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Thanks. :D

are working on it

The mechanic is good, art and music functional.
Overall a nice entry!

I'd be very much interested in serious spaghet code!

For your first project in Godot, you certainly did a good job!

Running on Linux, I can't progress further in the game after clicking the OK thing in the initial dialoque. :(

I had no issues playing on linux. Menu's surprisingly suffisticated for a jam game! (Although I must say this GWJ there are quite a few strong entries in terms of UI).
I found the control layout a bit hard to deal with. Jumping, Walking, Switching all with one hand at the same time wasn't always easy.
But the game itself is good. Neat idea, nice puzzles. Okay Sounds & Graphics. Overall a good entry!

One of the best game jams I've ever played.
Visuals are dope, Soundtrack is fantastic, and gameplay is FUN!
As reported to you guys there's that segfault after level 5 or 6 but that should not hinder me giving you the rating you deserved.
Love it! 

A few minor notes:
- I was a bit confused about how to actually use weapons at first, but I did figure it out quickly
- I might have missed it, I was surprised when I found out the jars heal me. That is something for the Tutorial, I'd say.
- The "who's turn is it" display did not seem accurate. Sometimes it showed that it's my turn even though enemies moved, sometimes it was on an enemy turn when it was my turn.

Though these really are minor flaws that I would expect in a jam game, nothing to be ashamed of. Over all it's feels very polished!

That certainly is a nice idea! Good Job!

Fair enough. Thank you for playing anyways!

Danke fürs Spielen und fürs Feedback! :)
Ich arbeite an Version 1.2, dann wird der Highscore auch beim Verlassen der App gespeichert und am Balancing arbeite ich auch noch etwas.

Danke fürs Feedback. 1. 2 kommt! 

Erstmal Danke für's Spielen. ^^
Ich muss gestehen, mir kam nicht einmal die Idee noch rote und gelbe Piranhas reinzunehmen. :O
Es ist eine Tutorial-Serie zu diesem Spiel geplant, die so die Basics von Godot erläutern sollen. Dementsprechend wird das ganze nochmal überarbeitet. Werde auf jedenfall mal testen wie gut das funktioniert!

Respect for putting something together in 3 hours.
That in itself is quite an achievement!

Thanks! A sequel is not planned, but we will work on a post-jam update when the ratings are done. :)

on twitch all streams are kept as videos afterwards, so it's possible to watch it after the stream

same here

Hey, would you mind sharing the source code?
I am interested in how you did the death animations!

now it's working, thanks!

This about as much fun as it is infuriating. I like it!

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I think I am stuck here

EDIT: nevermind, found my way!

The Linux-Version does not work for me, unfortunately.
The Itch-Client gives me an error and downloading it manually and executing doesn't work either.

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I love the idea, it's so f*cking heartwarming!
Unfortunately I had no idea how to pass the second level. Maybe I'm missing something but I could't get onto the upper platform and it seems I have to to pass the level.

glad you like it!

Thanks for playing it, good to hear you like it!
Since you mention music, I take it you made it to the end. Congratulations! :P
Light is decreased whenever a monster is close to the player. There is no way to avoid that, except for avoiding the monsters.
The background is, that the light is the players hope, and the monsters are his fears. Thus, if the character sees is fears, his hope fades.
I have to admit though, that it's not entirely intuitive, we should have communicated better what the mechanics are all about.

Anyhow, thanks again, we apprechiate the compliments and feedback. :)

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Which Platform?

EDIT: Nevermind, uploaded 32-bit versions for linux and windows. :)

Glad to hear someone made it! :D

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And yes, for the next jam we/I will definitely put more efforts in player guidance / tutorial(s).

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Maybe that's a good thing, considering there basically is just one level.
Just gets a bit harder every win by increasing the duration.

But indeed it's a lot going on right from the start, so we should have been a bit more precise on the instructions, or put together some slower tutorial level. Or Both.

I can't run the linux version. :/

Nice, the score is saved even after restarting the game?
Since there is no additional file in the root folder, how'd you do it?
Did you save it in the user files somewhere?
(newbie here)

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I have troubles running it on linux. :/

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, got it.