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I liked the risk aspect of the game. Trying to play the balance between using your dice for certainty and saving them for continuation. The art was nice and I quite like the game had a useful tutorial to help explain things.

It was a very interesting concept and I likes the fact I could re-roll a die once. I do wish there was a way to see I had used my roll as a couple times I ended up with the same number and was unsure if I simply had misclicked.

I like the addition of the values leading to combinations. It gives a nice sense of planning to your actions. The sound was nice and the animations for movement were simple but effective.

Cute game with nice easy to understand mechanics. The visuals were really nice and how you upgraded yourself worked well. I sadly got stuck on level 3 for some reason where I could do no more actions it seemed but did not see any way to end my turn.

Still, really like the concept and execution.

Very cool play on things. Understanding things was good and simple while giving a lot of chance for depth. Loved this.

Really great factory game base. Simple, polished, easy to understand.

I say "Could use some more layers/things to do," but only because I want more to do in the game. 

Dang, just never managed to roll that three then. Good to know, thanks.

Yeah, that makes sense. Being able to rotate the camera to see things is way more important for sure. 

Really well done in basically every way. It has nice polish with actions feeling punchy and good. A good variety of enemies and how you have to handle them. A standout entry, love it.

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Interesting concept though it is simply visualizing the behind the scenes rolls you do in a normal RPG. It is done with a good amount of visual polish and simple but effective sound and music. Bonus points for having a working volume setting for both music and sfx.

Feel free to check out the game I made with a group for this jam too

Really simply but satisfying idea. I do wish there was some indicator I was out of ammo and a better reticule for where I'm targeting but that is because I found it a lot of fun. Really well done.

A pretty simple maze searcher with some static hazards to deal with. The dice to destroy walls was a interesting touch but finding them was quite difficult. 

I liked the art for the character and enemies though the tiling on the ground was a bit busy for my eyes. 

Looks really nice and once I got my head around the controls it felt pretty good. The are a did feel a little small and I lost several games at the start simply throwing my die and it accidentally going in the water.

Having to pick up and deposit the coins one at a time did feel tedious though. It would have been nicer if I could simply run over them or at least just pick them up without a die in hand to get them.

Interesting idea of trying to cheat being the primary mechanic. That said, I found trying to affect the dice you roll to be really hard. Like it didn't feel like I was having much effect most of the time and I could not tell if I was simply not clicking on the die or if it was something else.

Really liked this game. The movement were smooth and felt good. The damage was really punchy and felt good killing the enemies. It did get a bit busy on the screen though at times making some things like enemy projectiles a bit hard to avoid. 

The weapons though felt a bit odd at times. While great when you use them, the kinda auto attacking nature felt confusing. Like a knife, get close and it hits them, cool. Why is my gun not firing though.

I still really enjoyed it and the power ups felt like a nice bonus per round.

I basically have the same feedback as other people. Visually it is very nice and the music is good, though I do miss a volume slider. But I could not figure out the mechanics very well. I think some more visual or sound feedback per stat so you can see the changes easier. That or a better connection between what you do and what has changed.

The visuals were great, both vibrant and care enough to distinguish units easily. The music was a good volume by default, which is always nice. The random +/- effect you are assigning out each turn did feel a little unnecessary but not to the point of being a problem. It was a fun time overall.

Feel free to check out the game I made with a group for this jam too

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Very pretty, simple idea. Got stuck for a while on a level but figured things out in the end. I wish there was keyboard controls since the clicking on the direction for in the way of the visuals.

The movement felt pretty good. I did have a moment of confusion since both mouse and keyboard could control the direction (but I could not figure out a jump key aside from space). The throwing of the disk was a little hard to control to get where I wanted.

Thank you for the interesting game submission this year.

Feel free to check out the game I made with a group for this jam too

I was a little confused as to my objective. It was very easy to avoid the enemies and quite easy to kill them. I saw very few times aside from wanting to land on a specific tile for a update to use anything but the highest roll chance option. 

I might have missed a key but for some reason I could not go into the settings. 

The music was nice if a bit loud and it did control well just as I said a bit confusing. 

I hope you had fun making this game in the jam.

Feel free to check out the game I made with a group for this jam too

I found some aspect hard to understand. Why was I only attacking in one direction for instance. Why were so many enemies just standing around. It controlled well and the core concept was easy enough to understand but I felt too limited.

I would also ask to please make sure there is a volume control in your game. The music was nice but way too loud and with no simple way to control it overly so in my headphones. The art was also quite good with most parts easy enough to read with good contrast.

Feel free to check out the game I made with a group for this jam too

I like the concept. It was pretty intuitive and the puzzle ramped up at a reasonable speed.

A couple of the powers took me a minute to get my head around (might just be post jam brain daze) but generally was clear with just the tile icons. 

I don't know why bit I found the music sound quite loud in game vs in the menu. Some of the abilities felt weirdly slow, like the roll dice power. 

Feel free to check out the game I made with a group for this jam too

It is a pretty normal shooter but with the twist of having to regather the shoot after using it. I did fine it controlled quite smoothly but it seemed harder than I expected to actually grab the dice. 

I couldn't tell but was the dice actually changing what happened with it over time? I noticed the fire effect but could not really tell what it did. I also found the enemies attacks a little fast so I could not react in any useful way to avoid getting hit.

It is a pretty normal shooter but with the twist of having to regather the shoot after using it. I did fine it controlled quite smoothly but it seemed harder than I expected to actually grab the dice. 

I couldn't tell but was the dice actually changing what happened with it over time? I noticed the fire effect but could not really tell what it did. I also found the enemies attacks a little fast so I could not react in any useful way to avoid getting hit.

Pretty nice and straightforward twin stick shooter style game. I like how the enemies can split based on the notes and the sounds was nice.

It was annoying though that the sound settings didn't seem to save between the main menu and in game and back. The limited space and enemy movement styles also meant that I could pretty easily strafe around and kill everything but the boss without a worry.

I was confused at first with the boss as I thought I had to touch the dice to get the change but it seemed to be automatic.

Overall it was a fun, thanks for making it.

If you want check out the game I made with a group please check out

The character you broth to the game was wonderful. Good art and fun overall game. I did find the controls a bit sticky. Time I felt like I should be able to jump and wasn't. Also, some of the levels felt almost luck required to finish. That all said, still had a lot of fun.

I wish there was a little more joined actions between the person and the turret. While I liked the idea of my person needing to collect the start for points while the turret kept the enemies off them, that felt like most of the connection (aside from the obvious rope). It was fun and interesting to try and work out how best to plan, but in the end I misty just did my best to shoot all the enemies as fast as I could and when I had attention, move the person to grab a star (I'm not very good at this kind of shooter in general I find). 

Very impressive work with both a opening cutscene and ending. The difficulty curve of the levels is a little off I felt but fun overall. Very nice with the different combinations though I do wish there was some less obvious answers to things as most of the levels basically boiled down to do the only thing you can.

All that said, I finished the game, only got stuck and had to restart one, and had a lot of fun. Really well done.

Very cute game with quite a bit of polish. I did find controlling both parts challenging but it worked quite well after a little time with it. I also like this clever interpretation of the theme.

I really wish I had the ability to see (maybe after I visit a planet) to see what they take and produce. Just to prevent a lot of re-traveling trying to remember where things were. Outside of that, a interesting concept for the theme and controlled well.

I liked a lot about this. The simplistic art and known gameplay worked really well to focus on what was going on. The controls were a little tricky and I wish there was a way to move without charging (or could continue to move while charged in some way). Also, I may have missed it but I could not see my health in any manner in game so it was tough to gauge how good/bad I was doing. The feel as you group together a bunch of circles and then get them to pop together was really satisfying. 

I live the idea but the screen clutter is a bit too much. Finding a better cadence of when the various ghost text pops up I think would help a lot. It would also be nice to have some way to identify which spirits were in your party and which were not. I had to shuffle around a bit to try and identify the right spirit at one point. I would have also liked it for the action buttons to be in the in game spirit info screen.

The basic idea with different spirits giving different abilities could be expanded out quite nicely I think. I also liked the music and art.

A fun little game with just about the right level of heck-tic-ness. I did find the connection a little unintuitive as I kept trying to use my hand icon for the connection point rather than the end of the plug. Took me a while to get my head to make that connection. Had a fun time playing around with you game, good job.

I wish I had a little more control over getting my hanging dwarf onto the glom mineral patches. Kinda just felt like I had to flail around until they got close and hope. A little more feedback as others say when attacking would also be nice, It did control well otherwise and has some good simple music and amusing sounds.

Maybe, I'm not actually sure. It is something I only some get and I honestly don't look into it much since it does not come up as a thing most of the time. I suspect purple would help a lot in my case but can't promise anything.

I suspect you had a problem we made in not informing you how to turn on the sections. Using the 1 and 2 keys (the ones above Q and W on the keyboard) will cause the upper and lower panels to light up. Once that is done, the WASD keys should work. If possible could you try again? If they still don't, I am very sorry for the trouble but it would be good to know that.

The repetitive music is probably my biggest complaint. The controls felt very good and responsive. The levels were maybe a little long in my mind and I am not sure if the mirrored levels added fun difficulty or simply more difficulty. It would have to be used carefully. Overall, a fun game you made, well done.

Fairly well executed game wit ha straightforward concept. The controls were a little too floaty for my likings but overall I had fun with this. I think the difficulty could have increased a little faster and require you to use the placing of weights sooner. 

I loved how simple but intuitive it was. Pleasant peaceful music with a nice art style. I did accidentally break the game at one point trying to match someone with a person and the same side (seemed to get me stuck with a connection that would not release or connect). A nice relaxing time overall.