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Apophenia 23

A member registered Oct 03, 2017 · View creator page →


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Real nice game.
Sounds design, music, art, characters, stories, ending ..
Thanks for the ride, Miles and Joel !

Thanks you man. It s nice to see you enjoying it !

thanks for your kind words. We are making a full lenght version :-) 

^^ haha, you might get that feeling if you cycle around in Reditum for too long. At least the colours and musics will changes, so it's a new same thing every time.
Hopefully there will be plenty more to explore and discover and also to interact with and quests and puzzles in the complete version  ;-)

It's just a glimpse at the universe we are creating,  we hope you gonna enjoy the short relaxing walk demo as it is ;-)

Wow, very singular art style and cool sci-fi. Great work ! Really looking forward for the full experience !

We are happy you enjoyed the trip.
It's indeed in developement, there you got just a glimpse of that universe. Hopefully we will ship the full version one day .
You can follow us here : https://apophenia-23.itch.io/ 
Nice voice acting btw ;-)  

hahaha, what a pleasing message to read this morning .

We love you too

Thank man, we will 

thank you, we appreciate ! And we are not stopping , it's gonna be a real full game one day :-) 

Thank you !! This is still a prototype though, the full game is in development :)

No worries .We are happy to know you finally get to enjoy it !-)

the project is still in development so we apologize for the bugs.
we will need a little bit more informations, like your version of windows and maybe what resolution you are playing on, we have a contact email, and if you send those infos there,  we will be happy to search for a fix, and send you another build of the game, and hopefully you 'll be able to enjoy the trip :)

you can contact us at apopheniamailbox@gmail.com.

Wow. Great, thanks a lot leafo !

We appreciate that, thanks.

 Great collection by the way ,and we totally agree with your manifesto ;-)

Thanks sirfancylot , it's fun to watch you enjoying the trip :-)

Thanks DaVeshad ,we are glad you liked it

thank you mrpete ..

Willing to enjoy a relaxing walk with the sun in a 2d hand drawn environment filled with music, animations, weird characters and a lot of colours ? This way please : https://apophenia-23.itch.io/reditum