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Puzzle Game
Submitted by kegnor — 1 hour, 22 minutes before the deadline
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ClockWork's page

You Connect ClockHandles to theur cirresponding slots

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Bad game. Slow, boring, and reminds me of Unlock the Lock. Bad design; if there were buttons on the keyboard to rotate each color, it would be better than trying to be precise with a mouse


Really neat game, the sharp and simple graphics and chill music fit really well together :)


Wow very nice job ! I like the art direction, the music, the concept... Perfectly suited for smartphones !


you can get an android version on the game page :) just download and install the apk.

please note that the android version is slythly different to acomodate for mobile controls


Great simple concept, and excellent execution. I initially thought the smaller circles/arms would move with the bigger ones, but this with the length of the timer is paced really well. Take more concentration that I thought at first. Well done.


you know... thinking it through, it doesn't sound bad, not bad at all


I really like your simplistic and clean design here! Specially when you misaligned something, the animation is very satisfying.

As soon as i started playing my first instinct was to click the circles for some reason, so that's great design on your part! :) It gave me room to get comfortable with the controls, and then it got moderately harder. 

I like it!


I'm glad you like it, it really means a lot to me


Great visual style, and music works really well with it too. A bit repetetive, would be cool if arrows were changing from time to time. Also there's a bit of aliasing on shapes in a 4k fullscreen


I can see this as a mobile game! That hang instrumental music is very soothing. Overall simple and fun passing of time :)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

you can get an android version on the game page :), just download the apk.

please note that the android version is slightly different to acomodate for mobile controls


The mechanic is good, art and music functional.
Overall a nice entry!


Nice and simple with a pleasant soundtrack. Got confused early on with multiple slots being at the same location, but was able to figure things out eventually. 


Dude, this is really dope. Your art direction and sound design really work together super well! Great work!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Im glad you like it, it really flatters me since Im not usually the one in charge of that


Really like the aesthetic. Good Job!!

Developer (1 edit)

thanks, I wanted to keep it simple since it was my first time solo-jamming, I usually work with other artists (since I can't draw or compose to save my life) but none of them were avalible