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Intense !

I would be glad to  offer my humble contribution to the bestest bundle ever :

Thanks a lot ! The project is on stand by for now, as I am practicing on smaller projects, but it will be back even stronger 💪

I loved your maskless game by the way, especially the flute guy ^^

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COOL ! Thanks for the trip

Félicitations, c'est super chouette ! 

Haha ! Thanks bruh.
There is similarity indeed XD

Thanks. I am a big fan of theirs work. You should check Vectorpark and Haunted Garage, very tasty interactive toys 👌


COOL ! The tutorial/cut scene is great :D
I am curious and looking forward for the full stuff !

LOVE IT ! Very inspired and very inspiring !

Awesome !


Finally something serious ! 
Best game ever. 

That was fun. It reminded me of Bio Menace. 

Awesome !looking forward for the english update. 

The gameplay is original and I love the illustrations !

Well, that is VERY flattering, thank you !

WHOA ! Amazing.

Lovely ! I really like the use of frames with different angles like comics. Plus the colors and overall art is very pretty. the music goes well with the art.  

But i didn't use a controller, so sometimes I must say, the kayaking felt as hard as real kayaking. Can't say I was being very relax about it XD

Bravo anyway, that is a very sweet little experience !  

Whoa, thanks guys for making it. I loved that trip !

Groolam is charming. But, he doesn't have the late Plumbus X ..

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That is some weird funny looking hidden folks !
I love them. Made me think of the movie the Basket case, for some reasons ..
Can't find the small sleeper tho ..

Thanks, glad you appreciated it. 

Well, it would have been nice to have more interactives elements and a combination of organ's sounds that could be somehow "harmonious" (and make it a puzzle of some sort). Then, there is the time's limitations of the game jam. We might update it later.

 The original aim was to make a  fleshy music box toy for the sake of playing. So you get it right, the experience itself is what matters 😔

he did 😔

(Sort of..) 

I clicked my way to the top ! 

Nice ! I love the music !

This is lovely :-) ! 

It's awesome ! 

Awesome !

Thanks man !I want to say, throwing dinos at meteors or just as far out as possible in the cosmos, and of course squeezing them in you VR game. That was great fun and a good way to relax during the jam 😉 ! Looking forward for the next one 

Wow. Cool overall concept, story, music, design and atmosphere ! I wish there will be more Yokais and stories, but that would be greedy...
I loved it ! Thanks for letting it be experienced for free !!And for making it ..

Thanks !!

Cool !

Cool ! Nice Druillet like illustrations !

Thanks, I really appreciate ! Well, I am trying to get some funds to make the longer version with my brother. Here is a glimpse at how it's gonna look next : 

well yes, it is the plan actually, but before that I need to make sure I got the rest covered. Kickstarter aren't always successful, so I must make sure I prepared enough material to make peoples really wants to back the project. Since I am pretty new to all this, and facing a mountain of work right now, it might take a while 😓

it is more like the full proof of concept sort of. 

But it is like 10%  of the written project.

I am making it for real now. Better illustrations and animations, stronger story etc..

I am just stuck with trying to find funds, get a legal statut and all that. 

It is a demo/prototype now, and one day it will be a full game, if that answer your question.

Nice ! I really like the aesthetics and the ambiance. And navigating into a 3 dimensional silkscreen illustration is pretty stylish.
I am looking forward to try your Mundaun's project, it looks great and intriguing too.
Keep up the good work !

Nice, thank you for the trip !It remembered me of Tiny Echo and Storyseeker at the same time haha.
I like your style, loved your games and I am looking forward for the next one !Keep up the good work !
PS : Is there anything to do after finding the plant, dying(?) and be the bunny guy for a moment ?
The mythological illustrations about the tentacled celestial creatures and their whorshippers along with the actual temple and monks is great material, I wished for more ! Do you plan to do another chapter for the Herbalist or was it all ? 

Trippy !

Another one please.