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It takes two to tango, and two spheres to create a vescica pisces.
Submitted by greenworks — 1 hour, 49 minutes before the deadline
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Our connections are what ultimately get us into and over any situation. Mutually helping each other in a co-op platformer (like super mario bros, but with hearts) seemed like a good approach. Idea came in 15 minutes after the theme announcement, and usually the simplest ideas/designs are the ones worth pursuing.

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My brother and I beat the casual mode and almost beat the the hardest level. I thought it would be easier if the locks could be undone just be colliding with the key, but perhaps you wanted the players to share pressing the same space bar? That's a neat idea. The slightly different sound effects on the two players' jumps was fun! And the mechanic where the the players can hand onto walls is cool, too.


See? It's easy when you're both playing :) Space is like twisting the key in the lock. That's intentional. Glad to hear you had a fun experience! I rather kept it short and fun / second than long and unfinished boring levels, you know?


Cool! Right, simple and good is key for a jam like this. That's what my partner and I focused on (we also made a two player platformer where cooperation is key). And I imagine sticking to that really helped you have time to put in the visual polishes in your game!


Exactly! You get it. My process is simplified to: concept prototyping with simple shape graphics -> mechanics debug & stabilize + graphics "facelift" -> debug/adjustments with 10+ other players' feedbacks. I'll check out Illumin-Mates tomorrow :)


That's more or less what we did, it's a solid system. Except we only had a couple playtesters... that's fantastic you could wrangle up that many! 
Awesome! Hope you enjoy it!


Very nice game and very challenging. It would be nice if it has an arcade mode or a vs mode that both players have their own live and an elimination mechanic. This would be a great game to play with your friend while hanging out and drinking beer.  


Glad you like a challenge! Also thanks for the tip about introducing a vs mode. Another good idea for multiplayer.


Fabulous idea, lots of fun, couldn't beat it, we are bad....


Thanks a lot! So glad people are having fun ^^ you think the "Slow" (slowest) speed setting is still a bit too fast to beat the game?