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Hello! You've assembled a neat looking, well thought out game. There should be a button to close that chest, so the panel doesn't stay blocking half the screen... Same goes for the place item (in store) panel. I had to quit since it was a dead end, although I enjoyed the concept. Keep up the good work and always test test test hahaha. On the upper street, the houses rooftops block the screen and you can't see the player. These might seem like little issues, so I guess fixing them should be no big deal. Cheers!

Soothing music, matching the harmonious choice of colors throughout your level, good job! The challenges were a bit easy in the sense that they didn't require much creative thinking. I know how complex puzzle-game development can be, and trust me, it's worth making it complex! Not too hard, but not so easy, unless you intend the game for 9year old children :) Cheers for this beautiful experience you just gave me! 

cool concept! makes you want to keep upgrading to get better and better. congrats!

Fantastic idea! Love the interdependence / collaboration puzzle elements ;) this concept could expand into a mobile game perhaps? With lots of varying levels to progress the story of this sarcastic cynical monarch and his 3 trusted powers. That da-da-da-da-da sound from the dialogue is 300% louder than I would set it :)

Gorgeous graphics indeed! Well blended & balanced (pun intended!!) I would play an elaborate version of this prototype, after I've read the story from the description. I smell talent...

cool concept darlings! the music in your games lately is a lot more atmospheric!

Congrats on making such a unique combination of physics and "wormholes" (like the one our physical money is being printed through into the "free" market)! 

You have vision + talent, thanks for making games like these!

People would pay $$$ for fun & uniquely addictive mechanics on the mobile store, so please consider that! There are millions of copy-paste ideas, and the ones which are truly amazing, like HolePunch, could earn $$$ because they stand out in awesomeness and deliver in fun/second ;)

Cheers to all developers!

In such a short time, you got the essentials worked out beautifully! Love the fluid dynamics of the followers, it's smooth & organic ;) When you dash into an enemy, it explodes its old colors in a spectacular show & gets reborn with a peaceful color -> genius! Would love to see where this game could be built!

The project is quite interesting, definitely polish it for the market! Next time, try to test, test, and then test some more, then test with your friends, and I guarantee, by the 50th play-test, you will notice all those things that need readjusting, before release :)

Cheers to all developers!

Simplicity at it's best! Would rate 5 stars, have I participated in time...

Gorgeous essential graphics with smart and intuitive puzzle mechanics. Now that's something you don't see everyday :) Why have you submitted this little project when there are still 13+ days left?

Hello and good to play another game of yours! (a lot has happened since August...) 

The idea is great, sound and music are catchy :) On the downside, I think the slime is a bit too low, and when the next obstacle appears & you're in the middle of the screen, you only have 0.5 - 1.0 second to start moving, or else you won't make it in time. Either add 20% more movement speed, or increase the distance between the slime and next obstacle.

Keep making cool games and re-re-repolish current ones so they are market-ready! :D

Way better than the original game released under a tight deadline! 

Adding sounds made it complete. You chose most of the sounds very well, fitting the action and effect they were recreating.

Some of the jumps are still pinpoint, but most of them are fairly jumpable. The checkpoint system is a good add! I liked the star particles too.

The boss seemed a bit too hard to defeat (so many lights), but maybe it's intended to be this hard.

Good job on the post-jam corrections! Check out my updates on TheJoker when you have the time :)

You've managed to recreate, in a modern take, the cool feeling of the beginnings of Spore. I see you've built from elements you've already mastered, that's good! Experience and memory can inspire new solutions :) 

The skill-tree is a pleasant surprise (we all love evolution), I would put a visual icon or something in every box to make them pop out when looking at the entire tree.

Sorry for your loss. At least you got few decades of knowing him!

Ok, now that you mention it was intended to be like Super Meat Boy, it all makes sense, in that regard hope you had fun making a similar, but different one! Thanks for the tip on Singleton manager! Cheers!

You're welcome! Thank YOU for being so awesome and creative!!

All that work on the graphics and animations paid off, since you got #2 on graphics, gg, you deserve it! Players' needs deserve some attention too :) I learned early on, that testing your game, especially with friends who know nothing about your game, helps A LOT, and you spot silly mistakes before publishing. 

This new "shortcut" you implemented is better than starting all over, though I would still recommend implementing a proper checkpoint system. Is your entire game 1 single level? I heard the music keeps playing whenever you switch "levels", and that would explain it. Idea: when the player dies, you could use SceneManager.LoadScene(currentscene) if you split the game up in different scenes.

Thanks! I learned my lesson with the hints, and oversaturated graphics. Hope you learned something new too! :)

Congrats! You got a pretty good score (very close to mine) on graphics! Maybe that "someday you'll be as good as me" is closer than you give yourself credit for ;) Aaand they understood your take on the theme waay better than they did my vaguely presented one. You literally have NO audio whatsoever and still got 670th out of 1058 lol. So focus on the audio complementation too to evoke those feelings!

Thanks! Yes, the puzzle to open the gate is super challenging apparently... I'm curious how far you've got, so I can know where to hint more (text hints so not only visual right brainers, but also linear left brainers can piece the puzzles more easily)

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ok, thats good, what about the red door at the end? It shows you something (precisely 4 of them), something you've collected (touched) along the way.

You're very welcome! I was glad to see my neighbours are active too hehe. These jams are held for us to learn from eachother! I know how the deadline can make you ignore pretty important stuff, I'm still learning to better organize too, and each time is easier and with more interesting results.

Even with "short" games like these, keep in mind, that some people won't have the patience to forcefully sit through static events. Make it dynamic! Or if you like slow paced stories, better make it a damn good one, which is very captivating!

[RO] Cu mare drag! Ma surprinde placut sa vad ambitia vecinilor. Spor!

Now that you've mentioned your previous games, I understand why this game is starting to feel like a proper one (your skills & efficiency improve with each new project). Making ALL the assets is an amazing opportunity to create something unique, and that should motivate you. Using existing assets for websites or graphic design was limiting me and I realized later, that's why I started making games.

Working in a team is sooo much better than solo dev! Your 5 stars will always be 5 stars, but both your 5 stars as a team actually deliver 15+ stars, as far as I've seen. Brainstorming before startig the project will help you formulate 70% of the content and mechanics, prioritizing them, so later, if you discover something more is needed, you'll still have time for it, because the priorities are already implemented. Plan & test! Don't just work with whatever comes up along the way and accept it as ok... 

[RO] Cu siguranta vom dezvolta niste jocuri bomba, fiindca noi avem viziune si perseverenta. Insa trebuie sa te upgradezi constant, in industria asta am vazut ca nu poti sta comod in aceleasi ape. Succes in continuare!

Interesant frate!

Considering it's your first game, you managed to implement quite a few stuff and functionality. I liked the background art, sometimes the color combinations (Gary's over-saturated eyes, the colorful menu) are not so easy for the eyes.

Now for some constructive criticism: always make a skip text button! It can get very annoying. Don't take this the wrong way, but I've seen many games making up for the lack of mechanics with looooong texts. Some people like visual novels, but most players want fun/second. And that fun should not be repetitive, it should be gradually increasing in challenge, variety and awesomeness! 

I recognized a lot of romanian word order in your sentences, and a few typos. Watch out for those, or quickly ask one of your fluent english friends to edit your texts.

The player's movement seems slow most of the time (I know it's matching the footsteps animation, good job, but you can speed up the animation inside the animator window). It should be slow in tight places, like that backstage, but out in the open, when the character is small on screen, the speed should be faster.

Sometimes the jump is unresponsive, and that's a major no no, trust me. I'm a patient fellow, and I was forced to quit the game where those balls came at you after 20+ tries, each failing because of the jump not working... Play-test, play-test, and then play-test some more! Give it to friends who know nothing about your game, they will notice these things very soon, and you could fix them before publishing the game.

Why isn't there a mouse in the menu? And why toggle between buttons with W?

All in all, respect for being honest, hardworking people! :) You certainly have vision, though you lack the experience and know-how. Watch ExtraCredits on YT, especially the older episodes (they have a lot), which are pretty useful stuff. I learned a lot from them, things I wouldn't have guessed so easily on my own, by trial & error. I discovered the concept of fun/second from them, and it's probably the no1 aspect which you should focus on before even designing the levels. Always give enough time for brainstorming! I work like Nikola Tesla used to (we're both INTJ personality): plan 70% of the mechanics in my head, and when they fit together properly, I start designing the art, levels, and audio. My 4th game jam (, which I've won, had a 7 days time-frame, theme was "100", and I though a lot about it, wanted to make something original (always aim for that, because it's easy to interpret the obvious, and people notice it's mediocre, or a cliche, you don't want that to happen, because you'll regret not pushing yourself further...). The idea for that game came to me on the 4th day, and even then, I spent an entire night under the starry night, formulating the mechanics, and made the 3 minute game in ~30 hours. It was friggin short, but it was fun/second, and it scored overall #1, visual #1, audio #1, creativity #3, out of 71 entries.

Games are a beautiful form of art, and a wonderful medium through which we can transmit messages to people's hearts! If you want to make a living out of this, you can! And you'll have to friggin stand out of the millions of other games nowadays. Hope you guys keep making better and better games! Bafta!

For your first game, it's pretty good! 

That music sounded cool, though when repeating for the 100th time, it kind of gets annoying imo. Some sound fx would have been a nice addition! Please reduce the camera's near clip from 0.3 (default) down to 0.0, because when you're close to the walls, the camera clips through on the edges and that's weird. Also, I don't know why you left drag on the player, maybe to simulate otherworldly gravity, but it's not such a good idea when you jump from one platform to another, something (i think it's drag) slows you down you in the air, and you fall before reaching the next platform. Always play-test your games, and ask multiple friends to play-test it as well. They will notice things you (the devs) missed. Cheers!

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Thank you for the detailed response! It's supposed to feel like the fourth dimension, because you're in a place between lives, limbo, more exactly. There are no tutorials there, you have to figure out what's what and how to get reincarnated. 

Many people said everything is too saturated, and I harmonized it, based on your feedbacks, check back in a couple of days, to see the updates and the rest of the levels! Will check your game soon ;)


Where exactly were you stuck? Like I wrote on the game's page "No need to rush... Observeunderstand, choose a direction, and ALIGN! [...] every information you need for the puzzles are right there for you, just pay attention to the shapesshadows and reflections"

Great entry! The nattation was a good idea, although you need to practice, like Stefano said. Most of the puzzles were fun and challenging, but others were rage-inducing. You chose a simple art style, which fits the game's simplicity!

Now this is something new! Glad you made something interesting and unique, compared to most of the games here! The rotating gun needs to be resolved, because it's a bit weird lol, and some music would have been even better! Maybe the player could jump to several other platforms, to spice things up! ;) I really enjoy trajectory games like these, hope you make more!

Interesting interpretation! The art is cool, although those white tips look pixelated when they're so small (make them bigger and more clear). Would have loved some music and audioFX, and maybe some more content, because you made all that mechanics just for a couple of levels..

Interesting concept! I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics and the challenge! Yes, sometimes it gets difficult to memorize the current control config, displaying it as a UI in each level after you pressed every direction would help a lot! Not everyone has perfect memory, especially when you have 0.3 seconds until you fall off, and accidentally press the wrong button... A bit more audio fx would have been great! Other than that, you pulled off a solid game! Hope you make more creative ones like this ;) 

One of the most gorgeous games I've played here! You made an incredible amount of sprites, and the animations are wonderfully designed, and detailed! There's certainly talent behind this game ;) For the love of god, please make a checkpoint system!! (it's super easy, just watch the first tutorial on YT) People (including me) will quit 99% because of having to start aaaalll over again... I would have loved to play it all the way to the end. Everything fits together beautifully! Keep making games like this (with checkpoints!!) and you can even monetize them! ;)

You got the graphics looking good, but where's the audio? Where's the gameplay mechanics? I tried pushing those cubes, sometimes it worked, other times it didn't, and I didn't really understand what's up with those. Wish this was expanded more :)

Very interesting interpretation of the theme, I'm sure many people will familiarize with the style (cough -rtal). I enjoyed the puzzles, but that 13 got me, and I really wanted to see the ending, hearing it's a shocker. Hope you make more cool games like this, given more time, add more content, and you could even monetize it! ;)

Wow! Such a simple mechanic, and so many variety! Making it endless is a good idea (you can make this into a monetized game also) Missed the theme being portrayed in the game, but there were plenty other surprises! Please keep making games like this! You have a talent for combining mechanics into a very fun (and addictive) game.

Wow, for 25 hours this is quite nice! Ok.. 25 x 2 people = 50 hours, but still amazing! 

Wow, you really worked yourself off with creating all that art! Movement seemed a bit unstable, maybe because some places are super tight and some jumps are pinpoint, plus, the up-down wobbling of the camera after each jump seemed a bit too much (maybe 120% much). Couldn't find the patience to finish your game (after aquiring wallride), maybe with checkpoints it would be less punishing. Otherwise I'm amazed by your effort and this game should be played by more!

Thank you! On the last day, right before uploading, I had the time to install a mac builder for Unity, and I still decided not to, out of laziness and tiredness, and now I wish I did. Lesson learned. Check back in a couple of days, when I'll post the updated version (mac included, for sure)

Thanks for the feedback, noted! Yes, it was made in 5-6days, because I had to work on the last 2 days... That's why only 3/6 levels got done, but at least I managed to polish them. You don't really need to look up, only around you (for direction) and below you (for landing). That camera and movement script was pretty tricky, I'm not entirely satisfied either, but I sure learned a lot about controls :)

Thanks a lot! This is the first gamejam game which I couldn't finish in time, and it's the most complex. Maybe someday I'll learn to plan better, and put more hints/clues. 

The art is really unique and it was the one thing which caught my attention and brought me over here. But maaaan, what the hell is with that mouse sensivity?? Did you not test it on other devices besides yours? Or maybe your mouse sensivity is set to maximum, and it plays well on your end. I mean, I had to move my mouse on the mousepad 50+ times just to turn around 180 degrees. Jesus man... It ruined the flow and I quit after 3-4 wrong turns, otherwise I would have enjoyed playing this gorgeous game of yours.

Interesting concept, my only comment would be to make those books fly faster! Those reds move so fast, that you need to be a master shooter to actually hit them from far, and from close there is the danger of them reaching you, since you're slow too...