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Congrats for submitting your game!

Intriguing concept with good presentation! I struggled quite a bit in the beginning, would have wished for in-game instructions, but it made sense once I found them on the game page. 

Sweet pixelart, peppy music, cute characters, decent gameplay. Overall a solid entry, well done!

I appreciate the visuals and atmosphere, particularly the grass shader is a nice touch!
In terms of gameplay I wasn't really sure what I was doing but it was nice hopping around in the scene for a bit. :D

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked it. :)

I had a bit of trouble in the beginning - collecting the first Peasant was launching me north with super high velocity.
restarting a bunch of times, it finally worked.
Overall a solid entry. Well done!

Hi Agge!

I hear you, a web build would be awesome.

Unfortunately I have bad news; originally we did upload a web gl build, however the game as it is build has terrible performance in web gl. Like sub 10 FPS terrible. Hence we removed it again.

It might be better in a newer version of godot, though. I will try to see if I can get this working in the next couple of days.

oh hey! Thanks for playing!

Did not expect to see a new comment in this one a good year later. :D

you can restart the current level from the pause menu (ESC)

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing!
If you find level 2 difficult you will hate level 3. :D

nice one!

Not much of a game really, but a very nice idea. Brightened my day!

That one made me smile! :)

Decent platforming you have there!
The cutscenes were also very enjoyable. :)
I couldn't get past the bullets though. :/

we do! :)

it only has 16 levels tho. :D

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

First godot game! Congrats!

I like the hand drawn style a lot, and the mechanics are well done.

change your element to change the tiles around you. Similar premise to our game. :P

Nice one!

That Tree looks gorgeous!
nice little platformer. Though I didn't hear any sound.

A fellow Elementalist! :D

We we're playing with the thought of a platformer in the beginning, now I'm glad we didn't do that. But same principe, I like it.

You, SIr, made my day. 

Thank you for making this.

Corvato my old partner in crime. You're back! :D

Unfortunately I didn't even make it out of the first room. :D The visuals are decent though! :O

Heya! For a first game, this is not bad! :)

A little time frame in the beggining of a room where the player character would be incinvible would have been nice, more oftan than not I died because of spawning right next to a bear in a new room or something. 

In the beginning the Sheeps were a lot less obedient, and much more "out of control". However half way through we realized that it just wasn't fun to play. We coudln't make a different game because we had committed a lot already, so had to make them follow the players will more directly to make the game fun.

Eitherway, thanks for playing! :)

It's not really cheating, just another way to beat the game! :)

Initially we made the sheeps be all over the place, completely, well, out of control. Unfortunately, it just wasn't fun to play. But at this point we already had a lot committed and there was no going back. So we somehow had to make it fun, which resulted in the sheeps being much more obedient than they initially were.

Anyways, thanks for playing! :)

Man this is hard. I keep dying and I don't know why!

Glad you liked it! :)

You can use the code, but please do not use any of the images or sound files for commercial purposes.

I uploaded a zip in which you can find the source code.
You need the Godot Engine to run it, either 3.1 or 3.2 (I don't remember which one we used)

I gotta admit I didn't think this would cause this much confusion.
The resource is oil, and the refineries do increase your maximum oil *once* when building.

Argh! I meant to put the mouse panning on the middle mouse button, but forgot.
Welp, thanks for playing though!


You actually made it to the end? :O
Congraz! :D

A little game from the big brain! :D
Too bad your idea didn't work out as you thought.
It's fun tinkering around how to get all of them nontheless! :)

Looking good, sounding good, playing good.
The only thing missing is *some* kind of indication as to how far I've got.
Other than that, a very solid entry. Well done!

Yay, I won!
I had some troubles in the beginning figuring out when to actually press which keys.
When I figured that out I had troubles hitting the right keys.
And then, after a few attempts, it started working like charm. :D

Contraz to this entry! :)

First off, congratulations to submitting!
I like the visuals of this, music is good too. Concept has potential!

What I am missing is some kind of progress in the game. My bag was filling up with items, but those didn't get better over time, nor did the enemies get stronger.
With increasing difficulty and a score system or a story to tell I can see me playing this in the subway on my phone.

First time contributor, congratulations for submitting something playbable! :D

The concept is not bad, but I think it would get more interesting if the player receives a bit more time for each cleared stage, so if they are fast enough they can carry on for a while.
and as mentioned, increasing difficulty would make it even more interesting!

We worked as a Team of 5 so I'm guessing we also had a bit more hands to craft this.
You still made a playable game in 48h, that alone is impressive! :)