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You can use the code, but please do not use any of the images or sound files for commercial purposes.

I uploaded a zip in which you can find the source code.
You need the Godot Engine to run it, either 3.1 or 3.2 (I don't remember which one we used)

I gotta admit I didn't think this would cause this much confusion.
The resource is oil, and the refineries do increase your maximum oil *once* when building.

Argh! I meant to put the mouse panning on the middle mouse button, but forgot.
Welp, thanks for playing though!


You actually made it to the end? :O
Congraz! :D

A little game from the big brain! :D
Too bad your idea didn't work out as you thought.
It's fun tinkering around how to get all of them nontheless! :)

Looking good, sounding good, playing good.
The only thing missing is *some* kind of indication as to how far I've got.
Other than that, a very solid entry. Well done!

Yay, I won!
I had some troubles in the beginning figuring out when to actually press which keys.
When I figured that out I had troubles hitting the right keys.
And then, after a few attempts, it started working like charm. :D

Contraz to this entry! :)

First off, congratulations to submitting!
I like the visuals of this, music is good too. Concept has potential!

What I am missing is some kind of progress in the game. My bag was filling up with items, but those didn't get better over time, nor did the enemies get stronger.
With increasing difficulty and a score system or a story to tell I can see me playing this in the subway on my phone.

First time contributor, congratulations for submitting something playbable! :D

The concept is not bad, but I think it would get more interesting if the player receives a bit more time for each cleared stage, so if they are fast enough they can carry on for a while.
and as mentioned, increasing difficulty would make it even more interesting!

We worked as a Team of 5 so I'm guessing we also had a bit more hands to craft this.
You still made a playable game in 48h, that alone is impressive! :)

Godot for deh win!

Glad to hear you enjoy playing our game!
Yeah unfortunately time was short on us so we had to cut all the tutorial stuff.

The presentation is on spot, the graphics are decent, the sound is nice.
Overall a great entry, well done!

Hello, Aaron here.
Gereon was telling me you made a game for the GMTK and here I am checking it out!

You got yourself a solid entry here!
Physics work well, graphics are on spot, sounds are decent.

Adherence to the theme is questionable, but design and execution are very well done!

I would have liked to see some kind of score in the game over screen to see how far I've got.
Otherwise a solid entry, good job!

It gives me arcade vibes, even though I never really played arcade games.
Neat idea, solid execution.

Congraz to your entry and well done!

Nice little game, similar premise to ours.
I like how the music is getting more intense with each new form of the boss, nice touch!

Theme is a solid five stars.
one key / action per level is not that original, but the execution is well made, hence 4 stars for both Originality as well as Design.

Well done, great job!

I guess we were not the only one coming up with the *one arrow* thing!

Cute little game you have here.
Graphics are functional, controls are decent.
A bit inconvenient that I had to dust up my controller and plug it in first but that's minor.

Otherwise, Good work!

Thank you kindly for your detailed feedback!

Non of us knew any game with this premise so we felt pretty confident about it, but there it is!
I guess that's the curse of us game devs, nothing hasn't been done already. :D

"Though the game is endless, the difficulty never seems to increase."

Oh well we do have a difficulty curve. In the beginning there are only 2-3 enemies with 1-3 health gradually increasing to up to 10 enemies with up to 7 health at 50.000 score.

(with some enemies having 1 or 2 bonus health but are slower for slight variety)
Maybe it is not steep enough.

Anyways, thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated! :)

Funny, We had a spear in mind first but eventually went with bow and arrow. :D

Thanks for playing, will have a look at yours!

As a matter of fact we are thinking about Gamepad support for the post jam update. :D
Thanks for playing!

We heard and we consider it. :D
Thanks for playing, glad you had fun!

I'm not particulary good at platformers in the first place, so this one was tremendously infuriating for me and I didn't get far.
But I do think there are other people enjoying such a game, so congratulations on making this one! :)

First of, congratulations!
Making a game is hard, and you have done it!

I agree with the rest, it's a cute game, but it does lack some sounds & background music.

Yeah, AI is not exactly my strength. :D

Glad you liked it anyways!

We'll that's a nice think to hear!

Thanks, and thanks for playing! :)

Thanks. :D

are working on it

The mechanic is good, art and music functional.
Overall a nice entry!

I'd be very much interested in serious spaghet code!

For your first project in Godot, you certainly did a good job!

Running on Linux, I can't progress further in the game after clicking the OK thing in the initial dialoque. :(

I had no issues playing on linux. Menu's surprisingly suffisticated for a jam game! (Although I must say this GWJ there are quite a few strong entries in terms of UI).
I found the control layout a bit hard to deal with. Jumping, Walking, Switching all with one hand at the same time wasn't always easy.
But the game itself is good. Neat idea, nice puzzles. Okay Sounds & Graphics. Overall a good entry!

One of the best game jams I've ever played.
Visuals are dope, Soundtrack is fantastic, and gameplay is FUN!
As reported to you guys there's that segfault after level 5 or 6 but that should not hinder me giving you the rating you deserved.
Love it! 

A few minor notes:
- I was a bit confused about how to actually use weapons at first, but I did figure it out quickly
- I might have missed it, I was surprised when I found out the jars heal me. That is something for the Tutorial, I'd say.
- The "who's turn is it" display did not seem accurate. Sometimes it showed that it's my turn even though enemies moved, sometimes it was on an enemy turn when it was my turn.

Though these really are minor flaws that I would expect in a jam game, nothing to be ashamed of. Over all it's feels very polished!

That certainly is a nice idea! Good Job!

Fair enough. Thank you for playing anyways!

Danke fürs Spielen und fürs Feedback! :)
Ich arbeite an Version 1.2, dann wird der Highscore auch beim Verlassen der App gespeichert und am Balancing arbeite ich auch noch etwas.

Danke fürs Feedback. 1. 2 kommt!