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I really enjoyed the game! I think you should spend a bit of time making another few rooms to add on, this game is worth expanding on. I really like escape room-y games like this and I thought you did a good job with the puzzle you made.

The puzzles were super fun. The controls were very intuitive. I didn't read the description before I played, but I was able to play through regardless. Overall, Great Job.

i love the aesthetic, the game as a whole works so well, Its super fun to play. Well done!!!

Like everyone has been saying: Great job on the AI!! Only thing I could think of is that powers could maybe have used an animation, specifically pieces switching color on a gradient. It would make the powers more intuitive. Over all, well done!

Super clever idea, puzzles were interesting, took us a while to beat but we got 'em all, well done

Really like the aesthetic. Good Job!!

This is incredible, 10/10, would run straight into colorful lines of death over and over again.

Fun little game, HS is 14000pts

This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Game! Surprisingly challenging but i enjoyed it a lot!!!

Fabulous idea, lots of fun, couldn't beat it, we are bad....

Love the giraffe faces!


Super cool game! would love to see more levels. I really appreciated the adaptive arrow keys.

Really liked the art! its so pretty!!!

Really enjoyed your game!

You should totally take this further!! The concept is awesome, I had a ton of fun playing!!!

Love this to bits, the best kind of panic.