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Sure man! I'll fetch the code snippet for you and make screenshots of how it's assembled on the gameobjects, just write down your e-mail please and I'll post them there for you.

The results for this jam got announced! Lucky number 7! :D Congrats! I told you "FASTER" is somewhat unique and people would like it. - write me a mail sometimes, would love to hear from you and your work in the future :)

Very creative way to move around in a platformer! I had fun playing it. The death animation is a nice add! The music felt a bit repetitive, but point for the effort nonetheless! Keep making fun games like this!

Man I love people who make a complete and whole game like this! The pixel graphics are perfect for this type of game, and it's even prettily done! That camera shake is a nice add! And I'm happy you split those 100 levels in chunks of 25, with a prize after each one, and the life refill every 5 levels is also a great idea. Not that challenging for every level, but still fun fun fun! Considering you made all this in 6 days, and probably couldn't test & redo it that much, I'm more than impressed!!  9.7/10 

Hope you make more games like this! Cheers!

Wow man! You managed to make a nicely polished game here! :D Congratulations for paying close attention to so many details. I love the bloop jump sound, the rocket sounds fitting, and the music is very soothing. It all reminds me of being stranded on Neptune. The smoke particles are a nice add! 

Could have used some text at the start screen for the controls (not everyone reads the description of the game page). And maybe A-D could turn the angle of the player (+ move in the direction), because the correct angle needs to be set when jumping. Sometimes I had to jump in the air and arrange the direction from there. The controls are fairly decent, but still couldn't get past the 80 mark with the double jump on that vertical wall :) 9/10

Hope you make more games like this! Cheers!

Interesting approach, like a "tower defense" game :) You can find tons of audio files on "" (credit the authors).  A game like this could use multiple sounds playing at once. Also, it's really hard to get used to the cannon's angle, since there is no visual aimer (like a curved line fading out in the distance) and the cannon reloads sloooowly (you could make an indicator, ex. countdown, as to when will the next shot be loaded and ready). All in all, you though out an interesting and complex little game for your first game jam, so congratulations! My advice is play-test it with 10+ people if you can, and see what they say, maybe you catch and fix some stuff you weren't looking for, before the deadline. Cheers!

I loved the art style! You could make the UI (ex. monsters left number) more visible by setting it a white outline, or something to contrast with the background. Some conclusion an the end would have been nice, like a simple text "congratulations!" instead of the level just restarting again. Also, I noticed when I shoot the monsters not exactly in the middle, but a little to their side, they don't collide with the bullet, so you could make the monsters' bullet trigger collider 20% larger.  

Thanks man! I'm glad people like something thrown together in a rush, couple of days before the deadline. The rally attracts the bees 10x stronger, than regular, so you can get your bees quickly through tight places. Wanted to make it drain, with an energy bar, but tick tock...

I know time is short, especially when you put together something as polished as your game... If you worked that much, why didn't you test it with more people other than yourself (game-master duuuh) to realize it's way too difficult. I figure the game has 10x more levels and was really curious about the evolution. When the rating period ends, please balance it and let me know! It's a brilliantly executed concept and would love to play it some more!

This is something different, and I like it! You really worked a lot on the models & level design, good job! Sounds are funny too. 

Wouldn't mind if the chicken got thrown a bit up in the air then fall back along a curved line, not just in straight lines. Also, I think the spinning blades are moving way too fast, and they collide with the chicken when you hold it in the air, even if it's in a safe zone, that's why I couldn't more fast enough to get that last bit. Overall cool game man!

You're welcome! Lucky for you, that you have attractive art, which makes people click instantly. It's also nice that the camera zooms out when you grow, and can see more of the screen. Wonder what would happen at 500+ when the whole screen is visible and "food" needs to appear off-screen?

You're welcome! I'm attentive to details, like you. Checked out all your games (the music from 'Cross the road' is playing while I'm writing this), and it seems you have innovative ideas and solutions. Hope you like making games, because you're already good at it! :) 

P.S. about the crouch, always think for 2 minutes if a certain feature you plan on adding will be used at least 10% in your overall game, because if not, then maybe leave it, and focus on polishing the existing ones.

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Glad you like it! The idea came to me only when there were 3 days left, and so predators, upgrades and more areas had to be cut short... In the future this game will get expanded, for sure :) Also thanks for letting me know about those issues.

Everything fits together nicely! The art, the sounds, ui, and frankly (despite the mechanics being easy) the gameplay is hard. Tried 10+ times to finish level 3, and was expecting some evolving, but then at level 4 everything got even more harder lol. 

I know we should use the radar to estimate where the enemies will be coming from (i usually let them pile up behind me, then dash away from their path whenever they catch up, and thus I can get all the food cells going this way in a spiraling path). But man, most of the time it's near impossible to evade the enemies showing up suddenly in your path, especially the pink ones... Is it supposed to be this challenging, or am I doing something wrong?

Interesting! I got to 105 and still kept waiting for the character to turn into a butterfly lol. You managed to make the "food" appear only offscreen, which is good!

Glad I came here to see your game! I'm amazed how cool you managed to redesign the classic platformer style. 

The dust cloud particle of the character's jump is a nice add. Everything feels glitchy (in a fun way, like you got control of the little man inside your old tv set) because of the shader, and the monochrome, well done with that! Good thing you changed the color scheme on every level, because this way they feel more distinguishable and unique.I also liked the idea of rotating-moving platforms, although they felt slippery, maybe with a bit more friction it would be way more doable, and less annoying. Why doesn't the character shrink more when crouching? It shrinks 5% and those (few) tight tunnels don't feel so tight compared to a regular (running) passage. 

You actually managed to implement quite a lot of features, like powerups, star ratings and all that, so thanks for being creative! Keep up the good work!

Level 1: 59.51 + 1 star ; Level 2: 70.43 ; Level 3: 66.93 ; Level 4: 59.15 + 1 star

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Thank you for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed even these short 3 minutes of game-play. I know using already existing music goes against the jam rules, but I found the message "spare your failings and take the ability to strengthen our spirits, and stimulate our minds, blossoms of days to come" suiting for anyone who's thinking about suicide, so I ignored that rule, and left this piece of music anyway, aaaaand built the level around it! 


Interesting, for something you consider very, very short :)

Glad you had fun while playing!

And thanks for pointing out the fade transition. these guys made a similar game for this "CONNECT" game-jam, which I think you'll like. I did :)

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Yeah, the slower speeds were introduced halfway through, when I realized I couldn't finish the latter levels alone at the original speed. That's another reason why early play-test is life-saving! When you build levels in a grid, and respect the proportions, even simple graphics like this can seem wow. To boast a bit, but hey, I'm proud that I found a good process (pm me if you want details), this game was actually made under 50 hours, because I was working other job one night (and sleeping the next day), so that's why the art and mechanics was kept simple, and with increasing challenges.

Thanks a lot! So glad to head that finally something simple for change is still enough to make a good 100hour game. Definately try it with someone else! You'll see the whole point of the game, that together nothing can stop your progress.

Hmm I figured it out too, but after 30+ tries at the same challenge... I know it's hard to get playtesters in such short time. I always post the game to my facebook 24+ hours before the deadline, cause usually only 5-10% of the people who see the post actually test it. That's why I invite all my friends over to test it also. Last day (out of 4) should be dedicated for testing with 10+ people, because you will hear a lot of stuff you never thought about, and when half of them says put a tutorial (for example) then you know it's really needed.

Will give your game another try once I find another person.

Now I see why your game is similar to mine :) Good job in putting all of this together! I sustain most of what B-Deshi Dev wrote below, and I would also add that the second level needs *some* indication as to "headbump" mechanic incoming, otherwise it's very hard for a first time player to figure it out. I know 2 players would come up with solutions faster, just saying *some tutorial* or indicator would help (that's what I forgot to add at the beginning of my first gamejam game, and nobody figured out what to do).  Still in the second level, the second (vertical) challenge is also terribly hard to figure out (for me), dunno about the other players.

Otherwise I love the art style, the light/shadow play, and the story fits the game. Good job again, and keep in mind what I said about *minimal* tutorials ;)

Exactly! You get it. My process is simplified to: concept prototyping with simple shape graphics -> mechanics debug & stabilize + graphics "facelift" -> debug/adjustments with 10+ other players' feedbacks. I'll check out Illumin-Mates tomorrow :)

See? It's easy when you're both playing :) Space is like twisting the key in the lock. That's intentional. Glad to hear you had a fun experience! I rather kept it short and fun / second than long and unfinished boring levels, you know?

Glad you like a challenge! Also thanks for the tip about introducing a vs mode. Another good idea for multiplayer.

Interesting concept, similar to mine (, appreciate the fact that you made it multiplayer! ^^

That first gap jump is waaaaay too hard though. Ideally, you have to let players gradually get used to the mechanics of your game, before introducing jumps or any other mechanics which require near perfect mastery of the player's learned skills. 

Keep that in mind, because I didn't at my first couple of games, and I also see this in many games here on First couple of levels should be learning and mastering a certain game mechanic, then you present the players with harder challenges. Cheers! 

I can see this as a mobile game! That hang instrumental music is very soothing. Overall simple and fun passing of time :)

Very good way of training our connecting / mapping capabilities! Thanks for making this using sacred geometry and turning it into not 2D tower defense, but 3D Planet Defense! The shots are a bit too loud for my ears (comparing them to the music) and they are also a bit short, with no fade out, but otherwise you did a marvelous job assembling it! After 20k score, you basically have a won game going on forever :)

Thanks a lot! So glad people are having fun ^^ you think the "Slow" (slowest) speed setting is still a bit too fast to beat the game?

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Thanks for that! Now it's much more playable :D that "E" on the keypad is not hinting enough that E closes screens...

So, we have to guess what does a little birdy have? (and there's no E in that, because typing E closes the screen)

You did very well on the art and audio! Those two fit the theme very well. Personally, I felt a bit trapped and incapable of escaping, due to the fact that the player moves slower than the monsters. Every time a chaser came after me, even when I tried to run, it got me. That's not really fair in my books. Maybe we finish 99% of the game, and before reaching the last piece of broken heart, a monster starts chasing us and inevitably catches us. Game over... Start again? I dunno... 

Please be careful of making your games fairly winnable, not just winnable by the blind luck of never encountering a game-ender.

Cool game man! The visuals are perfectly put together, although the noise/grain makes the resolution less sharp, but that's only from my viewpoint. I like to see my surroundings clearly, even if it's only 10cm around me. Reminds me of that unreal game, "Perception", where you played as a blind woman in that haunted house. 

Ok, so what am I missing here? I've been running back and forth, whistling into the microphone, for 15min and I don't see how to progress further.. Drew a graph of what I learned. It's the starting area.

Hey where did the game go?

Exactly! But don't worry, I wasn't so efficient in my first game jam either... had to cut out a lot, and barely finished a decent, fair, working version in time. After you get a couple of projects done, you will be able to more accurately predict the amount of time each feature will require to implement, and even then, you need to leave 10-20% of the entire time-frame for a last phase debug session, where you share your game with 10-20 of your trusted gamer friends, and fix as many bugs as you all can find. 

This fox game is promising! Hope you make fun games in the future! Cheers!

Glad to hear you're open minded and receptive to improvement! It's also neat that you combined your forces to dev a game more easily! Until now, I always worked alone, like a maniac, on level design, gameplay mechanics, programming, art creation, sound, and it can get very time consuming, if you play-test 30% of the entire time-frame... 

When making a platformer I think the most important thing to keep an eye out for is the margin of error of each platform's landing zone. 70% of the players will play it less-professionally than you, the devs... And especially, in the beginning of the game, until you make sure the player familiarizes with the controls, and has a firm understanding of them, especially then, in the beginning, you need to be very careful you leave them enough margin of error to learn.

Hope you guys continue to release or improve your existing games! Cheers!

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Very interesting concept and very hard as hell itself lol! One of my favorites for sure!!

Appreciate the effort that you put it all into context, and combined greek mythology into the theme ;) It's actually a very fun game, despite being constantly rushed to think ahead and actually move ahead before the blind lady catches up and stabs you in the back, or idk what happens when you 2 touch... Is that necessary? To make you keep planing and moving ahead? The audio fits the pixel theme and the hellish atmosphere.

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Yes yes, he did a good artwork and he deserves credits for that, but I think the level design deserves more careful consideration. If you put that much effort into planning out each area, with each sub-zone, and platform placement, etc, etc, then it would better be fun playing through, right? 

Well, I felt a bit cheated with that wolf attack and sudden view range decrease, after which I couldn't even brake in time before I fell from my platform, and nobody can memorize and put together in their heads the whole map, while seeing only 3 x 3 meters of it every time on screen. 

--> If you manage to slow down the wolves, or increase the player's view range, as to see each ambush before literally falling into it at that high speed, then all this art would have finally be worth it! I know you were rushed, I had to cut a lot out, because I also planned more than I could deliver in time, and I also play-tested it A LOT (more than 30% of the entire timeframe) along with my friends, before finally submitting a fair, winnable, working version.

Cheers for the theme!

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Somehow this game lured me in and I was pleasantly surprised! It satisfies my sci-fi thing of having multiple flying ships move about and shoot at each other, so you did that part well! Also, the choice of flat design, with couple of shades from the same color range proves you're experienced in delivering a visual atmosphere. Font seems to fit too, I like it! You did a fine job under the deadline, and it's mostly because you seem to know what you're doing right from the start :D It was a matter of implementing it all, which you pulled off in harmony!

The only thing that lacked was the audio from the shots maybe? Or idk, the rain was dominant and that's about it. 

P.S. I like the idea, that only you can convert the wisps, and your converted wisps can merely kill the other dark wisps. Makes me think that I have the power to give purpose to life, while they are merely blindly killing each other.