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Tim Lane

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I've added you, SpectralCascade is the name

Heya, drop me a discord DM and we can chat a bit :)

Hey, thanks for the info! I managed to fix the crash - turns out I hadn't initialised a pointer to the end game text message properly! As a result the game would only crash at the end if the memory allocated to the pointer didn't have a value of zero... I've got a build ready to go with that crash fixed which I'll update as soon as the jam voting stage is over.

Thanks! Sorry about the game closing unexpectedly - sounds like a crash! Would you mind sending me your PC specs? I haven't managed to reproduce the crash on my pc so far, though I know one other person who had a crash when the timer ran out so I'd super appreciate any additional info :)

Nice game, sound effects work well - makes the game feel more responsive to interactions :)

As others have said, a little more guidance would be great but I managed to figure out how the untangling worked after a short time.

Nice game! I love puzzle games which require combining things like colour, this is a fun one :)

Thank you! Indeed it's unfortunate I didn't make a restart button, a double whammy of bugs and lack of time resulted in a rather hasty restart system :P if it doesn't take too much time without introducing new bugs I'll try and add an actual button.

Glad you found it fun! Thanks for playing :)

I enjoyed watching the plot unfold and wondering what would have happened to the character's lives if I'd just used more or less sticks - the narrative was great :)

Nice, this is a cool concept. It's a little confusing though, could do with a tutorial or tool tips or something. Otherwise a fun game :)

Cool game! Nice abstract style (the background circles are quite a neat bubbly effect). Very chill, intuitive and easy to play. Given more content and introduction of new mechanics or variations on the core mechanic, this could scale up pretty well into a fully fledged mobile app or something.

Glad you found it interesting, and thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks, I set out to make a game with some narrative but programming ate the time so it turned into a time challenge kinda game hehe.

Thanks! :)

This is a adorable! I love the music and artistic olde-medieval setting (the ducks make it perfect)

Really neat game, the sharp and simple graphics and chill music fit really well together :)

This is a cool little game, I like the overall style (especially the particle effects when you hit a car :P)

This is great! The second level is especially challenging. Nice music, reminds me of Undertale :P