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The character you broth to the game was wonderful. Good art and fun overall game. I did find the controls a bit sticky. Time I felt like I should be able to jump and wasn't. Also, some of the levels felt almost luck required to finish. That all said, still had a lot of fun.

I wish there was a little more joined actions between the person and the turret. While I liked the idea of my person needing to collect the start for points while the turret kept the enemies off them, that felt like most of the connection (aside from the obvious rope). It was fun and interesting to try and work out how best to plan, but in the end I misty just did my best to shoot all the enemies as fast as I could and when I had attention, move the person to grab a star (I'm not very good at this kind of shooter in general I find). 

Very impressive work with both a opening cutscene and ending. The difficulty curve of the levels is a little off I felt but fun overall. Very nice with the different combinations though I do wish there was some less obvious answers to things as most of the levels basically boiled down to do the only thing you can.

All that said, I finished the game, only got stuck and had to restart one, and had a lot of fun. Really well done.

Very cute game with quite a bit of polish. I did find controlling both parts challenging but it worked quite well after a little time with it. I also like this clever interpretation of the theme.

I really wish I had the ability to see (maybe after I visit a planet) to see what they take and produce. Just to prevent a lot of re-traveling trying to remember where things were. Outside of that, a interesting concept for the theme and controlled well.

I liked a lot about this. The simplistic art and known gameplay worked really well to focus on what was going on. The controls were a little tricky and I wish there was a way to move without charging (or could continue to move while charged in some way). Also, I may have missed it but I could not see my health in any manner in game so it was tough to gauge how good/bad I was doing. The feel as you group together a bunch of circles and then get them to pop together was really satisfying. 

I live the idea but the screen clutter is a bit too much. Finding a better cadence of when the various ghost text pops up I think would help a lot. It would also be nice to have some way to identify which spirits were in your party and which were not. I had to shuffle around a bit to try and identify the right spirit at one point. I would have also liked it for the action buttons to be in the in game spirit info screen.

The basic idea with different spirits giving different abilities could be expanded out quite nicely I think. I also liked the music and art.

A fun little game with just about the right level of heck-tic-ness. I did find the connection a little unintuitive as I kept trying to use my hand icon for the connection point rather than the end of the plug. Took me a while to get my head to make that connection. Had a fun time playing around with you game, good job.

I wish I had a little more control over getting my hanging dwarf onto the glom mineral patches. Kinda just felt like I had to flail around until they got close and hope. A little more feedback as others say when attacking would also be nice, It did control well otherwise and has some good simple music and amusing sounds.

Maybe, I'm not actually sure. It is something I only some get and I honestly don't look into it much since it does not come up as a thing most of the time. I suspect purple would help a lot in my case but can't promise anything.

I suspect you had a problem we made in not informing you how to turn on the sections. Using the 1 and 2 keys (the ones above Q and W on the keyboard) will cause the upper and lower panels to light up. Once that is done, the WASD keys should work. If possible could you try again? If they still don't, I am very sorry for the trouble but it would be good to know that.

The repetitive music is probably my biggest complaint. The controls felt very good and responsive. The levels were maybe a little long in my mind and I am not sure if the mirrored levels added fun difficulty or simply more difficulty. It would have to be used carefully. Overall, a fun game you made, well done.

Fairly well executed game wit ha straightforward concept. The controls were a little too floaty for my likings but overall I had fun with this. I think the difficulty could have increased a little faster and require you to use the placing of weights sooner. 

I loved how simple but intuitive it was. Pleasant peaceful music with a nice art style. I did accidentally break the game at one point trying to match someone with a person and the same side (seemed to get me stuck with a connection that would not release or connect). A nice relaxing time overall.

A very relaxing game. Had a great time going through this. There are only a couple things I wish were different really, and one is very specific to me. Being partially red/green colour blind, there was a couple times I literally didn't see the eagles before it hit me. Not sure what would have worked within the single colour sytle you were mostly using but something to be aware of. The other minor point is I found the effects a little loud, distracting from the music. I wish they had been just a little quieter.

All that said, I did keep the game open the whole time I was writing this, listening to the ending music. I really did have a a wonderful time in those skies.

This is a interesting. There is sadly not too much to do and for the most part it was simply go to all possible locations until I find the next part of the story. This in and of itself wasn't bad, I've played more than enough games like that. I was more disappointed I didn't see more changes each time I traveled after making a change. Not sure if I did miss something but eventually the toilet was simply telling me I could travel with it and I didn't seem to be able to do anything more.

The look and feel for your game was wonderful. I wish a new mechanic had be put in at some point as the last few levels didn't really feel all that different. Of the mechanics in the game I also wish there was a faster way to move blocks as it felt a little slow doing it one space at a time. I thought the art and music were both on point with a special call out to the little tunes as lights mixed and hit targets. Great levels of polish overall.

Very cute game. I like how the different abilities could be combined together to create some interesting puzzles. I wish the chicken would move a little faster in general and I ended up getting stuck on a level with two charging sheep. Overall I had a lot of fun with this. Great job.

Quite polished though a little floaty for the movement controls. The record/move combo is one I have seen yet in the jam and worked quite well. Not sure if it was the intended solution but the only way I found to solve the second to last level was to abuse the robot able to multi jump when on my head. Managed to finish the game and enjoyed my time with it.

I had a lot of fun with this. Pretty simple to understand once things get started and satisfying to get some big chains. That said, a bit too random and possibly easy. I ended up with a run where I literally cleared the board (and was making a bunch of suboptimal moves to make sure I used up all my moved just in case). The fact I could destroy the hazards by simply timing a shot for a single number to get rid of them felt too easy. There also felt like too many move increases (or they were giving too many extra moves). Some balance work there but a fun core concept and well made for the time you had for the jam. Great job.

Very chill and relaxing game. I could see having a lot of fun building up skies or letting them form themselves. It would be interesting to have different photo shapes (wider but shorter or vis-versa) or something to change up the kind of star clusters I would be getting. Had a lovely time with your game, thank you.

Really cool concept and well put together. The first day or two probably should have been shorter given the limited number of things to do but that is a small pacing complaint. I will say the splitter felt like a backwards move in terms of complexity since it allowed me to not have to manage the blue wires at all, making the level much easier than it should have been. Had a great time and one of the better games I've played so far.

Definitely better, a fair bit easier to see the levels now.

Very slick game with fairly intuitive actions. Well scoped down I feel like and enjoyable feel as you complete each stage. I do wish I could have known which part was going to release a package (or at least the order) in some way at the start so I could try and assess what I have to do in the level before things happen. I like the fact you were generous in the hit area for toggling the switches and that there was no restriction on when something went, only that the colours were separate. Really well done.

I'll echo the repetitive audio commend below, that or have a sound option to turn it off. The fact I was supposed to catch the laser shots is a bit interesting for this style of game but it could use some better feedback. I also expected to have to keep both my players alive always, so when one died it left me just playing a normal game (more of a comment on a submission for this jam than on the game itself).

Decent execution of this style of game but the fact that when one person gets to the goal they stop basically halves the challenge. The zoomed out view of such a small window was a little annoying but I don't have that much issue given it is a game jam, jus something to keep in mind next time.

The art and music meshed really well to keep the game relaxed. You have a fairly good ramp up of difficulty and quite a few levels. I did feel like the small boxes should have been a little bigger so I could not accidentally hit a small candy corn spike when the box was over it. 

Simple controls in general though it could do with some more feedback. Knowing when I have a charged bullet to capture something would help. I also had no idea why I would want to separate my joined hexagons.

As others have said, I'm getting some strong Papers Please vibes, and that is not a bad thing. I do wish there was more here and some kind of either simple music or other ambient sounds to fill the silence. I could see a interesting narrative focused version of this as a full game. Great job in execution of your idea.

I didn't notice but I'm glad you got it in in time. And I know the feeling of running the deadline from previous game jams. Hopefully you are recovering from the stress now.

So, I wasn't much of a fan of the untold time limit (a little amusing but also feels a little disrespectful to the player). The idea of basically two mechanics with a single control scheme was interesting and did make me think of how I was going to solve the puzzle in front of me. I also am not too sure why the passage on level 2 was somewhat hidden (same colour almost as the rest of the walls).

I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to grab something and what to do. A interesting concept that I wish you had more time to explore and polish before the game jam ended.

The music, art and story are simply amazing. Had a lot of fun playing through this. The mechanics were simple but had just enough depth to make me think a few times. One thing I did have some problems with was the attaching mechanic, it seemed like I had to be very precise with that part. A very minor complaint for this wonderful experience. Thank you very much for making this.

Fun little game idea. I did have some issues with clouds (I think) covering the screen which didn't feel too good. The controls and visuals were nice and was pretty satisfying to shoot up the incoming drones. I just wish I could see things better.

Wonderfully fun game. Has a great ramp up in difficulty with some real brain teasers. Very nice graphics and music. A great exploration of a small mechanical set does well. The one mechanic I felt confusing was that you could only separate if the hook was attached to a red peg. I kept trying to by moving the hook against walls.

Very polished looking game and worked well. MY only real feedback is that I didn't see much point in interacting with the mechanics. Simply avoiding the enemies and projectiles seemed the best way to win. I had wished I needed to do things with the various projectiles rather than always just avoid them.

The polish levels were amazing though, great work overall.

Interesting idea. I like how I could match up other things even if there was no purpose at the time (the water in level 2). I got stuck sadly on level 3 because of the lighting issue. Tried my best to work around it but couldn't. Wish you could have gotten the build out the way you wanted.

Loved the art and music. I dove straight into the game so didn't see the direction instructions on the main page so spent a while trying to figure out how to jump (P is a bit of a odd key choice). Given you had in world instructions for the making a bone bridge, adding one early on for the jump would have helped a lot there.

The idea of using up bones to make paths and the different sizes/abilities you could have at each level of bones is interesting in concept. I feel like this could lead to some interesting puzzles in future levels.

The only remaining comments are on the sound effect (bones rattling) being a little loud and can be annoying if you are stuck in that mode too long, and there is no indicator on how many bones are needed for the next level change.

Great job overall and again love the background music and pixel art style.

Good fun to go flying attached to a giant boulder but a unbreakable chain. I did find myself unsure how to progess at points since there was not really clear indications on what buttons and switches were doing. Liked the music and art style and when I was able to make progress had some good fun with my boulder friend.

Very cool and well polished visually. I did find myself having some trouble with controlling the hammer and actually getting in nails, and I found the screen shake a bit too extreme at times. On the other hand I loved the music and art. When it changes to the larger battle it does give a wonderful sense of scale. Had a great time, thanks for making this.