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Shattered World 2 - Last EngineerView game page

make the world whole again.
Submitted by Bitron, Burnt Robot, T4g1 (@T4g1_), EricRonin — 14 hours, 33 minutes before the deadline
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Shattered World 2 - Last Engineer's page


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Godot Version
Godot 3.2 Beta 1


Game Description
make the world whole again.

Discord Username
T4g1#5767, Bitron#6729, BurntRobot#3642, Eric_Ronin#3592, TheMooseman#4703

Participation Level
6, 4, 3, 3, 1

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Very good looking and calm game. Very impressive, great job as a team!

I was however not able to meet the winning conditions because the refineries did not seem to be produce anything (coal?), regardless of whether I placed them next to or on top of their target resource. A short tutorial (e.g. on a single island) would have been great!


I gotta admit I didn't think this would cause this much confusion.
The resource is oil, and the refineries do increase your maximum oil *once* when building.


Thanks! Understood it now and could finish the game easily. Nice wonder, and even some ending graphics! Super!

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Make factories and save the world. It is neat game, how cool. I also felt it is almost released game.


Looks and feels like a polished and fully released game! Didn't really understand how the placement of the buildings worked, or exactly what they did though.


This felt really polished. I really wanted to know a bit more about how it works, but I was still messing around in the game for a while, anyway.


Would not be surprised to see this title on Steam or an app Store in the future.
Working as a team is not so simple, especially if you are working for a jam and with people with different experiences. But you have managed to develop a really great game!
As other users said, maybe a little in-game tutorial more than title screen tips would be better, but I truly know that an hand-holding tutorial would cost a lot of time and resources, if you want to make it good and bugless.
Graphics are really cool, and I love the combination between pixel art and digital drawings.

I came up with really similar ideas for this jam, from some graphic decisions to mechanics, so I don't really bother about the tiny little bugs in this game since I've encountered tons of them too developing my entrie. 
Your game is a nice procedural generated floating experience, and as a real engineer I think it is a plus for me :P 


This is a beautiful game, especially for a jam! My main complaint came from the start: There’s a moment of panic when you’re not sure where to begin. A little tutorial-like hand-holding would have smoothed that over a bit, but the game itself plays well (minus a couple bugs referenced in other comments) once you get going.


Nice. Simple, pleasant, short and semi-balanced, though not really that original. 

The only problem i had is with ergonomics.

When you hold shift with one hand, your other hand gets busy with the mouse, and thus panning with wasd or arrows is not very convenient. If one uses the mouse to pan, then there is a bug (?) clearing the building target every time when one pans with mouse


Argh! I meant to put the mouse panning on the middle mouse button, but forgot.
Welp, thanks for playing though!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Dude you can hide the minimap! The font is hard to read though.