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Sadly, no. The only way I've been able to fudge things is to change my actual screen resolution. 

I'm at this point just waiting for the Jam to end so I can at least update the build and have it not as broken.

Thank you very much for checking it out.

Really happy to hear you got it to work and had fun. And yes, I already have a fixed build ready to upload once the jam is over.

Thanks for playing and putting the advice to get the game working for anyone else that might see it.

Thank you

Turns out I messed up and forgot to anchor things correctly, so it won't work for most people I suspect. Sorry about that.

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You should be able to crouch by choosing a key, then move left/right to get under the blocks.
Editing in case anyone else sees this. Game needs to be played in 16x10 resolution or the layout prevents the game from working. Sorry.

Fun little game and for the most part easy to get once you understand things but a bit better a tutorial/explanation would be great. Still enjoyed it and wish there was more.

Thank you for checking it out. It was definitely a bit broad on the theme element. 

The lack of information, as you said, was part of the theme. Still, some better communication or ability to understand things I agree would only help out players in their enjoyment I think.

Interesting, thank you for letting me know. Never had that happen in my testing so it'll be hard to track down. If you can remember more about what was going on, it would help out.

A simple but fin little game. The controls are a little floaty but with the fairly lenient spacing I didn't have that much trouble once I figured things out.

The music was quite nice, if a bit short. Not sure if it was supposed to loop or go to a second track but I played until the music stopped. 

I also think I hit a bug. At one point I ended up where the yellow circles were supposed to be falling but nothing was happening. I could move and the music kept playing but there was nothing to dodge.

I also had some issues with the yellow circles when they hit the ground. The white squares that spawned made it hard at times trying to keep track of where I was.

I overall enjoyed this.

As others have said, I like the idea of losing abilities as a mechanic in the game. It gives a nice twist on the normal progression mechanic. 

I found the game fairly easy to get through even without attacking anything. This is mostly to do with the low damage the enemies did, even when I was bouncing off them.

The movement and response felt really nice, easy to handle and control. 

One maybe bug I found was hitting enter again after the game started seemed to finish the game (got a "Thanks for playing" screen) and I had to restart the game.

Not too much to say. Great taste in music, and good sounds when landing on another planet. No real explanation what the bars at the bottom mean, but I figured things out in the end. Sadly, I can't try out multiplayer since I don't have anyone else around. 

Amusing, simple, long title. Movement was a little extreme but fit with the silly fast paced game you made. Can't say much more but it was a fun little game. Good job.

Not too much to say but it is a interesting little idea. I got stuck on level 7 when I couldn't find anything to interact with. Not too sure how the gravity aspect worked as the yellow circles on level 6 didn't seem to get affected. 

Very fun game. No level was too difficult or frustrating that I found. The little sounds when you complete a circuit was pretty much perfect. I'll admit I missed that a zone was active when the green border was on till quite far in. More than anything though, I really like how you can try and solve a puzzle before moving any pieces and then execute on your plan. Great job.

Pretty neat little 3d tower defense. Obviously with the limited time you had to create things, you can eventually get to pretty much invincible. Resources also eventually get to useless but see point one. The sounds were a little loud, particularly the missiles, but the music felt really nice. Some more variety of buildings and balance and you could have something pretty cool.

Very fun little drifting game. I really like how smooth the game flowed but I did have a lot of trouble actually having anything like control. The sheer acceleration meant I was constantly trying to just angle things so I wouldn't crash or careen off into the water. It was also too fast for me to react to anything in general, so I ended up once after dying just looking at the map, now that I had the time to, to try and figure out where I should go. Thankfully the levels I played were pretty short, so rapidly dieing and learning was basically the game plan.

As a concept, I like what you are trying to do. The issue I have is with the feedback I get from actions. It was really hard to figure out if things are happening or not. Just some simple progress bars to show things are actually progressing, or not, would really help. Cool concept overall though.

 One thing I will note right away, it would be nice to only try and connect things when I release them. Without that control, it would be very hard to make any kind of order to what I am trying to do. As a idea though, kinda interesting. 

 Fun game with some nice music to go along.It brought through a good amount of tension of trying to get the connections going but I did have some difficulty with placing jacks in the right place. I also would have like some way to re-coil the lines so they didn't look quite so messy at the bottom (once take out). The listen/mute switch per line was a nice touch as well.

Cute game. Managed to figure things out eventually but yeah, wall of text was a bit much right off the bat. Is there a pattern to the input causing new cables to spawn? It didn't feel consistent if there was which was frustrating given the game is score based.  (ie. the number of correct presses till the next cable appears).

Cute game with a nice story behind what is going on. The simple music worked well with the atmosphere and the basic controls worked fine. The big problem I had was with the flying spirits. They moved too fast and unexpectedly for me to do anything about them. It felt like I would just randomly get grabbed and I should then just mash the mouse and hope I grabbed one of the red ball things to pull myself away. A little more controls or ability to react would have been very welcome.

Good puzzles and simple design. One thing you might think of is to make the movable block more obviously of a colour. It took me a little while to realize the edges were tinted red (partially red/green colour blind). It still was fun to play around, just something to keep in mind.

Pretty similar to a few other games I have seen, though that is not a bad thing. Having the players actually create a connection between the two panels makes for a interesting twist, rather than using a bunch of pre-made answers. Spending some time to flesh out how the middle gets built and used could make this a fun little party game.

Definitely better as a download then in browser. I accidentally back navigated a few times when trying ot right click on things. The game as a baseline is ok with some reasonable simple tactics. My biggest issue is multiple times I ended up in what I could only see as a stalemate. I couldn't get enough connections to really push the enemy lines, and they couldn't do the same to me. I'm assuming the levels are randomly created, if so, that is where I would see if I could do things to make the levels more interesting to play on. Still a cool little game, congrats.

Very cool, I would enjoy playing more of this. The music and sounds worked very well. The only tiny thing I would complain about, and more if the game was longer, is the inability to complete text, or speed it up.

Overall, it was very humorous and I just wish there was a little more to the choices or more compound results. Obviously not really possible with the short time frame of a game jam. Thank you for making this.

Understandable, it is a game jam after all. Just getting something finished can be difficult enough. 

Very cool and we built game. I feel like the difficulty is just about right for what kind of game it is. Some early tutorial or even more focused levels to teach specific mechanics would of course be welcome but I did eventually figure things out and finish the game. I especially liked the final technical learning twist at the very end.

The music worked really well with calmer music for most levels and more tense for the action levels. My only complaints are I had some trouble with keys not responding (probably just a webgl issue) and I wasn't as fond of the second to last level with the three moving panels. I thought the solution, or at least the one I found, was a little poor, relying too much on fast reaction and speed than technical skill.

Still, I really like the game, awesome job.

Sorry to hear it was unfinished. What I could see is interesting. in concept. Sadly, with text off screen and such a limited amount to play I can't give too much feedback but again, I like the idea you have.

Overall I like what you have made. So first the things I had issue with. The biggest is the jump key felt unresponsive. Several times I would press the key and nothing seemed to happen, not sure why. I also found the music fine at first but given how long you spend wondering around it got a little tiresome. Just lowering the volume a little might help a lot preventing it being quite so overly focused. A more personal note, I didn't like that I was stuck being unable to complete the game because I failed to get enough emotions before the cut off drop. 

Things I like. The fact you gave a bit of back story to what was going on. While the music was a bit much, it fit with what the game was saying. When the jumping was working, the movement felt pretty good. I was mostly able to direct myself through even difficult jumps with little problems. The overall art style worked well and was quite good with the restriction to black and white.
The last thing I want to say is I  wish the character evolved, even something small like a facial change, as they got more emotions. Something aside from the number in the corner to represent progress.

Great job with the game.

Nice simple game. I agree with another comment that the delay between being in a winning state and actually winning is a bit long. Same for the post whiteout state and the next level. I'll echo as well that some music would help a lot (they say not having any in their own game). 

The puzzles them self actually good but I found the clouds acting a little odd mentally when trying to redirect. Something about the shape and how the beam bounces felt off. Wish I could explain why but I felt more like I was just randomly moving them to get the right angle rather than placing them with direct purpose. Nice work and congrats on your first game jam.

Excellent game. Just wonderful amounts of polish with the music, the death animation slowdown, the artistic style. The game is simple enough to get really fast, and complex enough to require a lot of skill. I never felt annoyed or cheated when I died, and repeating a level was fast and you learned (if you are paying attention) with each attempt. Just wonderful amounts of fun. Great job

Its a fun little game with simple but easy controls. I would try and make the wifi zones more important or fundamental to the game. I was able to beat most of the enemies just spam clicking the punch button outside the wifi zones. Nice art and punchy sounds did add a lot. Well done.

Definitely a high level of finesse required to get far in this game. Meaning I didn't get that far sadly. The controls worked mostly how I expected, but I couldn't figure out how to get some of the smaller or more selected movement to work. The concept though is good, with a joined player that you have to move in tandem. I may come back and give it another shot later as time permits.

Sadly in the early stage it is a bit hard to say much. A little thing, highlighting the square you have selected helps a lot to let the player know whats happening. Outside of that, I just hope you keep going. Getting anything finished for a game jam is hard.

Ok, very cool concept. Kinda like a reverse Jenga. The way the blocks move as they fall as well as after felt like just the right amount of amusing to watch. As with all instances of it, trying to control 3D rotation with a mouse is difficult to get exactly right. I can see this as a fun party game with friends with some more polish.

Fun little game with a good amount of variety with its weapons. Decent basis for a simple SHMU, though some music and sounds would go a long way to juice it up. Controls worked well with the controller and hit boxes felt fair, with me never dieing and feeling like I was cheated. 

The premise is a bit silly and feels pretty tacked on though is my biggest complaint about the whole thing. Honestly, the rest is a good simple game.

Cute game with nice writing. A bit of work on making sure thing stay in text fields is the biggest complaint I have. I also really like how when you fail, you just go back a step and can retry, keeping things going through the story with little fear of lots of retreading. Go duck puns.

So, unsure what to do in this game. I figured out how in one music mode I could I guess attack, the more angry music, and destroy things. I couldn't figure out what I could do that was different in the other music modes though. Eventually I got stuck at a doorway with a light. Some sort of tutorial or explanation of what you can do would be very useful. 

The music itself is quite nice, and aside from some odd wall interactions and jumping, the controls worked fine.