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Max Maletin

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Wow, this game looks great! Pixelized look combined with this pallete feels like it's from 1994, and I love it. Title screen is great, and I see it more and more when I get a bit impatient and try to speed up. Keeping it alive ain't easy.

If I had to nitpick, it would be really cool if the body was moving more and more with each inserted organ. It would also be cool if I could finish it without any health loss :)

Not surprized at all to see another great little game from you, keep up the good work!

Ok, so first of all the sad part. I haven't seen a final screen after my first playthrough. It was just black. But on the bright side, i had to play your game again!

Honestly, this game is too good for a game jam. It just works. Graphics and gameplay and everything. I was real cautious, but then i died and realized that game doesn't reset, which is a good call for a story driven game. Double jump helps too, saving you from spikes and other dangers. I'll be honest, at first i thought that ability was flatulance based. Until i got infinite jet pack. My bad.

All of that, best boss battle in the history of videogames, and soundtrack still manages to steal the show. So yeah, excuse me, i'm gonna go spam the link to everyone i know.

Great looking game, and quite a lot of fun too! Music creates a good mood, goals and controls are clear. I wish you could increase your hit points when you pick things up, instakill is a bit brutal. But other than that great game, good job!

I mean i probably am

Oh my god those sound effects! Quite a wonderful game overall, great music and replayability thanks to randomized levels, lovely visuals. Goal and controls were quite clear too. The only thing missing is a scoreboard, but i have no idea how would i implement it for a jam game. I guess we could use a comment section. Am i the bounciest spider on the block or what?

I'm not exactly sure how much if it is original and how much is an asset, but there's  certainly nothing wrong with that. Modifying someone's code is an essential skill in gamedev, and you've demonstrated a good level of it. Good job!

This game has bugs, y'all. Like, a lot of bugs. But bugs are ok. Also a lot of carrot petting.

It's pretty. I have no idea what's going on though.

Great visual style, and music works really well with it too. A bit repetetive, would be cool if arrows were changing from time to time. Also there's a bit of aliasing on shapes in a 4k fullscreen

Great visual style! Super challenging, too. I wouldn't say it's a big flaw, it's something you can easily tune, but a bit more playtests for future projects wouldn't hurt

Good old fashioned fun

I think you should've hidden hints from this page under a spoiler or something, because i went there completely blind and had a great experience! Good job!

Great game, I think you officially won a battle agains unity!

Came here for a chill drawing experience, stayed for humor and image choises. Followed every instruction, even the one in the end. Smiled the whole time! So yeah, good job!

OMG, I absolutely love it! Your art is so good it's ridiculous, and it's duck knights! Tournament music! Constant quacking! You literally pick up speed! Of course some technical polish wouldn't hurt, like a big seamless collision in the end. Do that, make a mobile build where you tap left and right side of a screen, and you'll have a solid mobile game in no time!

That's how they play tic tac toe in Tron! 

Simple, silly fun! Death memes!

Unfortunately, there is one horribly wrong thing with this game. Why would you have 3, 2, 1 numbers when you could've had wifi bars dropping to zero?

I expected some mind bending puzzles and wasn't disappointed. Great puzzles design, really nice looking visuals that made your screenshots stand out. Haven't encountered any bugs, everything just works, so great coding too!

My only complaint is that you can't rotate cube along camera's forward axis. Oh, and cancelling one move would be nice, even though there's no way you'd be able to implement that during game jam

I've added a linux build! Please tell me if it works, because  i have no way of testing it

You know what, since you've waited for an hour and tried different browsers, I think I can at least try to make a Linux build for you.

And if that doesn't work, my game will be on GitHub, so you can build it yourself for any platform you want. It's on GitHub already, but not the latest version

WebGL build would sure be nice, it'll make your game easier to share

Well, something is clearly very broken. Have you tried a different browser? If that doesn't work, I'm planning to make a build for Windows once jam is over

Great idea and execution, can't believe you made such a cool game so fast