to interact with.

And yeah, amanita design is a huge reference for us, but we will hopefully make something with our own style.  

It is cool if we can count on you and many more to back us up when we will be ready to reach out for funds ๐Ÿ˜‰


merci !Ca fait plaisir a lire  :-) 

On travaille activement sur la version longue !

Real nice game.
Sounds design, music, art, characters, stories, ending ..
Thanks for the ride, Miles and Joel !

Thanks you man. It s nice to see you enjoying it !

thanks for your kind words. We are making a full lenght version :-) 

^^ haha, you might get that feeling if you cycle around in Reditum for too long. At least the colours and musics will changes, so it's a new same thing every time.
Hopefully there will be plenty more to explore and discover and also to interact with and quests and puzzles in the complete version  ;-)

It's just a glimpse at the universe we are creating,  we hope you gonna enjoy the short relaxing walk demo as it is ;-)

Wow, very singular art style and cool sci-fi. Great work ! Really looking forward for the full experience !

We are happy you enjoyed the trip.
It's indeed in developement, there you got just a glimpse of that universe. Hopefully we will ship the full version one day .
You can follow us here : 
Nice voice acting btw ;-)  

hahaha, what a pleasing message to read this morning .

We love you too

Thank man, we will 

thank you, we appreciate ! And we are not stopping , it's gonna be a real full game one day :-) 

Thank you !! This is still a prototype though, the full game is in development :)

No worries .We are happy to know you finally get to enjoy it !-)

the project is still in development so we apologize for the bugs.
we will need a little bit more informations, like your version of windows and maybe what resolution you are playing on, we have a contact email, and if you send those infos there,  we will be happy to search for a fix, and send you another build of the game, and hopefully you 'll be able to enjoy the trip :)

you can contact us at

Wow. Great, thanks a lot leafo !

We appreciate that, thanks.

 Great collection by the way ,and we totally agree with your manifesto ;-)

Thanks sirfancylot , it's fun to watch you enjoying the trip :-)

Thanks DaVeshad ,we are glad you liked it

thank you mrpete ..

Willing to enjoy a relaxing walk with the sun in a 2d hand drawn environment filled with music, animations, weird characters and a lot of colours ? This way please :